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The MoreBeer! Single Hop Experiment

The Single Hop Series available at MoreBeer! enables home brewers to try a few different single hops to compare how they integrate into the same base recipe. This way, you can take two beers that are virtually the same and identify the differences in just the hop flavors and aromas. The base recipe is a fairly simple Pale Ale: Ultralight malt extract, Crystal 15L, Magnum bittering hops, and then the single hop for the rest of the additions. The Amarillo Single Hop Experiment Extract Beer Kit employs a hop that is increasing in appeal with microbrewers who believe the flavor and aroma is like an exaggerated version of Cascade. Order a kit from MoreBeer! today and try your hand at your own hop experimenting.

Try a few of these, and find your favorite hop!  Or, brew one and have a friend brew the other for a taste off!

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