Are your small CO2 cartridges food grade?

All the CO2 cartridges we sell are all food grade cartridges. When CO2 cartridges are made there is oil used in the machining process. If the cartridges are steamed cleaned on the inside after construction they are considered food grade. The company that we buy from steam cleans all of their cartridges, no matter what the intended purpose is. They then print different colors and logos on the outside of the cartridges depending on who they are selling to. Our 12g CO2 cartridges feature an "army" look to them because many of the cartridges are used in air guns (eventhough they are food grade). Some companies may pay addtional dollars to have their name and "food grade" painted on the outside but the cartridge itself is no different. Some manufacturers do make CO2 cartridges that are not food grade and strictly for gun use. These cartridges are not marketed in food related industries.

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