Russian Rivers Blind Pig® IPA - Extract Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)

Russian Rivers Blind Pig® IPA - Extract Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)

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The original Double IPA! Vinnie Cilurzo began homebrewing in 1989 while in college. In 1994 Vinnie started the Blind Pig Brewing Company in Temecula, CA, a small, low-budget mico-brewery known for their extremely hoppy IPA - an IPA which won silver medals at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. Vinnie sold his share in Blind Pig and was hired to manage and brew at the Russian River Brewing Company, a start-up brewery by Korbel Champagne in Guerneville, CA. In late 2002 Korbel decided to get out of the beer business and sold the Russian River name and brand to Vinnie who is moving the brewery to Santa Rosa, CA, 90 miles North of San Francisco, where he and his wife Natalie are opening a brew-pub which will serve homemade pizza and, of course, all of the Russian River Ales. Vinnie has won 10 awards at the Great American Beer Festival in the past six years and was named Small Brewing Company Brewmaster of the Year in 1999. Almost every beer that Vinnie makes commercially started out as a homebrew recipe at one point or another. Even as a professional brewer, Vinnie still homebrews at least 5 or 6 times a year.

This is the original homebrew recipe that was the basis for Blind Pig IPA which won Silver Medals at the World Cup of Beer and the Great American Beer Festival in 1996, the last year Vinnie brewed it. Two 'dry hop' additions along with 1 oz of American Oak are added directly to the fermenter after the first week of fermentation. To say it is a very unique, extremely flavorful IPA is an understatement. Vinnie recommends using White Labs California yeast, WLP001.

  • Makes 5 gallons
  • Estimated Original Gravity: 1.065-70
  • SRM (Color Range): 7
  • IBUs: 60
  • Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 6.5%

Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags, yeast or priming sugar. To find our yeast recommendations, choose your preferred kit option above and then select the drop-down menu under “Yeast Options”.  For more info, click on the recommended yeast(s) below in the “You Might Also Need” section below. All included steeping grains will come milled.

Please Note: In order to better serve our customers, we are now offering our extract recipe kits with either Liquid Malt Extract (LME) or Dried Malt Extract (DME). The majority of our DME kits were converted from the LME version, which is why you may notice slight variances in the extract names and quantities on your recipe sheet. You may also find that your Specific Gravity and ABV% are slightly higher if you choose DME. Whether LME or DME, add all extracts provided according to the recipe sheet. For further details, please reference the conversion chart below.
MoreBeer! Extract Recipe Kit Conversion Chart
Liquid Malt Extract Dry Malt Extract
4 lbs 3.5 lbs
5 lbs 4 lbs
6 lbs 5 lbs
7 lbs 6 lbs
8 lbs 6.5 lbs
9 lbs 7 lbs
Ultralight Malt Extract Golden Light DME
Pale Malt Extract Golden Light DME
Pilsner Malt Extract Pilsen Light DME



ABV %6.5
Ready to Drink Within2-4 Weeks
Alcohol ContentMedium (5-7%)
BitternessVery High (71ibu+)
Fermentation Temp Range64-72
Brewing MethodExtract
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Just starting up and I used to drink this.
Jolliffe, E on Apr 10, 2021
Love it! Used before...
Kathryn B on Dec 15, 2020
Just starting up and I used to drink this.
Jolliffe, E on Apr 10, 2021
One of my favorite IPAs
KEN T on Feb 17, 2021
Love it! Used before...
Kathryn B on Dec 15, 2020
Trying something new
Anthony and Lorna H on Oct 5, 2020
great stuff - used before
John T on Sep 11, 2020
Never tried this. I like Pliny a lot.
Joel P on Jul 22, 2020
Love this beer. Good reviews
Jeremy K on Jul 20, 2020
because I live Pliny the Elder
Raymond M on Jul 16, 2020
Upgrading from the American pale ale, hoppier
Joey E on Jul 3, 2020
Never tried this one
Louis LeBlanc on Jun 30, 2020
Easy and delightful.
Larry B on Jun 12, 2020
I love Blind Pig
David D on May 24, 2020
Dan: "It's my favorite IPA ever made"
Scott M on Apr 23, 2020
Great kit
Pete Previte on Apr 23, 2020
KOTW and double IPA!! More Hops!
Valued C on Apr 14, 2020
On my 5th batch. Neighborhood favorite.
Michael J on Mar 31, 2020
My first brew. Still my fav
Jonathan V on Mar 26, 2020
Love Russian River!
Wesley K on Mar 24, 2020
Had this beer once. Really liked it
Scott M on Mar 21, 2020
trying again with less biterness
Gary W on Feb 4, 2020
Great deal on a great kit.
John K on Jan 21, 2020
Want to have beer at the house
Joseph K on Jan 17, 2020
Maurice S on Dec 9, 2019
had a draft of this at a restaurant and liked nit
Frank Z on Nov 21, 2019
Seriously, this is an outstanding recipe! Cut back on the oak though.
Duncan L on Oct 14, 2019
has been a good brew
Thomas S on Oct 1, 2019
one of my favorites
Joseph T on Aug 31, 2019
Had before & liked it
Phil W on Aug 28, 2019
Looks like a great IPA
Lawrence W on Jul 25, 2019
Had it before, and brewed it before
Bruce Campbell on Apr 4, 2019
Sounded good
Larry B on Dec 4, 2018
Had the beer...delicious
Chris F on Oct 27, 2018
love ipa's and this is priced right
Mike D on Aug 31, 2018
Tried it before and liked it
Jennifer C on Aug 20, 2018
Outstanding beer from one of the best breweries I've visited!
John M on Aug 17, 2018
steve M n on Aug 16, 2018
Best beer ever made. I cant keep it on tap for my friends. Might have to switch to all grain because they are drinking it to fast.
Bob V on Aug 14, 2018
Like the original, trying the
Robert S on Jul 28, 2018
More beer recommended this item, I trust their opinion and they are always there when I need help.
Jeff P on Jul 18, 2018
Can not buy in my area would like to try and make
Valued C on Jun 26, 2018
Really tasty
Phil E on Jun 26, 2018
looked interesting
Wes B on May 17, 2018
Like the beer
Mark K on May 11, 2018
It's really good. Brewed before.
Eric C on Apr 6, 2018
I've had this beer before and enjoyed it's flavor, so figured why not try and make it
Adam J. N on Mar 23, 2018
Sounded like a great beer kit!
Dave M on Mar 21, 2018
Better than Pliny. Underrated brew.
Richard H on Feb 3, 2018
Reputation of beer and high score review
Thomas White on Jan 15, 2018
One of my favorite IPAs
KEN T on Feb 17, 2021
Trying something new
Anthony and Lorna H on Oct 5, 2020

4.3 / 5.0
31 Reviews
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1 Star
Rated 2 out of 5
Too much oak
Like some other people have posted, this beer was destroyed by the overpowering oak . Waited for over a month after kegging and still too much.
August 10, 2020
Rated 3 out of 5
Blind pig, but not RR blind pig
Malt and ample hops. I can’t complain, but I need to read descriptions better. Not sure why there’s a Russian river picture in the product pictures, when this is not the Russian river clone of the beer. It’s an older iteration. I found that out after I bought it. It’s beer, so it will get drank, but slightly bummed.
January 29, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great brew
I have brewed this kit twice and it came out great both times. The second time I switched the hops around by mistake. I put the cascade in at the beginning of the boil and added the Magnum when I was supposed to add the Cascade. It came out great I like it better than the way than what the recipe calls for. I should change ingredients up more often.
December 28, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Good tasting beer.
Did it taste like Blink Pig? Not really. But it made for a really good IPA.
April 4, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great recipe and beer
Just the correct amount of oak for a smooth hoppy beer. Have brewed this many times and will continue to brew it. Wish the LME was in 'milk jugs' versus the ziplock bag style containers. Would be easier to handle and pour.
February 5, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Great mix of flavor
We made this recipe because we are trying different flavors in our secondary. After two weeks in the bottle though the oak was strong and up front, after another week it really mellowed to a good drinkable taste. Have only been kegging a few months and have found that the keg flavor is more defined, can taste the different grain and hops more than in the bottle. The color of this beer is really different too, it's about the color of the malt extract, deep golden syrup brown. All in all, a pretty good, drinkable beer.
June 1, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5
Best Clone I have ever made and will brew this at least once a month in 2x, 3x batches! It is amazing!
So I am sorta new to homebrewing. I have recently ventured into all grain and fermentation temp control. When I brewed this, I wasn't even that far. I have never had a 5 gallon batch vanish in one night before I brewed this!

I followed everything but my numbers were still high OG with an extract full boil. No biggie in my book. I dry hopped for 8 days and added the oak chips for 4.5 days. First time dry hoping, using oak chips, and my first IPA btw. I live in Temecula so I thought this would be a great homage to Vinnie and local gastropubs always seem to have RR on tap. Good comparison for when I finished.

I waited a week after bottling and I loved it. Two weeks and I wanted to marry it. 3 weeks I shared it with some friends and had to smack their hands so they would drink the beer they brought. That isn't normally like me! I felt such pride in this homrebrew clone that I was left with only 6 bottles. I found a place that had the real Blind Pig on tap and didn't charge me a corkage fee for bringing mine in to taste test because they wanted to compare too.

Both were great beers but the real Blind big was more dry and bitter. Mine was more malty and oakey. It was a toss up and I lost to the loyal fans who flock to this brewery but I personally like mine better. It was very well rounded, had a nice oakness to it which was seriously so good, and more malty goodness than dry bitter hops. To each their own but you have to try brewing this! So good!! I want to do a double or triple batch for the holidays. Never has anyone responded so well to my homebrews as they have to this one.
May 5, 2016
Rated 2 out of 5
waaaay tooo much oak
Hoping it will fall off in a week or 2, but the kit includes way too much oak for this recipe. I would cut it down to a quarter of what the instructions say and cut the time back as well. Completely overpowers any other flavor. Underneath the oak I can almost smell what this beer should taste like, so possibly I would make this again but skip the oak. It also needs a bit more in the dry hop department. Nose it lacking. This is more an ode to blind pig than a clone. I have had the real thing and this ain't it.
February 9, 2016
Response from MoreFlavor
A month later, do you still think the oak needs to be cut down or did it just need some extra time to sit? How long did it take to taste good after brew day?
December 14, 2017
Brandon R
Response from MoreFlavor
A month later, do you still think the oak needs to be cut down or did it just need some extra time to sit? How long did it take to taste good after brew day?
December 22, 2017
Brandon R
Rated 5 out of 5
Good but needs a little time.
I brewed this on 11/8/15. I am now drinking this on 12/19. It really took this long for the flavors to come together. As others have said the oak was overpowering at 3 weeks old. now at 6 weeks it has a great aroma and taste. I am dry hopping a few ounces of whole cone cascade in the keg which helps from losing that hoppy beginning. A solid $40 beer kit.
December 19, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5
Great brew
After reading other reviews I decided to only used 1oz of Oak Chips for 4 days after 10 days in the primary. It came out with a medium flavor from the chips that wasn't bad at all but after bottle conditioning for a week in the cupboard then another few in the beer fridge the flavor was really mild and you could taste the hops just as much as the oak chips. All in all I would say it is a really good brew that is nice for a quiet late night.
July 22, 2015