Lalvin 71B-1122 Dry Wine Yeast

Lalvin 71B-1122 Dry Wine Yeast

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71B is a very fast starting strain that produces round, smooth, more aromatic wines that mature quickly. Great for blush and residual sugar white wines. Lots of aroma and an alcohol tolerance of 14%. 59 to 86 degree fermentation range.

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Good result
Wanda W on Oct 2, 2019
Because I am out.
Dennis Johnson on Sep 30, 2019
Good result
Wanda W on Oct 2, 2019
Ferment rose wine
Matt S on Sep 30, 2019
Because I am out.
Dennis Johnson on Sep 30, 2019
For hybrid grapes
Adam B on Sep 21, 2019
Ruby Cabernet (light body)
Ian P on Sep 21, 2019
Good for hybrids
Garrett M on Sep 10, 2019
to ferment mead
John D on Sep 6, 2019
Good all around fermentor for whites and reds.
Terry Robbins on Aug 30, 2019
Good for mead and wasn't available at Concord showroom today
Jason B on Aug 28, 2019
Charles E on Jun 18, 2019
Great choice of yeast for making mead. Gives me a nice 14%ABV mead. Also living in Texas the higher tolerance to temperature helps a lot.
Michael C on Apr 12, 2019
recommended by book
Ben D on Mar 23, 2019
Heard it is good for making Cyser
Keith G on Mar 15, 2019
I'm planning on using this to ferment a rose wine, which I want to stop fermentation with a degree or so of Brix remaining
Michelle T on Mar 4, 2019
Past experience
Kevin B on Feb 13, 2019
This is a great cider yeast
Teenia J G on Dec 17, 2018
works great for cider and fruit
Jim Wallace on Dec 14, 2018
trying something new - experimenting
Richard M. Y on Oct 19, 2018
Need it for a recipe.
James Fowler on Sep 26, 2018
Looks good for a nice mead
Jonathan H on Sep 25, 2018
Value and great mead yeast
Joel S on Sep 19, 2018
Good all around yeast for cold hardy grapes.
Richard B on Sep 13, 2018
Best strain to make mead and cider.
Joel S on Aug 29, 2018
Eats malic acid
James D on Aug 18, 2018
What the recipe called for
Merritt G on Jul 31, 2018
I'm making a semi-sweet mead and this yeast strain came highly recommended
Jack Capodice I on Jul 28, 2018
It helps reduce acidity in high TA and/or low pH musts.
Dustin McMahon on Jul 28, 2018
Provides a relatively clean and mature tasting wine in a relatively short amount of time.
Micah E on Jun 30, 2018
Reduces malic acid
Wade C on Jun 12, 2018
Great for Mead!
Valued C on May 12, 2018
great for mead
David P on Apr 4, 2018
For making mead and cider.
D A on Apr 3, 2018
It s for a multi berry mead that I'm making
Michael C B on Mar 29, 2018
to make mead
David V on Mar 2, 2018
Excellent yeast for mead
bryce f on Feb 28, 2018
Acid reducing in Black Currant wine.
Dennis Johnson on Feb 26, 2018
the best
Aaron S on Feb 23, 2018
John G on Jan 20, 2018
Ferment rose wine
Matt S on Sep 30, 2019
For hybrid grapes
Adam B on Sep 21, 2019

4.6 / 5.0
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I use this for cider and ginger beer and it works great plus it's cheap.
November 26, 2018
1 year ago
Steady performer.
I like this with rose wines. It tends to reduce malic acid.
September 8, 2018
1 year ago
Best at fermenting melomels
I've done comparisons with multiple yeasts fermenting melomels (berry meads). This is by far the best choice to use. I even submitted the different yeast tests to a large group of mead judges and they agreed this yeast worked best.
January 24, 2018
1 year ago
A great yeast
Just as ordered. Arrived on time.
January 18, 2018
1 year ago
Great for Hybrids
I've used it consistently for 6 years for Frontenac and have never had an issue with any fermentation. It produces a more rounded profile in a grape that can be high acid and handles the high brix produced by Frontenac well while respecting the fruit and the other unique characteristics that this hybrid has.
August 16, 2015
Good for a couple of melomels
I've used this for two different melomels with good results. I did everything "right," including regular degassing and several early shots of pure O2. As a result, my experience was that this will go to more like 15% ABV instead of 14%. While the results in my case were drier than what I intended, I was pleased with the results and didn't backsweeten either batch. It gets the first 90% of the job done in a real hurry and the last bit of fermentation doesn't take an unreasonable amount of time (for a mead, where you typically don't keg or bottle it in less than 4-6 weeks).
February 16, 2015
Good for cider
71B has the ability to metabolize malic acid directly. This can reduce total acidity in cider by 30% or more, which really smooths out cider. Most of the apples and apple juices that are available on the West Coast are high-acid, intended for eating/drinking fresh; when the sugar ferments out, the remaining acidity is usually harsh. 71B can help with that.

It can be a bit finicky though, doesn't really like to ferment cold and sometimes doesn't finish the job.
September 8, 2014