Rahr 2-Row Malt
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1.9L Rahr - A great base malt from the Northwest made from Harrington and Metcalf barley grown in the USA and malted in Minnesota at the Rahr malt house. Well modified and perfect for single infusiong mashes. Clean flavor with a  nice, floral aroma with a sweet taste make Rahr 2-row a fast growing malt of choice for many commercial brewers. Try this in your next beer and see the difference.

Example Malt Analysis

Moisture, % 4.1
Extract %, finely ground malt, as is 81.3
Extract %, coarsley ground malt, as is 80.3
F/C Difference % 1.0
Color, laboratory Wort, degrees Lovibond 1.80
Viscosity 1.42
Beta Glucan, ppm 76
Diastatic Power 131
Alpha Amylase (DU) 54.0
Total Soluble Protein %, dry basis 4.68
Total Protein %, dry basis 11.16
S/T Ratio % 41.9

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