Gluten Free Beer Kits

After years of recipe experimentation followed with testing for gluten levels at a respected laboratory, MoreBeer! is releasing three new gluten free kits we consider worthy of the MoreBeer! name.  We have several relatives of our staff as well as a core group of customers we have been working with. Our three gluten free kits contain no barley or wheat, but we have found nice blends of sorghum extract, dried rice extract, honey, and belgian candi syrup that provide a close substitute for malt extract. Our recipes contain a conservative amount of hops for bittering since hops easily cut through non-malt beers. We also include dry yeast that is gluten free. Be a beer hero and get your gluten intolerant friend back into great tasting beer. 


Click here for our lab results to learn more about brewing low gluten beer using White Labs liquid yeast.  These results only show the amount of the gliadin protein found in wheat.  We currently do not offer any kits using barley for celiacs due to the unknown amount of hordein protein found in these lab results.

To learn more about the Hordein Protein found in barley and its continued mystery check out some of these articles we have researched click here

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