Brewing 4,000 Gallons at a Time at Heretic Brewing


On this episode of The Mash Up, Vito visits Heretic Brewing to talk with Andrew Conlong about a range of beer, brewing, and homebrewing topics! Including tips for brewing Hazy IPAs, brewing seltzers, oxidation in homebrewing, and more! 

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Vito and Andrew discuss the journey of going from homebrewer and MoreBeer! employee to the head brewer of Heretic, which brews 4,000 gallons of beer at a time! They also talk about what it's like working for Jamil Zainasheff, (NOTE: this video was recorded in April 2022 while Jamil Zainasheff was still employed by Heretic), getting back into homebrewing, and set up a brew day on the BrewZilla together!

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