PLAATO Keg - Keg Management System

PLAATO Keg - Keg Management System

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PLAATO Keg is the first all-in-one system that keeps a track of what's happening with your kegs so you can better manage your draft system. Check in on how much beer is left in each keg, get real time measurements of every pour, and receive push notifications if Plaato Keg detects something out of sorts.

PLAATO Keg uses three synchronized, high-quality load-cells that measures the keg-weight every 0.1 second, sending real-time data of your kegs directly to your smartphone using WiFi. Made from impact resistant polycarbonate body, which can withstand even the roughest environments.

  • WiFi Connectivity
  • iOS & Android app
  • Measure the level of beer inside the tank and real time pouring status

Know How Much You Have
The new Plaato Keg knows exactly how much beer is left in all of your kegs. Highly accurate load-cells keep track of the good stuff, and yes, the beer’s gravity is accounted for in the calculations.

See How Much You Pour
Plaato Keg shows you pouring in real-time, and notifies you whenever a beer is being poured from your keg.

Get Notified When Your Thermostat Goes Wild
With the built-in temperature sensor and WiFi-connection, you can remotely monitor your kegerator. By enabling push-notifications, you will get notified is something is wrong, such as an opened door or a thermostat running wild.

Built-in Leak Detection
Get notification in the app if liquid is detected. Plaato Keg is internet-connected, so you will get the notification wherever you are.

Fully waterproof enclosure ensures operation even in the toughest of environments.

Connect All Your Kegs
Add an unlimited number of kegs to the same account.

Industry Standard Accuracy
High-quality, full-bridge load-cells makes the PLAATO Keg highly accurate, even on the smallest pours (and on the bigger ones).

Share Access to Your Inventory
Keep your friends included and grant them access to your account, so they can remind you to brew another batch when you’re running low. (Even though that might be annoying.)

Plug & Play Setup
Once you start kegging, there’s no going back! We know the drill. You start out happy enough to have a single keg, then suddenly you find yourself with seven kegs. That is why Plaato Keg was designed to be easy to install.

Get Full Control
Batch-specific details, real-time measurements and kegerator dashboard. The free PLAATO-app lets you have all your kegs in the same place. Each keg has its own dashboard, letting you type in batch-specific data, including Last Pour Size, Batch Name, Kegging Date, OG & FG. The app automatically calculates ABV% and the volume of beer in the keg based on the Final Gravity, and you can choose between Metric or US Customary units.

CO2 Mode
Enable CO2-mode in the Plaato-app, and turn one of your keg devices into your CO2 tank monitor, checking the remaining level of gas in real-time. Use it to have control over the remaining level of CO2 to make sure you have enough for the upcoming brew day, or use it to detect a CO2-leak from your system.


  • Super Slim and Sleek Design
  • Keg Volume: 0-14 Gal / 0-60 L
  • Resolution: 0.33 oz / 10 ml
  • Update Frequency: 10 hz
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Free iOS and Andriod app
  • USB-powered (cable included)
  • 3x High-quality full-bridge load cells
  • Impact resistent polycarbonate body
  • Waterproof


  • Keg Volume Measurement
  • Last Pour Size
  • Ambeint temperature measurements
  • CO2-tank mode
  • Historical data
  • Optional User Input: beer type, kegging date, OG & FG, ABV%
  • Real time push notifications


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Why did you choose this?
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Did my research. Decided this was best, simplest way to manage kegs in my kegerator !!
Mike C on Jan 22, 2022
take the surprise out of the empty keg
Jim Elrick on Apr 21, 2021
Did my research. Decided this was best, simplest way to manage kegs in my kegerator !!
Mike C on Jan 22, 2022
I have one, love it. It even integrates with Taplist.io
Bryon A on Jan 7, 2022
take the surprise out of the empty keg
Jim Elrick on Apr 21, 2021
To track my Keg Volume
Brad Saunders on Feb 15, 2021
My husband wants it for Christmas.
Lyndee R on Dec 8, 2020
Buying as a gift
Darlene R W on Nov 19, 2020
I have one, love it. It even integrates with Taplist.io
Bryon A on Jan 7, 2022
To track my Keg Volume
Brad Saunders on Feb 15, 2021
The description say 3 load cells are included, does this also come with 3 USB cables so all 3 units can be operating at the same time?
Max Hale on Feb 15, 2021
BEST ANSWER: No. It includes only one cable that powers up the unit. The 3 load cells they refer to are the 3 points of contact on the bottom on the ring for determining the weight of the keg.
Can device monitor nitrogen gas level? If so, can two different gas tanks be monitored at same time?
Michael I Aronoff on Feb 14, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately not. This device measures by weight and nitrogen tanks are filled by volume since the gas is much lighter weight.
Does it works for Sankey kegs?
Teodoro Castillo on Feb 13, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it works based off weight. It is basically a very sensitive scale. Pretty cool but does tend to lose connection and notifies me of random pours that did not happen. When it works right it is pretty cool.

3.8 / 5.0
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1 Star
Rated 1 out of 5
Good luck connecting it to wifi
Bought 2 and could never get either connected to the app. Tired both android and IOS. This would have checked all the boxes I wanted this for but currently non functional. Plaato support is absolutely not helpful and the apps for both OSs have not been updated in a year or more. Buyer beware. Do some research on beer forms/ reddit to see others experiences this does not seem to be isolated. I wish this worked, it otherwise seemed to be exactly what I wanted.
July 19, 2022
Rated 2 out of 5
Not that great
This came pretty close to great but there are a lot of little issues. Looking back I would not have bought them. I have 5, 4 for kegs and 1 for CO2. It does help having an idea of how much beer is left, though.

The most frustrating is a poor connection with one power cord at the Plaato so it frequently does not connect/power. Plaato initially responded asking for a video. Of course I could not replicate it at that time. Later when I was cleaning the kegerator I was able to capture a video. I sent that video without response. Maybe they will respond soon. Another issue is the app often stops showing beer levels. The kegs will just show empty. I can press on the kegs without any change on the app. The only fix I can find is removing the Plaato from the app and reinstalling. Someone else mentioned not being able to rearrange the Plaatos which is a little annoying when you have to reconnect one out of order. That may just be my OCD. With nothing sitting on the kegs I would have random ~1 oz pour notifications so I turned off all notifications. Don’t bother using it for measuring the temperature, they have all been off by double digits.
April 27, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5
Great product, easy to use and incorporates into Taplist.io
Great product, easy to use. Very quick user support (to obtain ACI key to use with Taplist.io Love it so much, purchased a second. Will likely buy a third.
January 7, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
a fun toy
This is a fun extravagance. It certainly won't help you make better beer, but coupling it with Taplist.io software allows me to display a tap list near my keezer with automatic updates re: the amount of beer left in each keg. I sometimes get "ghost pours" via the app push notifications which could be a reflection of my keezer not being completely level (compressor starts causing a bit of shake and registered as a pour) or using a cheap usb power block. Despite this issue, these things are really cool and I intend to purchase a total of four so all my kegs pours/remaining volumes are monitored automatically. Highly recommend these units if you hate the thought of not knowing when a keg is going to blow!
June 21, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great product
I bought six of them. 4 for my kegs, 1 for my CO2 tank, and one as a utility scale to use for various things like blending. There are some small quirks I'd like to see fixed, and some Customer Service issues that probably need to be addressed, but otherwise it's just a great product.

- In the app I can't figure out a way to rearrange my scales after they're created. They're listed in the order they're added to the app and if there's a way to rearrange them it's not super intuitive.

- I requested my API keys about 15 days ago and haven't had a response. Be aware that if you're buying these to integrate with other software you may be waiting a while.

- There's a weird glitch that sometimes happens when you zero out a scale that sends the "fill bar" pretty much up to infinity until you add a little weight back to the scale. Not a huge deal.

- When using "CO2 mode" it still shows as "beer left" on the overview screen with all the scales listed.

But again, all small things. It otherwise works great and I still really love these things.
February 20, 2021
Rated 3 out of 5
The real questio is WiFi or Bluetooth...Let me explain
I would rather have spent my time furthering my beer making prowess than becoming a Certified Network Engineer, but I digress...let me explain:

WiFi is seamless as long as your devices are withing the WiFi "Bubble" Bluetooth is a distance/line-of sight thing.

If your device is within the WiFi bubble and NOT hindered by stuff like, oh...I don't know...Stainless Steel or a steel refrigerator, you WILL have connectivity. If not, it's the proximity and obstructions to your router/extender or hot-spot that determines whether or not you get data.

Your Bluetooth device is also affected by this stuff, except, your tablet or smart phone can be moved to within Bluetooth reception (meaning you often have to be in the room...but you will then get data).

My PLAATO Keg functions better as a Frisby than a measuring device which is why it just sits in my "Kegging Stuff" bin much like I wished the $120 would still be in my bank account.
February 15, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
It works as advertised and is easy to set up.
September 9, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Cool Idea But....
This is a real cool product in theory however there is room for improvement with the accuracy particularly with the temp reading and the last pour. I have not had it long enough to determine how accurate the overall keg volume is. Still a fun product that I'm hoping app updates will improve.
August 10, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Greatest idea since sliced bread!
These are incredible. In all fairness, I bought two directly from PLAATO. They tooK almost 6 weeks to come in, so I ordered more from More Beer. They should have them faster.
All that aside they are easy to set up, and pretty accurate. I was canning a low keg to make room in the keezer. When the app said I was out of beer, I was.
No more guessing on how much is left.
It has a pour feature that tells you how many ounces you’ve poured. I found this to be off a bit, but when the scale weight says “0”, you are out!
The only issue I had was Wi-Fi signal. They sit at the bottom of the kegorator/ keezer. When I closed the top, I lost signal. I put a range extender near the keezer and all is well.
If you’re like me, and always wonder how much beer is left, and if you’ll run out, these will solve the problem.
May 9, 2020