The Trub Trapper Mini - Small Batch

The Trub Trapper Mini - Small Batch

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The TrübTrapper is a boil kettle filtration system designed to capture the break material and pelletized hops – trub – in your boil kettle, and keep this unwanted material out of your fermenter, and your beer. It’s incredibly easy to use – before filling your boil kettle, place the TrübTrapper in the center so your dip tube is on the outside of the ring and then include a post-boil whirlpool step. That’s it!

Break material formed during the boil can adversely affect fermentation and produce undesirable qualities in your finished beer. You worked to remove these unwanted by-products during the boil, why put them back into your beer? Professional brewers do all they can to make sure trub stays out of their fermenters, shouldn’t you?

Effects of Trub:
A small percentage of the overall trub will settle outside the filter ring during the whirlpool process, and some of it will flow to the fermenter.  This small amount of trub in the fermenter is desired, and beneficial to yeast health and your beer, but excessive trub is detrimental.

Excessive trub can coat yeast membranes impeding transport in and out of the cells which encourages metabolic by-products.  It can lead to haze formation, poor head retention, aroma issues, poor flavor stability, flavor issues including sulfur compounds and soapy notes, as well as fusel alcohol creation and unplanned/uncontrolled harsh bitterness in the beer.  With so many uncontrollable variables caused by excessive trub, consistency and repeatability in recipes is much more difficult, if not impossible.
In addition to flavor issues from excessive trub, there are also cleanliness and sanitation issues.  If you let it, trub is very good at finding its way into every part of your downstream system, from your chiller to your fermenter, and every fitting in-between.
Excessive trub also affects your ability to harvest and re-use yeast.  High trub levels make it more difficult to collect and clean the yeast, and poor yeast health caused by excessive trub eliminates the ability for you to maintain consistency and repeatability in your yeast generation to generation, and so too your beers.
Clean the TrübTrapper prior to use. Place the it in the bottom center of your boil kettle before you fill it so the silicone gasket is in full contact with the kettle bottom and your dip tube is outside the ring. Trub is retained inside the ring, wort is collected from outside the ring.  If your dip tube is too long the Big Dipper (BE560) is an excellent option, and designed specifically to work with the TrübTrapper.  There is no ‘top’ or ‘bottom’, so the TrübTrapper can be placed in either orientation with equal effectiveness.
Fill your kettle as usual and boil. No further interaction with the TrübTrapper is necessary until clean-up.  Note that the TrübTrapper has been developed for boil rates typical for brewing; excessively wild boil rates can cause some movement of the filter from the exact center of the kettle, but won’t affect it’s function.
At the end of the boil, whirlpool the wort to create a trub cone. You can use a variety of methods to create the whirlpool including a paddle, long handled spoon, or a dedicated whirlpool pump.  Please ensure you’ve fully sanitized the tool you are using to whirlpool with, before it comes in contact with your wort. Whirlpool for approximately 10 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes to allow for further settling.  Experiment and use the procedure that works best for you, your system, and your brews.
Drain the wort per your normal process. When the wort level reaches the top of the TrübTrapper simply adjust your drain rate to match the flow rate through the TrübTrapper to maximize wort recovery.   A small amount of wort may remain inside the TrübTrapper after you’re finished draining, depending on your process.
A small percentage of the overall trub material will settle outside the filter ring.  This small amount which flows to the fermenter is beneficial to yeast health and your beer, but it too can be virtually eliminated if you desire, by reducing your drain rate significantly at the very end of the process.
Clean the TrübTrapper immediately after use by back flushing generously with hot water, then follow your normal cleaning process. All commonly used cleaning products and methods are acceptable for use including PBW, Easy Clean, boiling, etc…  As with other stainless equipment, do not use cleaners with chlorine.
Pair with the Big Dipper from Hastings Brew Works for a complete whirlpool add on package.


  • Sized for kettles under 10 gallons
  • Dimensions – 6.125” DIA x 2.25” HGT
  • Passivated stainless steel body
  • Food grade silicone gaskets capable of temps to 600F
  • FDA / BfR (EC) compliant materials and construction
  • Made in the U.S.
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too small to catch anything
I have used the product many times, hoping that I could make it work. But I can't. Sure, a small amount settles in the trub trapper, but it fills to quickly and there is a large amount of leftover trub that has settled/overflowed outside of the trub trapper.

I have used hop bags to try and eliminate hop debris, but it is still too small. I would recommend spending the extra $5 and getting the normal trub trapper.
June 24, 2017