Mesh Grain Bag | 27.5" x 32.5" | High-Quality Polyester | Brew-in-a-Bag | BIAB | Fits Most Pots and Kettles

Mesh Grain Bag | 27.5" x 32.5" | High-Quality Polyester | Brew-in-a-Bag | BIAB | Fits Most Pots and Kettles

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  • Purpose-built grain bag for Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB) brewing
  • Fits most brewing kettles up to 19" in diameter
  • Made from polyester webbing with 1" reinforced nylon seam liners
  • Nylon forms 4 loops at the opening of the bag that make great handholds or can be used with a winch system

Perfect for Brew in a Bag, this large 27.5" x 32.5" bag will fit pots up to 19" in diameter. These polyester bags have 1-inch wide nylon sewn over the seams, making them incredibly strong and resilient. At the opening of the bag the nylon forms 4 loops, making great handholds when lifting the bag or attaching to a winch system for large BIAB batches.

  • 63 micron mesh
  • Temperature rated to 230°F (110°C)


Please note: when removing the bag from your kettle, always be sure to avoid thermometer probes and other accessories that may snag and tear the mesh. Be careful when using mash paddles and spoons, especially when the bag is full.

Kegland Part Number: KL01304

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Why not?
William S on Feb 23, 2023
mash tuns are overrated.
Trevor R on Jan 30, 2023
Why not?
William S on Feb 23, 2023
My old bag ripped after 6 years
Daniel H on Feb 8, 2023
mash tuns are overrated.
Trevor R on Jan 30, 2023
Upgrade from large mesh bag
Michael D on Jan 26, 2023
This bag works great in the Anvil all in one!
Patrick Stockwell on Jan 25, 2023
I was watching the videos of the brewzilla and this was recommend to get clean wort.
Nicodemus R on Jan 23, 2023
good price looks like a good product
Scott B on Jan 23, 2023
Starting BIB all grain, after 25 years mini mash.
Robert J on Dec 1, 2022
I have other plastic brew bags that do not have the support that this one offers. I want to see if the additional support will make my brew days easier and I want to see if the bag will last longer
Colin Kelly on Dec 1, 2022
Replacement for damaged bag
Justin C on Nov 9, 2022
Replacement for damaged bag
Paul Gillespie on Nov 3, 2022
I have one and I love it so I want more before this one wears out
Kathleen P C on Oct 31, 2022
Should fit my Digiboil (65L)
Sean M on Oct 27, 2022
put inside BrewZilla to keep pump clear
Michael F on Oct 25, 2022
Intending to use this to collect any grain that might slip out while mashing on the brewzilla
Howie L on Oct 24, 2022
Easier cleanup with adjuncts in my Brewzilla
Keith W on Sep 22, 2022
Great price
SR on Sep 6, 2022
To hopefully enhance my DigiBoil
Phil Halmers on Aug 23, 2022
Wilmington D on Aug 23, 2022
make sure nothing gets into the pump of my brewzilla gen4
Jake M on Aug 18, 2022
Saw it used in a Free Bere Friday with the Brewzill 3.1.1.
Rell Ambrose on Aug 13, 2022
Try to use BIAB in my Rubbermaid mash tun to make clean up easier
Brendin J on Aug 5, 2022
Alternative to the grain basket in my Anvil Foundry
Zafra W on Jul 25, 2022
fits my keg kettle i am bulding
lucus a on Jul 13, 2022
burned my old one
Rich D on Jul 6, 2022
looks like good quality/size
Steve H on May 18, 2022
Only none drawstring version available
Jeffery Mark H on May 16, 2022
Need to mash corn, barley and rye then strain so made sense to me. I can also use it to BIAB so a double wammy!
Jared H on May 13, 2022
My bag ripped on my last brew. This is a replacement
Jaymz H on Apr 15, 2022
63 micron!
Patrick S on Apr 13, 2022
To fit Brasilia 65L
Don Groves on Apr 6, 2022
I'm looking to upgrade my Anvil Foundry, found some good online resources that recommend adding this item
Theodore V on Mar 24, 2022
Try to improve yield
Andrew V on Mar 16, 2022
Too big for my 10-gallon kettle but great price.
Marc Laroze on Feb 4, 2022
Lynda M on Jan 22, 2022
Used it before and it worked perfectly, until I left it filled with spent grains for too long and went moldy. Then it proved next to impossible to clean.
Eric K on Jan 22, 2022
Make clean up easier
Valued C on Jan 22, 2022
To fit in the grain basket of the Anvil Foundry 10.5 gallon
Joshua Duerr on Jan 22, 2022
For Anvil Foundry
Stephen L on Dec 30, 2021
Perfect size for the 31 gallon fermented I bought from you.
Michael A on Dec 18, 2021
Better for my SS Brewtech Mash Tun for double milled grains.
Richard C on Dec 17, 2021
This is great for steeping tea as well as grain.
Kreig J on Dec 11, 2021
trying to make the process easier
Tony Y on Nov 25, 2021
easier to remove grains from mashtun
John B V on Nov 19, 2021
For my large Mash Tun
Michael on Nov 19, 2021
Douglas D on Nov 4, 2021
Looks sturdy enough to lift a hefty grain load
John Regan on Oct 26, 2021
Fits larger 16 gal. Kettle
Bryan K on Sep 23, 2021
I had one before and it worked great! fantastic, strong product.
Drew S on Sep 21, 2021
Should fit my DigiBoil kettle and allow for Brew in a Bag for mashing (A good alternative to the Mash Kit for the DigiBoil, IMO)
Manning S on Sep 14, 2021
My old bag ripped after 6 years
Daniel H on Feb 8, 2023
Upgrade from large mesh bag
Michael D on Jan 26, 2023
Will this burn on an element at 160F?
Joshua Sandt on Dec 23, 2018
I bought this bag in my first order from Morebeer but it doesn’t fit my 19.7” diameter kettle. Did I receive the wrong bag and will this actually fit kettles up to 21.5” in diameter?
Brandon M on Mar 26, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Brandon - After physically checking the bag in our warehouse, it is definitely the correct bag we have sent. Unfortunately though, I did a little test and it barely fits a 18.5" diameter kettle. So that is a mistake on our part which I have contacted our product team to get that description changed. I will continue our correspondence through email. Apologies for the inconveniences that have been experienced.
is it big enough for a 65L brewzilla?
Andres Castillo on Feb 22, 2022
Is this bag the right size for a keggle BIAB set-up?
Eric Bard on Jan 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it's plenty big with room to spare. My other well-known bag is 16 x 23 and has a decent amount of extra slack. So you will likely need to manage the extra bag length on this one but it will certainly fit.
Can this be used with the 10 Gallon Anvil Foundry without the malt pipe?
Nick Arleth on Jan 22, 2023
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I use it with my 10 gallon Foundry. It is about right for the depth, maybe a little short, but the diameter is larger than the Foundry so there is some excess material. Overall it works well enough. I believe there are Foundry specific mesh bags available.
Does this fit in a 10 gallon igloo cooler mash tun?
Duane Weidendorf on Aug 14, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I use this in a 16g Bayou Classis kettle used as a mash tun and I have extra material coming out the top. Just tried it in an igloo and had 4-6 inches of extra material out the top, should be fine.
Can holes in the bag be repaired?
John Kaiser on Apr 28, 2024
BEST ANSWER: Not really, I believe its expected to replace the bag after a few brews. Ive been able to reliably get 50ish brews out mine. Even with holes you should be able to finish up your sessions

4.0 / 5.0
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Rated 1 out of 5
Ripped The first use
Bag ripped the first time I used it dumping grain into my kettle that I had to filter out. luckily I still had my old bag. May have just been defective.
February 9, 2024
Rated 4 out of 5
Holds a lot and can be hoisted
This bag works very well. Just don't use it if your kettle has a thermowell. The well punches holes into the bag very easily. Just remove the thermowell before making your brew.
December 11, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
bag worked for 4 brews then fell apart at the seams
bag worked for 4 brews then fell apart at the seams on the 5th. Lost 16 pounds of pilsen malt and 8 pounds of 2 row. Very unhappy.
October 22, 2023
Rated 3 out of 5
Good Size BIAB
I can easily fit the grain volume needed to a 5 gallon brew. The webbing is strong and can support the bag while hoisted. However, this is my 2nd time ordering this bag and, like another reviewer mentioned, holes developed the very first time. The first bag held up much better which makes me wonder if this one is exactly the same bag being sold as before.
October 7, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5
Great buy
Worked beautifully. Allows me to utilize a finer grain increasing efficiency and keeping grain out of the boil which ruined several batches prior to this
March 8, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great buy Great Beer!!!
September 12, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Seems like a solid bag that could hold a lot of grain with no issue but I have two issues with it:

1. Somewhere on my second brew I noticed a few holes already forming in the bag. So far they have remained small enough to not cause major issues but I don't have high hopes for the future.
2. The bag seems to get bits of grain stuck in the bag around where the straps are that is really hard to get out.

Will probably keep this as a backup bag or maybe for other purposes.
December 26, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Anvil 10 gallon stuck mash solved
Plus 2 lbs rice hulls in 15 lbs grain instead of 20 grain+1 lb hulls, and strike water to top of grain bed--7.5 instead of 6.5 gallons...with fluidized bed and this screen can now run the pump rate up sufficiently to expedite step mash temperature increases--was taking hours at low flows, and then stuck totally halfway through, nothing worked---holes in basket plugged, bag solved it totally, does not plug or slow flow rate. Still no 1.1 OG was getting with gas fired kettle/ice cream maker stirrer...but passable 1.055 so far. Try less water next time, can always add more. Bag tears easily on screws sticking out of grain basket when you dump the grain so remove the bolts and use flatheads, sewed the holes shut with sewing machine ok,. Maybe ditch the basket and use false bottom with this bag and get better flow through the bottom of the grain bed.
December 18, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Worked great! Easy to clean.?? shipping took a week..
November 14, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Grain bag heaven
Great quality, fast shipping
October 11, 2021
over 2 years ago