KOMOS® Pro Stainless Steel Outdoor Kegerator | Stainless NukaTap® Faucets | Fan Cooled Stainless Tower | Digital Thermostat | Undercounter Built-In | Heavy Duty Casters | Fits 1 Half Barrel Keg or 3 Corny Kegs

KOMOS® Pro Stainless Steel Outdoor Kegerator | Stainless NukaTap® Faucets | Fan Cooled Stainless Tower | Digital Thermostat | Undercounter Built-In | Heavy Duty Casters | Fits 1 Half Barrel Keg or 3 Corny Kegs

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$1,311.99 to $1,535.99

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KOMOS Key Features on the Best Value Outdoor Kegerator Available!

  • Outdoor ready kegerator can be built-in undercounter in your outdoor bar because it vents through the bottom front.
  • Stainless! Stanless steel exterior and interior and one of the only kegerators available with an air cooled stainless tower and stainless forward sealing faucets
  • Choose from the classic stainless model faucet or the upgraded stainless flow control model
  • Faucets mount to a high-quality stainless steel tower, rather than a cheap chrome plated tower
  • Duotight push-to-connect fittings are newest and easiest way to connect draft lines. Also makes future line replacment super easy!
  • Included KOMOS Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator maintains consistent pressure and is easily adjusted
  • Commercial quality compressor keeps beer cold in the warmest situations.  

The KOMOS Outdoor Kegerator with stainless NukaTap faucets offers the best value in the USA for an all-stainless steel outdoor rated kegerator. And we mean all stainless! Other models advertised as stainless kegerators often only have stainless exteriors and a painted interior. Similar to only working out your pecs and never your core—looks great, but doesn't really make you that strong. We've sold kegerators for 20 years, and if you're buying an outdoor stainless kegerator, you will definitely want a stainless interior. The interior is where the moisture happens, and where kegerators are most prone to rust over time. Kegerators with stainless interiors are considerably more expensive, and other units with a stainless interior and exterior sport a minimum $2,000 price tag. With an all-stainless interior and exterior, the KOMOS unit is built to operate at a level other kegerators simply can't reach, and offered at price that can't be beat.

In addition to the all-stainless design, the KOMOS Kegerator offers a list of unique features that put it a cut above the rest. Front venting means this unit is perfect as build-in option under your counter. Highly-efficient refrigeration components allow the kegerator to operate quietly while serving ice cold beer in the warmest environments. Stainless faucets are a huge upgrade over the chrome-plated brass faucets commonly included with other kegerators, and you'll quickly recognize the quality of a forward-sealing beer faucet compared to the standard taps seen at your local tavern or in-law's mancave. Heavy duty casters come standard for maximum mobility, and front facing ventilation makes it ideal for using as a built-in kegerator in an outdoor kitchen. Quick and easy assembly thanks to push-to-connect Duotight fittings and EVABarrier draft tubing. Stainless steel tower with cooling fan. Extra wide temperature control range from 28–86°F. And the included Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator maintains consistent pressure and is easily adjusted. 

Wide Temperature Range is Perfect for Homebrewers
The KOMOS kegerator is tailored to a homebrewer's needs. The extended range digital controller that can be set the temperature anywhere between 28 - 76°F. This allows homebrewers to use it for fermentation and is something that other kegerators don't do. The digital controller is located inside the unit, keeping the outside looking super clean.

Stainless NukaTap Faucets and Towers
All KOMOS kegerators come with NukaTap stainless steel forward-sealing faucets and a stainless steel draft tower. Forward-sealing means that while in the closed position the faucet will keep beer in it instead of draining out. This keeps the internal parts from getting sticky and reduces the chance of off flavors transferring to your beer while you pour. Most other kegerators on the market will only include the cheapest, standard chrome-plated beer faucets that you'd find at any dive bar. KOMOS kegerators include not only a faucet that features superior pour technology, but made from stainless steel which won't corrode over years of use.

Choose from the classic forward-sealing faucet model or the upgraded flow control model that allows you to dial in the flow rate of the beverage you're dispensing. The flow control faucet is a great option for users that often switch between beer styles with different carbonation levels. No need to rebalance your lines or play with your regulator settings. Instantly make adjustments as you pour to dial in the flow rate. This is also a super convenient feature for when you want to grab a quick growler on your way out. By dialing back the flow rate, you can gently fill your growler so CO2 stays in solution and your beer doesn't pour flat when it comes time to share. Click here to learn more about the Classic and Flow Control faucet models.

Duotight Fittings & EVABarrier Draft Tubing
Duotight and EVABarrier have revolutionized how you connect draft line, and our kegerators come standard with both. We love Duotight push-in fittings for their quick connection, reliable seal, and versatility. Setting up and connecting draft line has never been easier -- no more hose clamps or heating water to soften tubing! Each kegerator comes with Duotight fittings for the tower shanks, regulator, and for splitting gas lines (double & triple tap only). We recommend adding Duotight fittings to use for your keg connections as well. Depending on whether you'll be serving from homebrew kegs or commercial sanke kegs, you'll need two DUO106 or two DUO104 per line.

EVABarrier tubing has been engineered with protection in mind and is both PVC-free and BPA-free. This double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss, and microbial growth. EVA tubing is the future of draft line for professional applications, and now your kegerator will feature the same first-class tubing.

KOMOS Regulator
The included high-quality KOMOS CO2 regulator maintains consistent pressure and features a blow-off PRV with pull ring for safety and to relieve pressure, rubber coated gauges, and a hand knob for easy adjustment. Many kegerator brands will include the cheapest regulator they can find, and while these regulators may work OK out of the box, they will eventually show signs of pressure creep which can lead to foamy beer and other issues with your draft system. Rather than have you rely on a regulator that is "just OK", KOMOS kegerators include their own premium dual gauge regulator with highly accurate precision diaphragm and heavy-duty steel gauges. Included with your kegerator package is a Duotight fitting that attaches to the regulator for an easy, solid, push-to-connect connection with your gas line.

Best Choice for Outdoors 
With its stainless steel construction and powerful compressor this Komos Kegerator is the best choice for outdoor kitchens, bbq islands, or poolside placements. The forward-facing vents at the bottom of the kegerator allow this unit to be installed under counter without having to leave 2-3 inches on each side of the kegerators as is required with some other models. The model also features more power than the standard residential version and can stand up to ambient temperatures up to 104°F.  You will want to place your kegerator in a position to be protected from rain.

If you plan to install the kegerator under a countertop, the top cover will need to be removed and you will need to install the Build-In Door Hinge, as the top door hinge is removed with the cover.

Easy to Clean
The stainless steel countertop drip tray looks great and couldn't be easier to keep clean. Built-in drip trays look cool, but they're a pain to keep clean. Before long they get pretty disgusting with dried, spilled beer -- attracting fruit flies and becoming a haven for mold and bacteria to grow. They'll often overflow the reservoir inside the kegerator causing a huge mess. Our kegerator's tray is designed to be removed and easily washed.

Best Value & Backed by MoreBeer! 
We've looked around, and when you factor in fast and free shipping, you are getting the very best value on an all stainless steel kegerator in the USA.  Plus you're getting MoreBeer! service if something happens in shipment. We double box the unit with foam pads and have very little shipping damage. In the rare and unfortunate scencario your unit arrives damaged just call us up and we will work with you to take care of it.  

Feature Summary:

  • Stainless Steel Air Cooled Tower
  • Stainless Steel NukaTap Forward-Sealing Faucets
    • Choose faucet model and number of taps above
  • Duotight Fittings make connecting draft lines a breeze
  • Digital Thermostat with wide 28 - 76° F temp range.
  • Robust KOMOS Dual Gauge Regulator included
  • CO2 Tank strap mounts above a triangular stage inside the kegerator
  • Efficient and powerful compressor uses R600 refrigerant
  • Beautiful stainless interior and exterior
  • Stainless Steel Countertop Style Drip Tray
  • Stainless Steel Floor for additional keg support
  • Heavy duty rolling casters come standard
  • Front-facing vent perfect for installing unit into cabinets or under bar
  • Lock & key to keep your precious beverages protected
  • Includes EVABarrier beer and gas tubing
    • Beverage line measures 4mm ID x 8mm OD
    • 1 x 1.7m length of line per tap
    • Gas line measures 5mm ID x 8mm OD
    • 1 x line of varying length depending on number of taps (2, 2.5, or 3m)
  • Duotight adapters for draft shank and regulator connections
  • Duotight tee fittings for splitting gas lines (2 and 3 tap only)
  • You will need to purchase keg connections depending on whether you are serving commercial sankeball lock corny, or pin lock corny
    • For ball lock and pin lock disconnects we recommend DUO106
    • For commercial sanke keg couplers we recommend DUO104
  • UL & CSA Certified
  • Detailed instructions on assembly and use


  • 24" Wide
  • 25" Deep
  • 35" Tall (fridge only)
    • 39.25" with Caster Wheels
    • 47.75" with Tower
    • 52" with Casters and Tower
  • 115V - 60 hz
  • 1.6 Amp draw
  • Works well in ambient temperatures up to 100°F

Internal Dimensions:

  • 21" Wide
  • 18.25" Max Depth
  • 28.5" Tall
    • 27" clearance under controller

What Fits:

  • 2.6 Gal. BrewKeg - 2
  • 5 Gal. Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Slimline Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Megamouth Torpedo Keg - 2
  • 5 Gal. Pin Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 3
  • 5 Gal. Ball Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 3
  • 5.16 Gal. Sixth Barrel Keg (Sixtel, Log) - 3
  • 7.75 Gal. Quarter Barrel Keg (Pony Keg, Stubby Quarter) - 1
  • 7.75 Gal. Slim Quarter Keg (Tall Quarter, The Slim) - 2
  • 15.5 Gal. Half Barrel Keg (Full Size Keg) - 1

See below for the Kegerator Instruction Manual.

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