MoreBeer! Conical Fermenters

MoreBeer! stainless conical fermenters replicate the professional stainless conical fermenters you will see in most every commercial brewery. The conical shape facilitates sedimentation of trub and yeast at the very bottom of the cone, which can be removed by opening the bottom valve. Brewers making delicate lagers also prefer to remove the trub before fermentation ever starts and a conical fermenter makes this very easy and practical to do.

Homebrewers and Pro Brewers prefer MoreBeer! Stainless Conicals for the following reasons:

1) MoreBeer! gives you peace of mind with an incredible Lifetime Warranty on all of our welds!
2) Large 1.5" Butterfly Valve on bottom allows easy trub dumping or yeast harvesting.  Smaller holes clog easily.
3) Sampling is eays to do, for tasting or testing, at any time through the sample valve on our rotating side racking-arm.
4) Our rotating side port features a position indicator to know from what level the beer is being siphoned from on the inside.  The professional sample/racking valve features zero threads or pockets (as is standard with a ball valve) in contact with the beer.
5) Our pressurizable lid allows for the pushing of beer via CO2 into kegs, considerably reducing the chance of oxidation or contamination from airborne sources.
6) All fitting ports are welded on for a permanent connection that never needs replacing and is also easier to clean and sanitize.


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