Kegging Homebrew

Kegging homebrew beer is actually easier than bottling and takes a fraction of the time to do. For most homebrewers, once you experience how easy and quick it is to keg your beer, you probably won't want to bottle again!

About Kegging:
  • In general, the kegs homebrewers use are not the large commercial type, but are actually old soda kegs often called "Corny" kegs (talk about recycling!).  
  • If you would like to filter your beer, a keg makes it very easy to do. You just use the pressure from your gas system to push the beer through the filter into another cleaned and sanitized keg.
  • Once the beer is kegged, you can easily bottle some off at any time using our Counter Pressure Bottle Filler.
  • If you are thinking about getting into kegging beer we have a great PDF on homebrew kegging, that explains the parts, carbonating, troubleshooting, etc. 
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