Flaked Brewing Grains & Rice Hulls

MoreBeer!'s Flaked Brewing Grains are unmalted grains that are used by homebrewers as adjuncts in our beer recipes because of their ability to bring certain, desirable qualities to our beers:
  • Flaked Maize helps to lighten the body and color of a beer (American Pilsner).
  • Flaked Barley helps create a lighter color, more mouthfeel and better head retention in our beers.
  • Flaked Wheat helps with head retention.
  • Flaked Oats adds a silky texture to a beer.
Rice Hulls For Improved Drainage:
During all-grain brewing, some adjuncts, like wheat or oats when used in higher percentages can have a congealing effect that can partially clog grain beds when mashing out. This leads to a decrease in efficiency and an increase in the time it takes to sparge all of your sugars out. To counteract this undesirable effect, Rice Hulls can be added (no more than 5% of the total grain bill) to help increase the drainage of the grain bed. Rice Hull will not impart any flavors or aromas to the finished beer.
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