I've already got a single keg up and running, what do I need to add another keg to this system?

As for the regulator, you can go a couple of ways. The cheapest way is with a C02 "T", (D1860) The only problem here is that if you tap two kegs at different pressures, or release the pressure on one keg while the other is hooked up, your going to have beer flowing back up your gas lines, and possibly into your regulator, not a good thing. Our Gas Manifolds (D1800) take care of this problem by utilizing one-way check valves. These check valves stop beer from flowing back up your gas lines, possibly saving your regulator. They also have a shut off valve, so you can disconnect any keg on your system, or turn the gas off to a certain keg. The ultimate and coolest way to provide gas to several kegs is our Dual Body Triple Gauge Regulators, and Secondary Regulators. (D1065 and 1067A respectively) The Dual Body regulator is basically 2 regulators that can be attached to the same C02 tank, allowing you to set two 2 different pressures for your kegs. The Secondary Regulators are nice if you already have a Single Body C02 Regulator, and want to add a second body, allowing you to set different pressures for different kegs. They come with 1, 2, 3, or 4 bodies, allowing up to 5 different kegs to be served at one time. All the items listed can be found on the web page by typing the product number in the product search bar on the side of the page.

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