Plastic Bucket With Spigot (6 Gallon)

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Food Grade, with FE347 spigot. This can be used as a fermenter, or as a bottling bucket. Spigot uses 3/8 in ID tubing. You may need to boil the tip of the tubing for 30 seconds to make it easier to get it on the spigot.

Do you ferment in a plastic bucket?

When fermenting in a plastic bucket it is important to remember that plastic can easily scratch.  We recommend using a bucket no more than five times for fermentation purposes do to the vulnerability.   If you feel you can reuse a bucket longer than this by all means go for it!  If you are going to make this possible it is important to clean and sanitize a bucket without using rough sponges or coarse scrub pads.  Super soft sponges used for washing your cars or an old cotton t-shirt are acceptable but still be careful when using these.  

How do you clean and sanitize a bucket for fermentation?

The first step for prepping your bucket for fermentation is to do a 6 gallon PBW soak with hot water for about an hour.  Your goal with the PBW is to let the chemical do the cleaning for you without any scrubbing.  Once the PBW has eaten away at any debris or excess material pour the PBW out and refill to 6 gallons of water.  Add 2oz of Star San an acid base sanitizer which lowers the ph of water to 2.2 - 2.5.  Let your bucket soak for 5 minutes and transfer the solution to another bucket for sanitizing other equipment as needed.  Cover the bucket with a lid or tin foil until your ready to fill with your beer or wine.

Please note: Buckets are translucent and do not come with lids.
Buckets are not designed to hold pressure.
Lids are not gasketed and so do not form a perfect, airtight seal. Not intended for long-term storage.
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