KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets

KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets

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What makes KOMOS Kegerators better than the rest?

  • Designed to hold up to FOUR 5-gallon Slimline Torpedo homebrew kegs
  • Serve ice cold beer even in the warmest environments thanks to highly-efficient refrigeration components
  • Stainless steel forward-sealing faucets offer a huge upgrade over common chrome plated brass taps
  • Faucets mount to a high-quality stainless steel tower, rather than a cheap chrome plated tower
  • Interior fan diverts cold air up into the tower to keep your beer lines cold and reduce foaming
  • EVABarrier double walled draft tubing protects your beer against oxidation
  • Duotight push-to-connect fittings make assembly a breeze
  • Included KOMOS Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator maintains consistent pressure and is easily adjusted

The KOMOS Kegerator offers a stunning set of features that clearly separate this unit as the most modern kegerator on the market. With more interior space than other models, the KOMOS Kegerator is designed to fit up to four 5-gallon Slimline Torpedo kegs or Pepsi-style Ball Lock Corny kegs. Whether you choose the single, double, triple, or quad tap configuration, you'll receive NukaTap stainless steel faucets, the newest in forward-sealing faucet design. Stainless faucets are a huge upgrade over the chrome-plated brass faucets commonly included with other kegerators, and you'll quickly recognize the quality of a forward-sealing beer faucet compared to the standard taps seen at your local tavern or in-law's mancave. Rather than a chrome plated tower, the NukaTap faucets are mounted to a stainless steel tower that remains cool before, during, and after each pour thanks to a tower fan diverter that recirculates cold air within the kegerator and blows it up into the tower to keep your beer lines cold and reduce foaming. From keg to faucet, your beer will pass through EVABarrier draft lines, a premium double-walled tubing designed to protect against beer oxidation. And with Duotight push-to-connect fittings, you'll have your lines connected in a snap with no need to force the tubing over barb fittings or fiddle with hose clamps. Other features you'll love about the KOMOS Kegerator include its highly-efficient cooling capacity so you'll be serving ice cold beer even in the warmest temperatures, extra wide temperature range from 26–82°F, dual gas inlets at the back, stainless steel internal floor, rolling casters, and the included KOMOS Dual Gauge CO2 regulator.

The most eye-catching difference between the KOMOS unit and other kegerators is definitely the capacity. This is the first kegerator we have offered that comes with a quadruple tap tower option, and that’s all thanks to the redesigned interior. Most kegerators position the compressor on the right or left side of the inside floor, making one side shallower than the other. KOMOS positions the compressor in the middle so both sides of the interior have an equal depth. This seemingly small detail allows the unit to hold up to four 5-gallon Slimline Torpedo or Ball Lock Corny kegs.
Dual gas line inlets are absolutely clutch if you want to serve beverages at two different pressures or use two different types of gas. The previous model had one inlet that was only wide enough for a single line to pass through. Now both inlets are just over 3/4" in diameter and feature PCO 1881 threads. This threading allows you to use the plastic Carbonation Ball Lock Cap (FE133) as a quick connect option for your gas lines.
Upgraded condenser, evaporator, and insulation make this unit highly efficient, yet quiet, so you can serve ice cold beer in even the warmest temperatures. The unique internal fan provides excellent air circulation, pulling cold air from below the evaporator and blowing it back over the top of your kegs and up into the tower to chill your draft lines.
Extra Wide Temperature Range is Perfect for Homebrewers
The KOMOS kegerator is tailored to a homebrewer's needs. Take, for example, the extended range digital controller that can adjust internal temperatures from 26 - 82°F. This allows homebrewers to use it for fermentation and is something that other kegerators don't do. The digital controller always displays the temperature and is easily adjusted from the front of the kegerator with the door closed. It's pretty nice.
NukaTap Stainless Faucets and Towers
All kegerators come with NukaTap faucets for mounting on the stainless tower. NukaTap is the newest brand of forward sealing faucets that boast a lower thermal mass for reduced first pour foam. They feature a "nuke-shaped" internal shuttle that is made from TPV, which provides superior laminar flow to further reduce foaming issues. If you prefer all stainless steel components in your beer faucet, we would suggest the kegerator configuration that comes with Intertap faucets. All faucet spout attachments and accessories are cross compatible between Intertap and NukaTap. Forward-sealing means that while in the closed position the faucet will keep beer in it instead of draining out. This keeps the internal parts from getting sticky and reduces the chance of off flavors transferring to your beer while you pour. The modular, threaded spout can fit a variety of attachments including a growler filler or stout spout. This model includes the all stainless faucet which we think is a must have upgrade over chrome plated brass. 
Duotight Fittings & EVABarrier Draft Tubing
Duotight and EVABarrier have revolutionized how you connect draft line, and our kegerators come standard with both. We love Duotight push-in fittings for their quick connection, reliable seal, and versatility. Setting up and connecting draft line has never been easier -- no more hose clamps or heating water to soften tubing! Each kegerator comes with Duotight fittings for the tower shanks, regulator, and for splitting gas lines (double & triple tap only). We recommend adding Duotight fittings to use for your keg connections as well. Depending on whether you'll be serving from homebrew kegs or commercial sanke kegs, you'll need two DUO106 or two DUO104 per line.
EVABarrier tubing has been engineered with protection in mind and is both PVC-free and BPA-free. This double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss, and microbial growth. EVA tubing is the future of draft line for professional applications, and now your kegerator will feature the same first-class tubing.
KOMOS Regulator
The included high quality KOMOS regulator maintains consistent pressure. The regulator includes a blow-off PRV with pull ring for safety and relieve pressure, rubber coated gauges, and a hand knob for easy adjustment. Included with your kegerator package is a Duotight fitting that attaches to the regulator for an easy, solid, push-to-connect connection with your gas line. 
Added Features
One of the unique features on a kegerator in this price range is the tower fan, which blows cold air up into your tower to reduce foaming issues. They also come standard with the KOMOS dual gauge CO2 regulator, which is super beefy and consistent in delivering accurate pressures. Most Chinese-made regulators experience creep where the pressure increases over time. The KOMOS regulator is by far the best CO2 regulator we have seen made in China.
The countertop drip tray couldn't be easier to keep clean. Built-in drip trays look cool, but they're a pain to keep clean. Before long they get pretty disgusting with dried, spilled beer -- attracting fruit flies and becoming a haven for mold and bacteria to grow. They'll often overflow the reservoir inside the kegerator causing a huge mess. Our kegerator's tray is designed to be removed and easily washed.
Best Value & Backed by MoreBeer! 
We've looked around, and when you factor in fast and free shipping, you are getting the very best value on a kegerator in the USA.  Plus you're getting MoreBeer! service if something happens in shipment. We double box the unit with foam pads and have very little shipping damage. However, it will be delivered via Fed-Ex ground so damage is possible. If your unit arrives damaged just call us up and we will work with you to take care of it.  

Feature Summary:

  • Stainless Steel Air Cooled Tower
  • NukaTap Stainless Steel Forward-Sealing Faucets (choose number of taps above)
  • Duotight Fittings make connecting draft lines a breeze
  • Digital Thermostat with wide 26 - 82° F temp range.
  • Robust KOMOS Dual Gauge Regulator included
  • CO2 Tank holder mounts on back of kegerator (tank not included)
  • Efficient and powerful compressor
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • Countertop Style Drip Tray
  • Stainless Steel Floor for additional keg support
  • Includes EVABarrier beer and gas tubing
    • Beverage line measures 4mm ID x 8mm OD
    • 1 x 1.7m length of line per tap
    • Gas line measures 5mm ID x 8mm OD
    • 1 x line of varying length depending on number of taps (2, 2.5, or 3m)
    • 4 Tap model includes uncut rolls of bev & gas line
      • We recommend cutting bev lines to 1.7-2m lengths (5.5-6.5 ft.)
      • Gas lines can be cut to whatever length best suits your needs
  • Duotight adapters for draft shank and regulator connections
  • Duotight tee fittings for splitting gas lines (2, 3, 4 tap only)
  • You will need to purchase keg connections depending on whether you are serving commercial sankeball lock corny, or pin lock corny
    • For ball lock and pin lock disconnects we recommend DUO106
    • For commercial sanke keg couplers we recommend DUO104
  • Available Kegerator covers and "off road" casters for moving over uneven terrain
  • Detailed instructions on assembly and use


  • 23.75" wide
  • 25" deep
    •  31.5" with CO2 mount
  • 32.5" Tall (fridge only)
    • 35" with Caster wheels
    • 48.75" with tower
    • 51" with Casters and Tower
  • 110 v - 60 hz
  • 0.8 Amp draw
  • Optimal ambient temperature is  65°F – 80°F
  • CSA Certified

Internal Dimensions:

  • 19.5" wide
  • 17" deep
    • 16" down the center where compressor sits
  • 28.5" tall

What Fits:

  • 5 Gal. Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Slimline Torpedo Keg - 4
  • 6 Gal. Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Pin Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 3
  • 5 Gal. Ball Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 4
  • 5.16 Gal. Sixth Barrel Keg (Sixtel, Log) - 3
  • 7.75 Gal. Quarter Barrel Keg (Pony Keg, Stubby Quarter) - 1
  • 7.75 Gal. Slim Quarter Keg (Tall Quarter, The Slim) - 1
  • 15.5 Gal. Half Barrel Keg (Full Size Keg) - 1

See below for the Kegerator Instruction Manual.

Lowest Price Guarantee, this item has MAP pricing so you can be confident you won't find it for less.



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MoreFlavor Store
I'm upgrading my kegerator and this appears to be the best choice. the NukaTaps are a great upgrade as well!
Ronald K on Nov 15, 2022
Need 2 taps
Bruce L on Sep 8, 2022
I'm upgrading my kegerator and this appears to be the best choice. the NukaTaps are a great upgrade as well!
Ronald K on Nov 15, 2022
replacing an aging kegerator. this looks to be a great value
Daniel P on Oct 28, 2022
Need 2 taps
Bruce L on Sep 8, 2022
liked the overall setup
Scott M R on Sep 1, 2022
My husband wanted it and I'm a really good wife. :)
David L on Jul 9, 2022
Quality and Reviews
Armando H on Jun 17, 2022
recommended by More Beer representative
Dion F on Jun 17, 2022
Because I likely will only need three taps, wanted the extra room and option of fourth keg
Steven C on Jun 17, 2022
Had good reviews. But really MAD the 15% off coupon code didn't work!
Mike S on Jun 8, 2022
has everything I want in kegerator
jim on May 17, 2022
Need a kegerator, this one looks nice
Michael Hudson on Apr 30, 2022
Capacity. hopefully to hold a keg and a fermentor
Robert B Heine on Mar 30, 2022
Has good reviews on youtube, looks nice, cooled tower, price
Jeffery G on Mar 1, 2022
Tim H on Dec 7, 2021
I read a lot of reviews and this seemed like what i need at a price that I can afford
Stephen K on Dec 1, 2021
I prefer the new faucet style and it appears to be a good value.
Chris L on Nov 30, 2021
Recommended by support
Chad R on Nov 9, 2021
Pricing just right from a DIY approach without skillset of DIY.
Valued C on Oct 27, 2021
High quality product for price. Good options
Glenn H on Oct 26, 2021
Need lagering options
Weech Greg on Oct 23, 2021
suggested by bar owner
Rodney G on Oct 15, 2021
Sillies, to keep my beer cold.
Nic Proctor on Sep 14, 2021
Price and YouTube video. Steel faucets, cooled tower, and CO2 Tank holder.
Nelson T on Aug 25, 2021
Two choices is plenty for me, and I want to keep the CO2 canister inside the kegerator.
Glenn Ammons on Aug 18, 2021
My old keezer conversion finally died. Upgraded myself fir Father’s Day.
Lee B on Jun 26, 2021
3 taps and can fit 3 1/6 kegs and was the cheapest one I found with good reviews
Trevor G on Jun 19, 2021
replacing an aging kegerator. this looks to be a great value
Daniel P on Oct 28, 2022
liked the overall setup
Scott M R on Sep 1, 2022
Can this unit be installed built into a cabinet, or do I need to order the outdoors model?
Tyler Hulsebus on Sep 5, 2021
BEST ANSWER: The standard model should not be installed in a cabinet without room for airflow around the sides. These modern compact refrigerators do not use a condenser fan and dissipate the heat through the sides. They need good clearance on both sides and a way to allow air circulation to work efficiently. If you are in doubt about the application, download the manual before buying the unit.
I have the 4 Tap version. Does anyone else unit make a high pitch whistling noise when the condenser turns on?
Pedro Valdes on Jul 6, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Mine make an annoying fairly loud high pitched noise as well. I would be interested to hear if there is a solution. I found a video on youtube of someone with the same issue and no resolution was found there either.
I want to get the 4 tap version but may not always have 4 kegs in it. What way do you guys recommend to shut off each one individually? Thanks for any help
Joshua Jason Lehr on Jun 28, 2022
BEST ANSWER: A liquid line, as others have said, won't run if it's not connected to a pressurized keg. Cleaning the lines and taps when not in use is a good idea, of course, and the tap on the tower will still be there. If you really wanted to, you could take disabled taps off, but then you'd just have a hole where the tap used to be, which isn't much better. Gas lines don't have any hardware on the tower, and it's easy enough to simply reconfigure the gas-line for 1, 2, 3, or 4 (or more, if you buy extra branching fittings!) keg connections.I leave mine configured for four ball-lock connections at all times though, and just leave the ball-lock connectors on unused gas lines loose --- if they're not attached to a ball-lock keg fitting, they should remain sealed.
What's the difference between KOMOS® Kegerator with Intertap Stainless Steel Faucets versus KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets?
Freddy Miguel Calero Veloz on Aug 23, 2022
KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets
KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets
KOMOS® Kegerator with Intertap Stainless Steel Faucets
KOMOS® Kegerator with Intertap Stainless Steel Faucets
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Both of these have the same fridge, tower, and tubing. The only difference is the faucets themselves. NukaTaps are a newer design with materials that have less thermal density which limits how much the beer warms up and foams up when it is pouring. The Intertap faucets are entirely stainless steel and are tried-and-true so to speak.
New Komos, and the temperature controls don’t respond. Anyone else run across this?
Jacob Hanson on Oct 22, 2021
BEST ANSWER: You have to press and hold the temp up or down button until it starts flashing, then adjust to the new temp that you want to set. It will stop flashing and shift to the new temperature.
Are the sides of the kegerator supposed to get warm? They get pretty hot on mine? The kegerator is in an open are. So the he isn’t trapped. Seems very inefficient.
Steven Shadley on Sep 4, 2021
BEST ANSWER: The sides of mine get pretty warm too. I didn't think too much of it. Holds the internal temperature very well even in the summertime, so I haven't worried. Hope that helps. Cheers!
I want to use this for a gas line quick connect on the back of the Komos V2 kegerator. What do I need to get to convert the quick disconnect to accept the gas line? I know what I need for the barbed side.
Terry Tremba on May 18, 2022
KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets
KOMOS® V2 Kegerator with NukaTap Stainless Steel Faucets
Carbonation and Line Cleaning Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Cap - Stainless
Carbonation and Line Cleaning Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Cap - Stainless
BEST ANSWER: Just purchase a ball lock gas line quick disconnect. They have barbed or MFL threads to hook up to the gas line regulator.

4.6 / 5.0
19 Reviews
5 Stars
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1 Star
Rated 5 out of 5
3 Taps of Joy!
I had a Sam's kegerator gifted to me 7 or 8 years ago that I wouldn't have bought but it worked just fine for me until recently. But, while I would prefer to build my own, I didn't have the time and was impatient but after seeing a few years of similar kegerators, I knew which one I wanted.
I've only had it for a few weeks but it came packed well, instructions were sufficient (but there's lots of vids on the tube) and is quiet and lots of space!
Lots of little things to make this a prize!
As others have said, a tiny knock from me would be the bright digital readout for temperature. You can always put tape over it or whatever. Nothing is perfect, except pouring your own beer.
November 4, 2022
1 month ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I bought the 3 tap system and it works flawlessly. It’s quieter than I expected and was easy to assemble. I am very pleased with this system.
September 21, 2022
2 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Well made kegerator for a decent price!
So far a great kegerator that does almost everything as advertised. Definitely a great purchase. The only little downfall is the fact that it will not hold 3 of the 1/6th barrel kegs if you get the rubberized ones. The bare ones will just barely fit, the rubberized definitely won't.
September 4, 2022
Rated 4 out of 5
So far so good
Working fine so far. It acts a little strange though. While listening to it trying to bring down the temp, I can hear the compressor kick-in for about 3 seconds - then shuts off - then 3-4 mins later - it succeeds to run the compressor. Not sure if that is the nature of the product, sounds weird. So for now we'll keep an eye and ear on it.
July 6, 2022
5 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Very nice kegerator
I upgraded to this unit, to bring my beer into the house from the garage. Initial impression is excellent, quality of the unit is excellent and well packed. I ordered the 4 tap version and it had no problem with 3 corny kegs and 1 sixtle. The main issue I have with giving this 5 stars is the tap tower. With the diameter needing to be larger, the attachment points are on the inside of tower and required a 12 inch screwdriver extension that I did not have. The attachment bolts were, in my opinion, undersized for the application. I was able to get the back bolts tightened, but not the front pair. (Possibly stripeo because of the angle needed to get around the faucets) causing the tower to wobble when closing the faucets. A better solution would be larger bolts that go through the top and fastened from the inside. Lastly, the NukaTap faucets are outstanding, easily the best I've owned.
User submitted image
Added Jul 5, 2022
July 5, 2022
5 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very happy with the Komos 4 tap system! Clean and easy installation.
June 28, 2022
5 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Nice Kegerator.
After a couple years of serving out of a Keezer I decided to make to jump to a purpose built Kegerator. After considerable research I settled on the KOMOS V2 and so far I'm pretty satisfied.
PROS: Relatively easy to set up.
User friendly controls.
I really like the Nuka Tap SS Faucets.

CONS: Really only one but it could be a big one for some, I can't fit my CO2 bottle in the cooler with my Kegs. I had to mount it outside the cooler. I'm using new Corney Kegs with the 2 handles on top and they're defiantly larger than the slim line kegs so it's tight fitting 3 of them in there. Fitting 3 and a CO2 bottle or 4 kegs is not possible unless you have the slim line kegs.

Note:It was Apparently dropped during shipment and it arrived upside down but it is working fine. Nothing against the unit I just wish Fedx had taken better care.
June 17, 2022
6 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love my Komos V2
The cooling fan keeps the temp nice and even throughout, and the tube to the tower keeps lines and taps cools. Getting a nice pour first time without wasting beer even if i haven’t poured one in a few days. The only thing i wish is that there was a little more space inside for my 3 way secondary regulator, or a way to mount it to the back where there is a small amount of dead space. This is where coils seem to be so that is a no go.
June 10, 2022
5 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love the Komos kegerator so far. Plan on using it to ferment my brews in the future, plus pour fresh homemade beer from the three taps.
Komos kegerator is a great bargain!
June 3, 2022
6 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Nice quality keg dispenser
I was really impressed with the overall quality of this kegerator. It has a stainless steel tower - not the cheap plastic found on many others. There is detail paid to cooling the beer lines all the way up to the faucet which prevents excess foaming and waste. Forward sealing Nukatap faucets reduce the buildup of dried beer residue and are vastly superior to standard faucets simply because of the threaded attachments for filling growlers or dispensing stouts. The only "cons" are: 1) The instructions for setting the temperature are missing a key piece of information. It would have been nice to know that you need to hold the up/down button for 3 seconds before you can change the temperature. You can frustratingly press the buttons all you want otherwise and nothing happens. 2) Assembly is kind of a pain but manageable. Make sure you put the trim ring on the tower BEFORE installing the shanks, beer lines, faucets, and tower sleeve.
March 18, 2022
8 months ago