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The Trub Trapper
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The TrübTrapper is a boil kettle filtration system designed to capture the break material and pelletized hops – trub – in your boil kettle, and keep this unwanted material out of your fermenter, and your beer. It’s incredibly easy to use – just place it in your boil kettle and include a post-boil whirlpool step. That’s it!

Break material formed during the boil can adversely affect fermentation and produce undesirable qualities in your finished beer. You worked to remove these unwanted by-products during the boil, why put them back into your beer? Professional brewers do all they can to make sure trub stays out of their fermenters, shouldn’t you?

Pair with the Big Dipper from Hastings Brew Works for a complete whirlpool add on package.


  • Sized for 10 and 15 gallon kettles
  • Dimensions: 9” Diameter x 2.7” Height
  • Passivated stainless steel body
  • Food grade silicone gaskets capable of temps to 600°F
  • FDA / BfR (EC) compliant materials and construction
  • Made in the U.S.
Item # BE550
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Weight 1LBS
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Doesn’t drain well....
I would not recommend this product. I used it once placing it in the middle of my boil kettle then whirlpooling. The trub all settled down in the trap but the trap got so clogged up that that wort would not drain through it. This was not a big hoppy beer, this was 5 gallons with only about 1.5 ounces of pellet hops. I grew so frustrated with it I just pulled it out and have never used it again.
January 27, 2018
1 month ago
This tool has not worked out the way I was hoping that it would! I wish that I did not spend my money this product.
January 27, 2018
1 month ago
Very useful with pellet trub
Trub Trapper works very well. whirl pooling is a time tested way to drop the majority of trub into a pile in the center of your kettle, away from the pickup tube. Because the inside of the Trapper will fill with trub & hops it will remain full while outside the Trapper wort has fallen below the pickup tube. If I wait a short while the rest of the wort will slowly drain out leaving the trub behind. By sucking on an outlet tube attached to the drain valve, siphoning will begin again to get the last usable wort.
January 27, 2018
1 month ago
Great hop trub removal
My problem was removing the trub/hops from my wort when transferring from my Grainfather to the fermenter.
The Trub Trapper solved my problem.
January 27, 2018
1 month ago
It works as advertised. Make sure to do a decent whirlpool and then let it settle for about 20 min. Happy with it.
January 25, 2018
1 month ago
There are better and cheaper solutions
I read the 5 star reviews and got sucked in and bought this. I?ve done 2 brews with this and this equipment is what I feel is not useful. Specifically.

1. 4 oz of hop pellets in a 10 gal boil over flow the trub catcher. Maybe 75% of the hops are initially captured. If you?re doing more hops, forget it.

2. While the kettle pours out the trub catcher?s mesh is completely clogged and hold almost a pint of wort. The mess is useless.

You are better whitlpooling without this device. Just pour out at a rate that does not disturb the hops. You?ll have one less item to clean and get better results.

If whirlpooling does not work think about using a mesh tube that screws to the inside of the kettle port. It will clog but with a little scraping with spoon it does a good job.
November 21, 2017
1st try more like a trub dam
I am going to give this a second try as it shifted during the boil. I put it in the center before adding my wort. http://i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a501/johnwpowell1/Mobile%20Uploads/F899BB09-1084-44D6-8979-DDC770D4AB4C_zpsuho8gj7j.jpg
I whirlpooled with my pump through my tangential port for 15 minutes and allowed to settle for 5 minutes. The trapper shifted off center and was more like a dam.
I'm going to give it another try and make sure it's sealed to the bottom of the pot and not boil so vigorously.
May 1, 2017
Very effective!
I've just completed my second 10 gallon batch using the TrubTrapper. My setup includes a SS BrewTech 20 Gallon Boiler wherein I use the Big Dipper - 1/2" Pickup Tube and a Whirlpool Return add on kit. This setup has - by far - been the best effectively removing >90% of mash particulates/sediment and any boil-time adds (e.g. hops). When under whirl, my pot achieves a definitive cone and thereby 'lifts' and deposits sediment accordingly. For test purposes, I've used the setup with both leaf and pellet - the latter far better for conical sediment formation; in fact likely closer to 95% sediment stacking. Note: I use a plate chiller and as such do not run into the obvious potential issues with an immersion chiller using this setup.

I unequivocally recommend TrubTrapper.
December 15, 2016
Well conceived and well built item
I ordered the TrubTrapper in order to help retain the hop pellet, hot- and cold-break sediment in my 15 gallon round bottom boil kettle that has a 15.75" inner diameter, primarily so that I could recover more wort and have less volume loss. The design and construction are superb, and the silicon on top and bottom edges are sufficiently heat tolerant and flexible enough to readily make a fast seal with the kettle bottom. The silicon seems to roll off the steel at times, but goes back readily. Following a good whirlpool, the sediment settled inside the ring and was effectively retained; the height of the device is appropriate to the task. In my experience, there are two things you will want to consider when entertaining whether this device will work well for you. One would be, if you use an immersion chiller, how it will work in your work flow? Will your immersion chiller fit inside or over the top of this device, or are you willing to put it in after chilling? I found that latter to be a viable option. A second would be, is it sufficient diameter for the amount of sediment you hope to catch. I found in my use that one closer to 13" diameter would have met my needs even better than the 9" one. Taken together, I highly recommend this device to fellow brewers.
October 16, 2016