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WilliamsWarn BrewKeg10 Unitank
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So the first thing to understand is that this is a Unitank - you will be fermenting and serving from the same tank. The lid has an adjustable pressure relief that you can set to different pressures. More on that later while first we talk about why we are so high on these...  

The #1 reason we love the BrewKeg Unitanks the most is that they eliminate kegging day which saves a bunch of time. We use two Brewkegs per five gallon batch, and with the low profile, fit them both into a kegerator for fermentation. When fermentation is done, crank down the temp, remove the yeast/trub collection ball and start immediately drinking because the beer is already carbonated. Because this is not standard brewing prcoess stop and think that over - you don't need a separate night or hours on a weekend morning to clean and keg. You are going to save 2+ hours with every batch. Plus you are skipping the most oxidative step in brewing of going from your fermenter to your keg.  Yes, the one down side is that your fermenter is tied up as a keg but to many of us who really love brewing our own beer but are time challenged - totally worth it.  And if you are looking to save money then this is not the product for you and we sell a million other great, simple fermenters.

Another great time savings is that you can skip wort cooling and 'hot pack' these little kegs, literally filling them after boil at around 190F. Stick them in your refrigerator, let them cool overnight, and pitch yeast the next day.  Hot packing is gaining a lot of traction and we suggest you google the term to learn more.  Its been a standard practice in Australian homebrewing for years.   

You might also think, man I would love this but I would prefer (1) 5 gallon size. Fair enough and BrewKeg is coming out with that soon. But what some of us at MoreBeer! really dig about having two per batch is #1 they fit in kegerators and small refrigerators and when finished they are super handy to grab and go.  Using two Brewkegs per five gallon batch also allows us to split yeast strains which gives us two variations of the same beer. It is super cool to learn the massive affect yeast has on the same beer. You can also dry hop in one and not the other and fruit flavoring or coffee, etc. 

Okay, so there is not a lot out there about fermenting under pressure. We've been doing it for almost a year now with the Fermentasaurus and the BrewKeg and if you want to make amazing lagers quickly you need to try it.  Fermenting under pressure reduces esters and even beers fermented in the high 60's have amazing German lager malt profiles.  Recently we fermented a beer under pressure with WLP001 and all the tasters thought it was lager yeast.  The pressure relief assembly, in the center of the lid, is the slickest out there and adjusts from no pressure up to 25psi. Leave it open for no pressure fermentations of ales and IPA's where you want the esters. Close it down to make amazing lagers under pressure, quickly.   

We've heard it is too expensive. Yes it is not the cheapest option by any means, but two units are still cheaper than some 5 gallon unitanks and we love the 2.6 gallon size and easy handling.  

You might also see that WilliamsWarn, the maker of this keg, also makes no-boil brew kits. At first that seemed like a trip back to the 90's, when we first started, and we turned up our nose at it. But the kits are made with Briess DME which is preboiled. Then a can of fresh, also pre-boiled, hopped malt extract is added.  So we gave them a try. They take 15 minutes to make because you are literally mixing a small amount of hot water with the kit, dissolving the extract, and filling with cold water. Pitch your yeast and your off the races. In New Zealand where the company is based they are having a resurgence of homebrewers because the Brewkegs, along with a kegerator, and the no boil kits makes homebrewing about as easy as it gets. And the beers are good! Especially, especially if you want to make summer lagers because the DME keeps the beers really light and the pressure fermenation adds delicious German lager flavor.  So consider the fact that you can make 2.5 gallon no-boil kits in these a serious bonus. 

Here is a recap of the No-Boil process:

  • Clean and sanitize your BrewKeg
  • Boil 500 ml of water
  • Add Malt Extract and hot water and stir until dissolved
  • Add your hops and any other ingredients your recipe calls for
  • Top up with water until you hit the 10 L mark
  • Add your yeast and seal the BrewKeg for the fermentation
  • Pressurize your BrewKeg to 25 psi and ferment
  • Serve and enjoy!

Physical BrewKeg10 Features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Large 2" + drain at bottom of conical is the best yeast eliminator we have seen. 
  • Extra large, easy to remove sediment ball
  • Standard ball lock gas in and beer out connection posts 
  • 25 psi working pressure & built in relief valve
  • 2 Units will fit perfectly in our kegerators

Process features

  • Eliminates Kegging day and the cleaning of kegs
  • You can hot pack and skip wort chililng to speed up brew day
  • Beer is carbonated perfectly at the end of fermentation
  • Beer ready to enjoy sooner
  • Ferments clean lagers from 64 - 82 F
  • BrewKeg Accessories like the injector make injecting finings, flavorings, hops, etc a less oxidative process
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • WilliamWarn 2.5 Gallon No Boil kits available


  • Height: 23.6 in.
  • Diameter: 9.2 in.
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Seemed like a great option for a newby. All the work is done in one devise without the need for transferring. The no boil option looked easier since I haven’t done this before
Dan P on Mar 1, 2018
Seemed like a great option for a newby. All the work is done in one devise without the need for transferring. The no boil option looked easier since I haven’t done this before
Dan P on Mar 1, 2018

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