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Since we released the first stainless conical fermenters for sale to home brewers, we have seen a few come on the market that try to match the quality and functionality of ours. Below, you’ll find a few reasons why a stainless conical from MoreBeer! is the right choice when upgrading your home brewery.

MoreBeer! originally introduced the first commercially produced stainless steel conical fermenters for sale to the home brewing world in 2000. Over the years, our conicals have been through various upgrades. More than 15 years later, we are still making top of the line stainless steel conical fermenters. These contain commercial-quality racking port, tri-clamp connections, standard butterfly valve dump and low-profile stands that fit nicely inside of a refrigerator. We also offer a plethora of other options that can be added at anytime, including clamp-on blow off tubes, thermowells, leg extensions, casters, a yeast harvester and more.


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Small Package and Commercial Design


The Conical 2.0 is small enough to fit in your workshop or garage, but the design is based on much larger commercial fermenters. We’ve sold commercial fermenters to breweries like Bear Republic, EJ Phair, Santa Cruz Aleworks, and many others through our MoreBeer! Pro division. Tri-clamp fittings, butterfly valves, rotating racking arms with position indicators and domed lids are all features we took from the commercial brewing world and integrated in our home brew conical design.


Great Warranty for a Great Value


We offer a 10-year warranty on the beer conical that protects against defects in workmanship on the cone and stand, including the welds. This is a terrific value because we build the conical in our own welding shop and then sell it directly to you. If something ever goes wrong or you have questions on use, you will speak directly with the people who built and use the conical. Our shop manager, Darren Schleth, and many of our other employees use the Ultimate Conical on a regular basis!


Welded Fittings—Always!


We have always welded our connections directly to the stainless cone, just like we do on commercial fermenters. Yes, it costs more to weld fittings onto our cones rather than to drill a hole and use a weldless fitting, but our philosophy has always been to offer a permanent, commercial-quality solution that is easy to sanitize and never has to be replaced. Since we manufacturer the beer conicals and then sell directly to the public, you’ll still get a great value for the quality.


Brewery-Quality Tri-Clamp Fittings Come Standard


Tri-clamp fittings used to be an option on our Pro Version Conical 1.0 models, but based on popular feedback they will now be standard issue. Every conical will feature the same high quality, commercial-grade tri-clamp fittings your favorite pro brewer uses on their fermenters. These are preferred by commercial breweries because they are easy to remove and easy to clean and sanitize.


Domed Lids


Our domed lids feature a large 3-inch tri-clamp fitting, which allows a large opening to pitch yeast, hops, oak, and other ingredients. An adapter that reduces from 3-inch tri-clamp to 1.5-inch tri-clamp is even included standard, at no extra cost to you.


Ability to Pressurize


The MoreBeer! conical is capable of withstanding pressure up to 5 PSI, allowing you to push your fermented beer out into kegs regardless of where the fermenter is located.


Maintain Temperature


MoreBeer! conical fermenters are some of the only ones on the market designed with a self-cooling and heating option. No room for an extra refrigerator? We have the answer! Our cooling units are very powerful and can cool your beer down to 30 degrees below ambient on average—all without the need to make room for a separate temperature device! They even use less power than your kegerator!


Sanitary Sample Valves


Our new commercial sampling and side-racking valve is clear when you compare it to a standard ball valve found on our older models and on the competition. A standard ball valve always has a pocket and thread that can get contaminated, so our solution was to mimic a commercial tri-clamp sample valve where the threads never come in contact with the beer. We made our own valve specifically for this purpose, copying a commercial sample valve found on a pro brewery tank, but with enlarged ports so that you can quickly drain a full batch out of the same valve. This allows you to remove a sample of beer during the ferment and then later drain the entire conical through the same valve—all with the reassurance you are not draining your beer through a previously contaminated ball valve.


Rotating Racking Arms


Like many parts on the conical, we redesigned the racking port based on the designs we are used to seeing on commercial versions. The arm sticking out of the side of the rotating arm makes rotating easy and provides you with an indicator of how the racking arm’s pick-up tube is aligned inside the conical.


Silicone Gaskets and Stainless Lid Clamps


Our gasket is made from food-grade silicone, the same material used on commercial fermenters. It’s strong, flexible, and easy-to-clean, and it will stay in place on either the lid or the cone. Our stainless steel clamp also features a unique quick release feature that allows you to partially unscrew the handle and then release the entire clamp with no need to completely unthread the handle.


Removable Cone


While the cone securely fits into the included stand, an empty cone is also easily lifted out for cleaning or storage.

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