Russian Rivers Pliny the Elder® - All Grain Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)

Russian Rivers Pliny the Elder® - All Grain Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)

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Pliny the Elder is truly an amazing beer with a cult like following. Our Pittsburg, CA warehouse is located close to the brewery and we can still only get this beer in limited quantities. However with this killer kit you can make your own Pliny and develop your own cult following where you are worshiped by your beer loving friends!

Light malt color, huge hops, and a dry finish. Be prepared for an outrageous amount of flavor.

This is THE original Pliny recipe, given to us directly by Vinnie. This is an intense double IPA: High bitterness with a dry malt finish, 8% alcohol, 6 separate hop brew additions, 3 separate dry hop additions, and intense hop flavor and aroma! In short, Pliny sets the standard for Double IPA's!

Who is Pliny The Elder
This beer is named after Gainus Plinius Secondus, or Pliny The Elder, a Roman author, lawyer, naval man and naturalist who first mentions the botanical name for hops in his writings - lupus salictarius, which translated from latin means Wolf Among Willows. Sadly, Pliny died while helping people escape the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in August, 79 AD. Pliny the Younger was the nephew of Pliny the Elder and is the name of another outrageous and highly sought after beer from Russian River.

Russian River Brewing
If you have not tasted beers from Russian River Brewing Company, you should. This is a brewery with huge demand that keeps quality as a first priority. Owner Vinnie Cilurzo is also unique in that he still actively brews and tests recipes and ingredients (on a MoreBeer! Brewsculpture by the way) on a constant basis. Amazing.

  • Makes 5 gallons
  • Estimated Original Gravity:1.070-74
  • SRM (Color Range): 10
  • IBU's: 198-202 (this is a theoretical number, you will actually get around 100 IBU)
  • Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 8%
Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags, yeast or priming sugar. To find our yeast recommendations, choose your preferred kit option above and then select the drop-down menu under “Yeast Options”.  For more info, click on the recommended yeast(s) below in the “You Might Also Need” section below. All grains will come milled, unless you select unmilled base malts.
ABV %8
Beer StyleIPA & Imperial IPA
Ready to Drink Within2-4 Weeks
Alcohol ContentHigh (7-9%)
BitternessVery High (71ibu+)
Fermentation Temp Range64-72
Brewing MethodAll Grain
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Love this kit great tasting ipa
robert l on Sep 26, 2020
I have brewed this kit several times so far.
Alan J on Sep 9, 2020
Love this kit great tasting ipa
robert l on Sep 26, 2020
I like elders
wayne j on Sep 23, 2020
I have brewed this kit several times so far.
Alan J on Sep 9, 2020
We've made this ket many times. It's an old favorite that we love make and drink.
Jeff P on Sep 1, 2020
Favorite brew
David L on Aug 28, 2020
great reviews on site
Gillian V on Aug 28, 2020
I enjoyed the real thing so thought it would be interesting to brew the clone
Patricia R on Aug 16, 2020
Great beer
Richard L on Jul 28, 2020
love pliny...first kit to get my feel for all grain brewing
norman h on Jul 23, 2020
make beer
Ryan Jones on Jul 16, 2020
So I can try Pliny the Elder!
Ryan F on Jul 16, 2020
I'm a big fan of Pliny the Elder, but it can be hard to find and expensive. Hoping this is close to the real deal, because it'll be about a quarter the cost at the cheapest I've ever seen the bottles.
MelloMoose on Jun 23, 2020
just like the real thing
jorge p on Jun 18, 2020
I've brewed this kit before, and it came out wonderful
Bruno G on Jun 13, 2020
Awesome kit! Brewed this twice so far and love it! As good as the original, and fresher!
Derek P on Jun 13, 2020
We can’t get the original where I live
Doug C on Jun 4, 2020
I'm from Nor Cal, now living in TX. Only way I can get my Pliny
steve romley on Jun 4, 2020
Pliny the Elder is Soooo good
Kenneth S on May 30, 2020
Made this before and like it a lot.
Simon Frampton on May 27, 2020
Pliny's one of my favorite beers!
Graham P on May 26, 2020
One of the best beers ever.
CRAIG J DOUCETTE on May 21, 2020
Brewed with success many times
Brian L on May 17, 2020
High Reviews
Alexander R on May 14, 2020
its a great beer
CJ L on May 13, 2020
Great beer kit. The price is good.
Jeffrey E. T on May 11, 2020
Have brewed this kit several times and I am always pleased with the beer.
Donald K on Apr 20, 2020
can't get the grain at this exact moment
Mike B on Apr 15, 2020
Always wanted to brew a clone of this
Bill H on Apr 10, 2020
Had it in the past and love the taste.
Valued C on Apr 8, 2020
My friends enjoy this beer
William L on Apr 8, 2020
I've heard of Pliny, but never tried. Might as well make my own while quarantined!
Andrew W G on Apr 4, 2020
Love Pliny
scott a b on Apr 2, 2020
A favored ale.
David E on Mar 20, 2020
THOMAS JUBINSKI on Mar 19, 2020
good price
Tim H on Mar 19, 2020
Because we have to survive Covid19 somehow
Jonathan on Mar 18, 2020
The best IPA in my opinion
Sean B on Mar 18, 2020
Brewed this several times. I’m a Pliny fan!
Jeff M on Mar 10, 2020
Gift for a friend - talked big about Pliny the Younger so I figured he could make this to his style
Guy T on Feb 20, 2020
Bought before
James S on Feb 3, 2020
Because it’s the best beer out there
Leanna N on Jan 30, 2020
our favorite beer
Douglas Pyle on Jan 10, 2020
Brewed extract version twice before. Excellent results so now trying all-grain.
JAMES V. on Jan 9, 2020
It's delicious.
Matt R on Jan 8, 2020
brewed it before
Gerald F on Dec 30, 2019
top beer for 8 years!
Steve M on Dec 20, 2019
I've brewed this before and I really like it.
Valued C on Dec 13, 2019
I have brewed several times and this kit always produces very fine results.
David Petri on Dec 9, 2019
Heard it was great
Joe B on Dec 3, 2019
Outstanding IPA. Always a favorite.
Charles Mc D on Nov 21, 2019
I like elders
wayne j on Sep 23, 2020
We've made this ket many times. It's an old favorite that we love make and drink.
Jeff P on Sep 1, 2020
Are there all grain instructions?
TIMOTHY KIBE on Apr 16, 2019
Is there an instruction sheet for the all grain kit? Mine shipped with none.
joseph drescher on May 15, 2019
So I got the all grain kit and received the extract instructions. Tank goodness I have done enough brews to know what to do but would it be possible to include the all grain instructions with the all grain kit? I am mashing at 152 (has to guess) so hope this is right. Already did the yeast starter and need to do this tonight, so I hope it turns out right.
Charles Carter on Feb 14, 2019
How many pounds of grain in this kit?
Matthew Ludman on Jun 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The kit uses 14 1/2 pounds of grain and one pound of corn sugar. There are also 14 oz. of hops in the recipe. I used the kit for the first few batches then started buying the ingredients locally. This is one of my favorite beers and I always keep it on hand. It tastes just like the original.
Alan Johnson
The recipe is not posted for some reason. I wanted to know if this kit uses Cascade hops?
Charles Carter on Feb 5, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Charles - Thank you for pointing that out, we will be sure to add the recipe onto the webpage. This website (https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/morebeer-pliny-the-elder-instructions-confusion.302620/) contains the recipe sheet. It's towards the middle of the page.
Can I get this in a 2.5 or 3 gal kit? If not, is it possible to get the recipe so I can build one on my own? I make mostly small batches because a 5 Gal batch lasts too long and I can try more variety with the smaller batches.
William J Leeper on Jan 28, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi William - Unfortunately we do not carry this kit as a 2.5 or 3 gal batch. Please email us at info@moreflavor.com for the recipe. Brewtarget (http://www.brewtarget.org/) is a great tool for scaling batches up or down.
Does anyone have a target water profile that they used for the all grain kit?
Tim Bergstresser on Sep 25, 2019

4.8 / 5.0
72 Reviews
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Ultimate Flavor IPA
Love hops? You'll love this. It's flavor will not attract the bud light crowd. This one is for people who love extreme flavor in their beer.
September 21, 2020
1 year ago
QA could be better
I ordered the all grain version, unmilled. I received half the grain bagged separately, already milled/ I received instructions for extract. My Wyeast pack was already swollen, forcing me to accelerate my brew schedule. Seems like the packer just tossed everything into the box with out really paying attention to the order.
September 10, 2020
1 month ago
Awesome Clone!
On the East Coast, the only real Pliny I get is when a friend from California brings me one bottle. Unreal. So making 5 gallons of a very good clone gets my Pliny Fix on totally. I brewed in a Grainfather, and it was spot on, fermented a little on the low end, but to me drier was better!
July 10, 2020
6 months ago
Absolutely Great Beer!
OMG, this was the best IPA (and maybe the best beer) I’ve ever brewed! I’m ecstatic about how this turned out, and can’t wait to brew another batch.
April 22, 2020
6 months ago
Beautiful big beer
Great kit. I’ve made a few times as the extract version. Just did the all grain and turned out amazing!
April 8, 2020
7 months ago
I have made Pliny several times.One of my favorite beers!
March 31, 2020
7 months ago
Incredible iipa that is very hoppy and worth the wit.
December 25, 2019
1 year ago
Tastes great. Packs a punch.
Great ingredients. Top quality hops. But... I always get extract instructions for my all grain kits. It’s not a huge deal I can figure it out.
December 15, 2019
11 months ago
Creamy head, Light golden color with a bitter bite!
Brewed two 5gal all grain kits in my medium BIAC brew system by BREWHA (which is AWESOME!). Using beersmith software the brew session went as planned. I dry hopped for 5 days. The beer is now about 4 weeks kegged and has cleared nicely. The head is very creamy. It is a bitter beer (which is what I prefer). The bitterness lingers some on the tong. It is worth brewing.
1.064 into fermenter. After fermentation 1.013.= 6.7%
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Elder
November 26, 2019
Pliny the Elder
This AGK comes with a boat load of hops

Brewed this BIAB and WOW what a hop flavor

For sure a keeper
November 24, 2019
1 year ago