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Tap-A-Draft Homebrew Setup

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Rid yourself of the hassles of bottling and enjoy your own draft beer on tap! The Tap-A-Draft is a compact, affordable, portable kegging system that will fit on your refrigerator shelf. By far the best miniature kegging set up we have used, you can now venture into kegging without the extra refrigerator that is required to hold a larger, traditional kegging system.

The Tap-A-Draft unit is a patented beverage dispensing system that uses a 16-gram CO2 cartridge regulated to 15psi to push out the carbonated beverage. The valve works in conjunction with the 6-liter and 3-liter bottles. The size of the system set up with a 6-liter bottle is 17" long with the widest point being 6.25" diameter. This size makes this perfect for most refrigerators, camping, parties, etc...

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Valve
  • 3 Six-liter Brwon Bottles, holding 1.5 gallons each
  • 3 Caps
  • Six 16gram CO2 Cartridges
  • Instructions — Download the KEG920 instructions here.

To serve: Simply open the valve by pulling forward until beer is flowing. It is best to open the valve all the way to avoid foaming. The valve has two regulators built in that hold a constant 15 psi, to maintain a constant carbonation level. There is a built in check valve to stop the gas from going from the bottle into the valve. Also, if the pressure in the bottle ever exceeds 60psi (usually from excessive warming, or wild fermentation) the valve will open and relieve the pressure in the bottle. The valve itself is covered by a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Carbonating: To do an average 5-gallon batch of beer or soda, you will need 3 six-liter bottles. The bottles can be carbonated one of two ways:

  1. Natural: This is the easiest and most popular way to carbonate beer in the Tap-A-Draft. Simply prime the beer as you would for standard bottling. You can use less sugar than normally would when using bottles; 1/2 cup (3oz) per 5 gallons should be sufficient. Let sit with cap on for 14 days and then attach valve, refrigerate and serve. When naturally carbonating with corn sugar. Store at 65-75F for 1-2 weeks. Important Note: Make sure you store the bottles upright.
  2. Forced: You can force carbonate the beer or soda by using the 16-gram CO2 cartridges. Simply fill the bottle, attach the valve, insert the CO2 cartridges, and place into the refrigerator. Since the valve holds 15psi, the liquid should carbonate in about 7 days. Most of the CO2 will be absorbed into the liquid, so replace the cartridges when the beer flow slows. Usually it just requires 2 cartridges (1 to carbonate, 1 to serve) when force carbonating. When using this method it is very important the beer starts and stays cold to ensure Co2 is absorbed into the liquid.

Additional Uses: Use for serving carbonated water and for making fruit flavored soda! You can use Tap-A-Draft as a way to dispense carbonated water.  We recommend using filtered water free of chlorine from a Brita or store bought distilled water.  You can also use our fruit flavorings we offer to make sparkling fruit soda.  Just add 2-3 cap fulls to your glass of carbonated water or go by taste.  A great treat for your family & friends!

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