Weldless Stainless Steel Heating Element

Weldless Stainless Steel Heating Element

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A powerful, 304 stainless steel heating element well suited for most kettles. With its weldless design and a diameter of 1.25", it's easy to install. Simply drill a 1.25" hole in your kettle and tightening the nut from the outside. The heating element requires a power cord which can be purchased separately (Electrical connection requires a computer power connection IEC320 C13 to your 110 or 220 v plug).

Available in either 1600 watt 110 volt or 2200 watt 220 volt.


  • Food grade, high temperature silicone seal
  • The element itself is 11.5" long, 0.75" diameter
  • Designed for use with 5 gallon batches

Please Note - Having electrical devices around liquid can be hazardous, and should not be left unattended. Please use caution while using this device, and read the instruction manual prior to use.

Use the 1.25" Hole Saw (H902) to drill a hole for this product.


Kegland Part number: KL03513

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use in heating HLT water. Wanted to use 110 outlets
Donald M on Jan 5, 2021
My Mash and boil stopped working
Valued C on Nov 13, 2020
use in heating HLT water. Wanted to use 110 outlets
Donald M on Jan 5, 2021
I'd like to switch from gas to electric brew
Sean Z on Dec 4, 2020
My Mash and boil stopped working
Valued C on Nov 13, 2020
Looking to heat up my water faster than on the stove
Tomasz S on Oct 22, 2020
best option to make home water boiler for sterilization
Theodore G on Oct 14, 2020
high wattage
Bill on Oct 10, 2020
wantto go electric with out having to buy new equipment
Thomas W on Oct 1, 2020
Adding to my BIAB induction heated kettle to speed up getting to mash temp and boil.
Penny H on Sep 16, 2020
Hot liquor tank
Jonathan S on Aug 11, 2020
To heat strike water in keg converted HLT
Brian P on Aug 8, 2020
Finally partially going electric. This is for my HLT.
Nick on Jun 1, 2020
As a test for a replacement for one from Brewhardeare.com
Thomas P on May 30, 2020
to make a homemade HLT
Virgil C on May 28, 2020
To run e system on 110v w/ 2 elements for faster ramp up temp.
Joseph M on May 18, 2020
Electric brew kettle
Chad Z on Apr 22, 2020
Building a small home still
Eric Bersagel on Jan 6, 2020
gift for spouse - on his wish list
Becky L on Dec 18, 2019
Internet reviews
Robert K on Dec 16, 2019
I am growing spirulina, and i need a way to heat the aquariums to 98F over the winter
Jeremy B on Oct 7, 2019
Switching to an electric brewing setup since apt forbids propane
Valued C on Sep 4, 2019
Switching to electric brewing using same brew kettle
Richard T B on Aug 28, 2019
It appeared to be a quality produce balancing cost and qualitiy.
Tangolima on Jul 13, 2019
Looks like it will work with my HLT
Simon Patrick C on Apr 25, 2019
Ability to start BIAB and get to a boil with 6-8 gallons of water in a reasonable amount of time.
Mitch S on Feb 7, 2019
Because it causes cancer only in CA though!
Valued C on Jan 9, 2019
Building a electric Herms control for sparging
Larry on Nov 24, 2018
fits my needs
Kevin L on Nov 17, 2018
just what I need to keep my HLT at temperature.
Greg Y on Nov 17, 2018
For my custom meat smoker
Peter W on Nov 17, 2018
need it to hold temp for Lacto (kettle sour)
Trevor P on Sep 25, 2018
Best size for hot liquor tank I'm making
harry p on Sep 17, 2018
to build an electric brew kettle
Jonathan P on Aug 28, 2018
I'd like to switch from gas to electric brew
Sean Z on Dec 4, 2020
Looking to heat up my water faster than on the stove
Tomasz S on Oct 22, 2020
While advertised with a length of 11.5 inches, can someone tell me the length of the element from inside the vessel wall to the tip?
David Petri on Feb 29, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi David - The length of the element from inside the vessel wall to the tip is 11.5" long.
Can these be bent to provide a way to install 2 elements in a kettle?
Tyler Greaves on Mar 28, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The elements themselves cannot be bent or curved. To install more than one you will need to install one over the other higher up in your kettle.
Can this be used in a boil kettle or is it just for sparge/strike water?
David price on Oct 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: David, I put 2 of these elements in a single vessel BIAB system. One is powered directly to a 110v outlet and the other is connected to a controller. I do 5 gallon batches but am doing a full boil (6.5 gal). I find that one element struggles to get a rolling boil. The second element is running 60-75% depending on volume.
Does this fit on the holes that comes in a SS Brewtech kettle?
Michael Ferguson on Jun 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I doubt it... I think most kettles are 7/8 ports - this element requires a 1.25 port. I used a 1.25 hole saw and put a port in my kettles lid (specifically for kettle sours - no mash/boil). Good luck
With the supplied nut and gasket would this work with a 1.37" diameter hole?
Tyler Buehler on Oct 31, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I struggled with whether to answer this question or not. My belief is that with the recommended hole size of 1.25 inches, which is what I used, that a larger diameter hole size might be prone to leaking.
Would this work with the grain father connect controller? I know the loads are about the same. Just wondering if it could physically plug into it?
Nick on May 19, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I can’t comment on its use with the GrainFather. I bought mine for use with an InkBird controller. As it turns out, that heating element was too long to fit into my brew kettle. I understand that straight elements like that one are less efficient than others that are s-shaped and that double back on themselves, creating more surface area in a more compact space. I bought it because it was affordable. I’ve kept mine for use with a larger diameter kettle when the need arises, or when I can find a weld-less fitting giving sufficient room for use with an existing kettle. I also have a couple of induction plates I use to heat strike and sparge water. Another resource is short circuited brewers on YouTube. Brian the host has a wealth of videos that assist with various brew systems and designs.

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Heating element seems well made and installed easily in a Blichmann kettle. I did need to buy a 15 amp adapter to convert the computer style plug to a standard 120vac outlet.
December 9, 2020
1 month ago
Great Product!!!
Works really well I ordered the recommend hole saw but and I installed this element in about 2 minutes and had no leaks the first time I tested it. This is my first element in my system and it heat much faster than I expected.
June 14, 2020
7 months ago
Works great with a 5 gallon boil.
May 26, 2020
8 months ago
Great low cost elements!
I put 2 in one 10 gal kettle stacked on top of each other, they get everything boiling in no time together! using 2 separate circuits of course. No rust just gotta clean after use.
April 25, 2020
Used to build a new still using a knock off conical fermenter 3 months in and it works perfectly
March 28, 2020
1 year ago
Heats up almost as quickly as my 220v unit. Can boil 9 gallons of water in about 70 minutes.
February 3, 2020
1 year ago
2 thumbs up. 5 stars
So far i am loving it. I hooked up to a PID controller and it works perfectly.
November 1, 2019
1 year ago
Great element, very efficient.
Was able to fit this in a 10 gal Bayou Classic kettle but just barely, if you opt for this make sure you drill ABOVE the 1.5 gallon rim line. I was able to get it to fit but I dont think I could get it back out.

I brew half batches and keg 3 gallons so this is perfect for me. No issues holding a vigorous boil and 2 layers of reflectix gave me about 3-3.5 degree rise per minute. I have a custom flase bottom for my BIAB setup so I cant comment if it would burn your bag but I imagine it would.
October 27, 2019
Qulity product.
I have purchased a similar product from a lesser quality source. I actually bought 3 of them, and the power cord broke from flexing after a while on all 3.

Tired of doing that and the associated risk of getting shocked, I bought the MoreBeer product. EXCELLENT quality and design! If I had done this first, then I would have a better engineered product.
July 27, 2019
1 year ago
Simple but Effective
I have run this a for a couple of tests. It has performed just as I had hoped. My hope is that it will last and I won't have any rust issues.
May 2, 2019
1 year ago