Polycarbonate Sight Glass for 35L & 65L BrewZilla | Gen 3

Polycarbonate Sight Glass for 35L & 65L BrewZilla | Gen 3

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The BrewZilla Polycarbonate Sight Glass comes assembled with stepless clamps and fits both the 35L and 65L units. This piece is installed in place of the stainless recirculation tube and allows you to check your fill level or watch your wort clarify during mash recirculation.

Intended for use with BrewZilla model 3.1.1 or earlier. Not compatible with the Gen 4 BrewZilla. Support brackets on older models may be too small for the 0.59" OD polycarbonate tube.


  • Stainless 1/2" Male BSP threaded post with o-rings
  • Stainless 1/2" Female BSP threaded post with o-rings
  • 360 mm long polycarbonate tube (13 mm ID x 15 mm OD)

Please note: you may need to use varying amounts of plumber's tape to get it to seal in the right position once it has been tightened back down on the female bottom end.

Warning: if using PBW, it is recommended to not have an extended contact time at temperatures above 120°F or exceeding the recommended dilution ratio.


KegLand Part Number: KL17114


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Easier viewing
Bruce R on Feb 25, 2023
It's difficult to verify the volume of water during the sparge process without this.
Randell H on Dec 31, 2022
Easier viewing
Bruce R on Feb 25, 2023
NIce option
Philip S on Feb 9, 2023
It's difficult to verify the volume of water during the sparge process without this.
Randell H on Dec 31, 2022
I think I need it though it wasn’t clear
Michael e b on Dec 3, 2022
Suggested by morebeer.
Mike M on Dec 3, 2022
to see current liquid volume
john c on Dec 1, 2022
Gift for Brother
Kevin S C on Nov 30, 2022
Fun to see color and clearness of wort
Marcus M on Nov 29, 2022
Easier to determine the wort volume.
John L on Nov 29, 2022
cool toy. So I can see the liquid and how much is in the kettle
Dave T on Nov 28, 2022
Brewzillas need a clear sight glass to know the level of the wort pre-boil.
Frank Kamish on Nov 18, 2022
nice to have
Corey T Foust on Nov 2, 2022
I just purchased a BrewZilla 35L
Derrick S on Oct 28, 2022
replace broken one
Rosann Fitzpatrick on Oct 25, 2022
a 'must have' item
Norman B on Sep 6, 2022
reviews suggested
Byron Jones on Sep 6, 2022
Curious about it
Chad D on Sep 5, 2022
I would like to the water level on the outside.
Nate G on Sep 3, 2022
Bc you always order the stuff
Carl L on Aug 2, 2022
these things break all the time. need a few on hand....what a money pit
Danny M on Jul 7, 2022
It is hard to see what the level of wort is in the kettle with out this
Anthony L on Jul 6, 2022
To see when sparging is complete
Jeffrey Z on Jun 30, 2022
So I can see my mash and boil volume
Steve H on Jun 24, 2022
recommended by the site
Eddie M on Jun 23, 2022
Because I did
Michael G K on Jun 23, 2022
For safety should I need a much smaller batch later
Floyd Jamison on Jun 23, 2022
handy to see wort level
Lonnie D L on May 27, 2022
Better visual of level
RANDY A M on Apr 20, 2022
View of wort level and color
Stan on Feb 28, 2022
fits my brewzilla and can't see volume marks with basket in it
Greg O on Feb 19, 2022
To make sparging easier
Jeffrey Wicks on Feb 16, 2022
Like to see volume of kettle
Wayne on Feb 11, 2022
Friend recommended
Jerry P on Feb 2, 2022
To have a quick check on the liquid level without removing the lid
Matt S on Jan 22, 2022
Great Reviews
Adam A on Jan 22, 2022
To monitor the fill level as I sparge.
Craig H on Jan 5, 2022
to add visibility
Robert A on Dec 2, 2021
to see wert level
AJ H on Dec 2, 2021
Trying it out. Have done a couple batches and just wanted to monitor clarity
D. Francis on Dec 1, 2021
part of package
Dennis F on Nov 9, 2021
So I can see how much liquid I have during th boil
Rell Ambrose on Nov 9, 2021
Good to have.
Edwin Clay Fogarty on Nov 8, 2021
No way to tell what you fluid quant is during mash in without using a stick
Ted on Oct 8, 2021
Because I need to for sparging
Dave H on Oct 8, 2021
to see wort level and mash clarity
Robert C on Sep 9, 2021
It will be more convenient when trying to see the volume level in my 65L Brewzilla
BRAD A P on Sep 3, 2021
assist in sparging
JP on Aug 31, 2021
Upgrade my Mash&Boil
Gordon Bair on Aug 27, 2021
To add to my Mash & Boil.
Raymond L on Aug 6, 2021
So I can tell how much water is in my kettle during Mash
Dan on Aug 6, 2021
NIce option
Philip S on Feb 9, 2023
I think I need it though it wasn’t clear
Michael e b on Dec 3, 2022

2.7 / 5.0
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1 Star
Rated 2 out of 5
Bracket Design Flaw Invites Breakage
This glass was doomed from the start because of the placement of the top bracket on the BrewZilla 65l Gen 3 that I own. The slightest bump of the top of the recirc arm will cause it to break. This could be mitigated with a replacement bracket for the top that used more metal to extend upward to hold in line with the metal of the glass so that the stress is not placed on the glass itself. I have photos of this issue that I would be happy to share with Morebeer to illustrate.
Wide shot of broken sight glass.
Close up of broken sight glass.
View of glass with brackenremoved
Another photo for yuks.
November 8, 2023
Rated 3 out of 5
Helpful but (relatively) fragile
Of course it's more fragile than stainless steel, but the ability to see the liquid level (as well as liquid flow during pumping) is a huge improvement to the Brewzilla. Just handle the tube once installed gently. Mine broke once about 3/4" from the top end, but the break was clean and I just reinstalled the top fitting for the win. Bought two extras since they were at a reduced price.
February 6, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Save your money
I would not recommend… the first use the top of the clear plastic pipe broke due to a badly crimped clamp. What a mess but I managed empty the wort and get the original stainless steel one back on. Save your money and frustration and stick with the original. The sore glass is plastic and I’m my opinion very cheap considering the rest of the unit seems to be made well.
December 28, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Piece of junk
Mine cracked in the middle of brewing. That ended up making a bit of a mess. It lasted for a couple of sessions before it broke. I would save my money until the manufacturer figures a better way.
November 2, 2022
Rated 1 out of 5
pointless and broke on first use
Firstly the design is poor. Instead of matching the standard metal pipe. they used a press fitting, the clamp cannot be fully screwed down, and it snapped at the press fitting on first use. secondly, the design is pointless since neither the Brewzilla nor the tube have graduations to indicate volume level
October 30, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Cheaply made
Does not fit. I have to unsrew the top valve and bracket to get it installed and then re screw the bracket in place. There were cracks in the polycarbonate where the threaded ends are inserted. Cracked enough to leak significantly and require a silicon hose sleeve be clamped on to stop the leak.
October 7, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Great idea but not so great design.You can make it work well though!
I was excited to replace the SS piece with the clear poly site glass. It was an easy task install. I added water into the kettle to check for leaks and there were none. Upon installing the spare arm to the cam lock,I noticed the cam lock was tight and difficult to lock in the sparge arm. While fighting to lock it in,I broke the poly glass tube cleanly where the tube is attached to the kettle with a clamp. It seems that the tube is vulnerable to breaking in this area since there ic nothing to brace the tube where it fits into the cam lock piece. I was able make a brace with a piece of tin sheet and replaced with a new poly tube. It's been working very well. I like it a lot.
User submitted image
User submitted image
September 16, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Sight glass :(
Do not recommend this product, after 4th brew it cracked at the top. Weight and pressure from pump arm it to great. Will have to go back to original stainless tube.
July 18, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Sight Glass makes determining quantities much easier
When you have the mash pipe elevated on the kettle it is impossible to see the water level in the kettle. Using the sight glass makes it possible to determine the water level. I only gave it four stars as it does not come with pre-marked gallon levels. I added after install with a Sharpie.
July 7, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Super fragile and prone to breaking/leaking
I figured for the low price I'd give this a shot. The first one cracked during water calibration and before I could even brew with it. To MoreBeer's credit, they replaced it quickly, but the second one only made it 4 brews in before cracking as well.

Both instances the crack happened at the support bracket, showing that ANY kind of pressure, torque, or even bumping the assembly could crack this tube resulting in leaks while the pump is running. For the second one, I even jury-rigged a more "soft/flexible" bracket to prevent hard pressure where the sight glass meets the unit's metal bracket. This resulted in the recirculation arm being somewhat "squishy" and unstable. But I could live with it...until the tube cracked again.

Until someone devises a model of this with something other than the polycarbonate that is prone to cracking when you look at it wrong, I would highly advise against incorporating this into your Brewzilla unit.
April 4, 2022
over 2 years ago