Kettle Diverter/Maximizer Options

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A set of 3 pieces of copper tubes, each with a different length and function, that thread into the inside of any kettle with a 1/2 inch female pipe thread in the inside. The copper tube can rotate within the stainless fitting for different height adjustments.

These "Maximizers" work great in our Heavy Duty Kettles - here's how:
Hot Liquor Tank - Designed to get as much liquid out as possible. Draws from near the center.
Mash Tun - Draws as much liquid from below the false bottom as possible. This is helpful, as it reduces the amount of wort left behind in the tun, and also improves sparge flow. Note: the Maximizer for the Mash Tun will NOT work with our Domed False Bottoms.
Boil Kettle - Designed to pull from the side of the kettle instead of the middle. This helps reduce trub from entering your fermenter. By adjusting the height you can also control how much wort you leave behind in the kettle.

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