NukaTap® Stainless Steel Beer Faucet | Flow Control | Forward Sealing

NukaTap® Stainless Steel Beer Faucet | Flow Control | Forward Sealing

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  • Make instant adjustments to beverage flow as you pour
  • Switch from pouring pints to filling growlers without adjusting your CO2 regulator
  • Reduced first pour foam due to low thermal mass
  • Forward-sealing design prevents beer residue from gumming up the faucet
  • Unique shuttle design greatly improves laminar flow, improving the pour of carbonated beverages
  • Compatible with all Intertap faucet accessories and shanks

Control the Flow
The flow control model is a great option for users that often switch between beer styles with different carbonation levels. No need to rebalance your lines or play with your regulator settings. Instantly make adjustments as you pour to dial in the flow rate. This is also a super convenient feature for when you want to grab a quick growler on your way out. By dialing back the flow rate, you can gently fill your growler so CO2 stays in solution and your beer doesn't pour flat when it comes time to share. The NukaTap Flow Control faucet is also the first FC model to be fully compatible with the optional self-closing spring.

First Pour Foam Reduction
Every kegerator owner knows the letdown of pouring your first pint of the day and getting too much foam. Even with perfectly balanced draft lines, first pour foam is sometimes unavoidable simply due to the temperature of the faucet itself. Running beer through the faucet will drop the temperature, and the foaming will subside, but not without a bit of wasted beer from pouring off excess head. The NukaTap beer faucet drops to beer serving temperature much faster thanks to its lower thermal mass. Simply put, the bulkier the faucet is, the more beer is needed to flow through and chill the tap. The NukaTap is over 20% lighter than its Intertap predecessor, and even lighter still compared to other brands of faucets.

Improved Laminar Flow
The inspiration for the NukaTap name comes from its uniquely designed "nuke-shaped" shuttle that resides on the inside of the faucet. The NukaShuttle went through numerous rounds of redesigns and countless hours of testing to find a shape that provides superior laminar flow. This means that liquid passes by the shuttle with very little resistance, allowing highly carbonated beers or hard seltzers to pour like a dream.

Sanitary Design
The NukaShuttle is the world’s first seamless single-piece design. Traditional taps feature an o-ring seated on a stainless steel shuttle, which can cause a couple of issues. After many pours, the stainless shuttle rubbing against the internal body of the faucet will create small fissures that become potential infection sites, and the seated o-ring can be difficult to clean in place, making your draft cleaning and sanitizing process less effective than you realize. The NukaShuttle is an advanced TPV rubber matrix that has been seamlessly formed over a durable PP skeleton. This single-piece design eliminates the pitfalls of older manufacturing methods, making it one of the most sanitary faucets on the market.

Forward Sealing vs. Rear Sealing
From tap rooms to home bars, forward-sealing faucets are the ideal choice for any draft setup. In traditional rear-sealing taps, beer will drain out of the entire faucet when it's in the closed position. This means the internal mechanism is coated in beer, which then dries and becomes a sticky residue. Forward-sealing faucets, on the other hand, keep the tap full of beer so it never has a chance to dry and gunk up the internal parts. This makes the faucet much easier to clean and also reduces the chance of off flavors transferring to your beer while you pour.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Shuttle made from TPV
  • O-rings made from EPDM

Kegland Part Number: KL15523


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It's a great tap
Christian M on Jan 26, 2023
For the quality
Valued C on Dec 12, 2022
It's a great tap
Christian M on Jan 26, 2023
They look good
Glenn C on Dec 15, 2022
For the quality
Valued C on Dec 12, 2022
Christmas Gift
Valued C on Nov 23, 2022
google review stated this was a good pick
Tim W on Nov 17, 2022
I need to make a keezer
Martin MacDonald on Nov 16, 2022
control pour better
Jamey J on Nov 11, 2022
Best tap on the market
James F on Nov 11, 2022
Hoping these 2 will work better than the previous 2 I received.
Steven J on Nov 10, 2022
Need the part
Jason B on Nov 4, 2022
For my kegerator (to match my other one).
Merlinus Monroe on Nov 2, 2022
good reviews
todd m on Oct 29, 2022
Stainless Steel and able to better control the flow of the beer.
Eric C on Oct 20, 2022
aligns with my keezer design
Albert L on Aug 30, 2022
Aligned with my design of my keezer
Albert L on Aug 24, 2022
Best forward sealing tap with spring flow control out there
Joseph Y on Aug 19, 2022
Great source says it helps eliminate excess foam
Brian C on Aug 11, 2022
To reduce foaming
Steven J on Aug 9, 2022
Because reviews say it helps control foamy beer
Enrique L on May 25, 2022
need to bottle kombucha from a tap
Maryann H on May 24, 2022
Wanted a better beer faucet
Tony h on May 17, 2022
Ordering a second one - first one really did tap less foam.
Robert C on May 12, 2022
great tap at a great price
Gary H on Apr 28, 2022
quality and design
Noe T on Apr 6, 2022
Upgrading my faucets and I like the idea of the flow control to help with getting the perfect pour.
James D on Mar 29, 2022
I already own every other faucet on the market for the past few decades, so hope this one is the best yet.
Dean on Mar 5, 2022
I want to upgrade me second tower tap.
Merlinus Monroe on Mar 1, 2022
Valued C on Mar 1, 2022
Has features I like, plus adapters
Stephen S on Feb 24, 2022
2nd faucet on jockey box. Need flow control
Tom F on Feb 11, 2022
compatibility with Counterpressure bottle filler
Trey B on Feb 3, 2022
Flow Control
John R on Jan 25, 2022
Hops and Gnarly recommendation
James F on Jan 22, 2022
forward sealing, flow control for optimal pours
Tyler T on Jan 22, 2022
need a forward sealing tap for tapcooler
William B on Jan 22, 2022
Less foam
John K on Jan 5, 2022
Husband wanted it for christmas
Debrah K on Dec 14, 2021
Good value for stainless steel flow control faucet
Thomas Gariety on Nov 24, 2021
Supposed to be top quality
Paul on Nov 5, 2021
Fills the need i have
Nelson M on Oct 18, 2021
good reviews, looking for easier kegerator cleaning and control
Joseph W on Oct 16, 2021
Matches others I have ... they work well.
James K on Sep 18, 2021
Saw video, made sense.
Christopher S on May 21, 2021
Less foam, part of mobile keg build out
Joshua Korpi on May 20, 2021
looks like a great addition to my tap assignments
Michael D on Apr 24, 2021
Looks like going to be awesome
Jeff N on Nov 3, 2020
They look good
Glenn C on Dec 15, 2022
Christmas Gift
Valued C on Nov 23, 2022
Will there be a “stealth bomber” edition with flow control as well?
Jesse Ewing on Oct 7, 2020
BEST ANSWER: At this time we cannot offer an estimate of when that will be available. The revolution of design that makes the Stealth Bomber Tap so excellent is that is is made with less materials and therefore does not steal the cold from your beer as it pours. The extra hardware required to make a flow control valve inside the faucet would diminish the gains made by slimming the faucet down. Our partners are hard at work and constantly innovating, so there will likely be a great product to fit your needs very soon. Cheers!
Is there supposed to be a washer between the faucet and shank? I bought 2 and neither have a washer, and they both leak at the collar.
Chuck Hogan on Mar 13, 2022
BEST ANSWER: The restrictor acts as the seal. I had to tighten mine very tight. If you have the self-closing spring installed it is even harder to tighten enough to prevent leaks
Do I need a nukatap shank or will it work with any?
JORGE R on Apr 1, 2022
NukaTap® Stainless Steel Beer Faucet | Flow Control | Forward Sealing
NukaTap® Stainless Steel Beer Faucet | Flow Control | Forward Sealing
Beer Faucet Shank | 4 in. | 304 stainless steel | Includes plastic collar
Beer Faucet Shank | 4 in. | 304 stainless steel | Includes plastic collar
Beer Faucet Shank | Stainless | 4 in. | 8 mm Duotight Adapter | Intertap® | NukaTap®
Beer Faucet Shank | Stainless | 4 in. | 8 mm Duotight Adapter | Intertap® | NukaTap®
BEST ANSWER: I believe it's fine with any shank but make sure you have a shank washer, otherwise it will leak. Don't rely on it sealing on the plastic flow control part.
What lock works with this tap?
Christopher R Gardina on Apr 21, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I don't have locks on any of mine to tell you, but you could reach out to kegland (manufacturers of intertap) via email and inquire if they know which standard faucet lock fits this intertap. It won't let me put their email address here but you can just search for kegland in australia and you will find their site. email, address and phone number to contact them is at the bottom of their website.

3.6 / 5.0
20 Reviews
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1 Star
Rated 2 out of 5
You Only Get What You Pay For.
This faucet has plastic internal parts and is prone to dripping unless excessive keg lube is used. Buy this instead of the Perlick faucet only if price is an issue.
December 14, 2023
Rated 3 out of 5
Effective flow control, leaky faucet
I have been using these on short kegs in my fridge for over a year now. They are very effective for controlling the flow so I don't have a glass of foam. On the other hand, they persistently leak at the front and top seals. Replacing all the o-rings did not help. Reading reviews of competitors' flow-control faucets seems to get the same results. I plan to keep trying to make them work without leaking, but I wouldn't buy any more of them.
July 18, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5
bad oring and shuttle not removable
After just one use the Oring under to top handle is cracked. It's an orange hard plastic and looks cheap compared to what should have come with this tap. Also I can't remove the shuttle to clean, and the back flow control part turned and I now can't clean or use it. I would stear WAY clear of this tap or just throw away your money.
Oring cracked and shuttle not removable
Oring cracked and shuttle not removable
November 25, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Too much foam!
This Nuka Tap SS FC faucet (D1584) created too much foam no matter where I adjusted the flow control setting.
I had to reinstall my original rear sealing Micromatic SS faucet and returned this Nuka Tap SS FC
September 13, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
NukaTap Stainless Steel Beer Faucet (With Flow Control)
Bought 4. 2 work well and the other two can't et them to stop leaking around the collar. I replaced the two leakers with Perlick flow control faucets and have no leaks.

Currently trying to return the 2 leakers for a refund but have not heard back from customer service for a week.
August 30, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Works Well, Just Like Intertap Flow Control
I am a fan of Intertap faucets and the way you can attach adapters. I bought the Nukatap flow control based on how well I like the Intertap Flow control faucet. They both work well and are about the same whenit comes to preventing foam and pouring smooth. Also, the Intertap stout spout, growler filler and ball lock fitting attach to it. I think I prefer the stainless guts and heavier construction of the Intertap, even though it has more mass to cool. I say buy the one that you can get for the best price.
May 24, 2022
Rated 1 out of 5
didnt work as expected
had to experment
no directions included

April 19, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
bought 2 faucets and 2new shanks. I could not get a good seal to either tap and new shanks. put an old perlick flow control tap on the shanks and no leaks. so issue was with the tap. I used both taps so can't return them. I will just keep buying the perlick. Can't recommend Nuka tap
April 18, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
great faucet, I had a little trouble with the top nut not sealing as it was too loose. It can be hard to see that it is. At first I thought the flow control didn't solve the foam because of this, as air was coming in through the knurled nut on the top. however, after I had tightened it, it worked great!
March 20, 2022
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Upgrade!
I replaced the standard taps in my kegerator with a pair of NukaTaps and couldn't be happier. Solid, forward sealing taps that are easy to maintain and clean. The auto-return spring is highly recommended as an add-on. I received one tap with a pinched o-ring on the flow control shuttle and, as usual, MoreBeer! customer service took care of me without issue. These seem incredibly durable and should easily outlast the kegerator.
February 5, 2022
over 2 years ago