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Keg King Kegerator With Stainless Steel Intertap Faucets
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These Kegerators with stainless steel Intertap faucets and stainless steel towers are an amazing value. They also feature digital controllers, stainless steel doors, stainless steel floors, rolling casters, tower cooling fans, glass racks, robust MKIII regulators, and more. 

Hailing from Australia, this company began making kegerators a decade ago. Since the owners are also homebrewers, they designed this unit to have an extended range digital controller that can adjust internal temperatures from 26 - 82°F. This allows homebrewers to use it for fermentation and is something that other kegerators don't do. The digital controller always displays the temperature and is easily adjusted from the front of the kegerator with the door closed. It's pretty cool. 

These are the newest Series 4 Kegerators, which feature more power and a new more efficient compressor.  This upgrade came after years of selling kegerators in very warm Australian climates where a little more muscle was needed. This is also pefect for the USA where we can see some very warm climates across the country. 

All kegerators come with Intertap faucets mounted on a stainless tower. These faucets are the newest, most advanced, forward sealing, beer faucets on the market today and will work perfectly for years. This model includes the all stainless faucet which we think is a must have upgrade over plated brass. This is the model sitting in the middle of the MoreBeer! office. Yes it's tough... but we do have to test these products for you. 

Other unique features on a kegerator in this price range is the tower fan which blows cold air up into your tower to reduce foaming issues. The MKIII CO2 regulator is super beefy and consistent in delivering accurate pressures. Most Chinese made regulators experience creep where the pressure increases over time. The MKIII is by far the best CO2 regulator we have seen made in China. The stainless floor is a nice touch as is the glass rack which holds pint glasses horizontally or Belgian style tulip glass upside down by the stem.  We show the tulip glass in the picture by the pint glass slide horizontally into that rack. Way cool. 

We've looked, and when you factor in fast and free shipping, you are getting the very best value on a kegerator in the USA.  Plus you’re getting MoreBeer! service if something happens in shipment. We double box the unit with foam pads and have very little shipping damage. However we are going to deliver this to you via Fed-Ex ground so damage is possible. If damage does happen just call us up and we will work with you to take care of it.    

Feature Summary:

  • Stainless Steel Air Cooled Tower
  • Stainless Steel Intertap Forward-Sealing Faucets (choose number of taps above)
  • Digital Thermostat with wide 26 - 82° F temp range
  • Robust MKIII CO2 Regulator included
  • CO2 Tank holder mounts on back of kegerator (tank not included)
  • Efficient and powerful compressor
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • Drip Tray is removable for easy cleaning
  • Glass Rack
  • Stainless Steel Floor for additional keg support
  • Includes beer and gas tubing
  • Removable shelf if you want to use it as refrigerator
  • You will need to purchase keg connections depending on whether you are serving commercial sankeball lock corny, or pin lock corny.
  • Coming soon: Kegerator covers and "off road" casters for moving over uneven terrain.


  • 24" wide
  • 23.5" deep
    •  30" with co2 mount
  • 33.5" Tall (fridge only)
    • 36" with Caster wheels
    • 49.75" with tower
    • 52" with Casters and Tower
  • 110 v - 60 hz
  • 0.8 Amp draw

Internal Dimensions:

  • 20" wide
  • 16.25" deep
    • 13.25" on compressor side
  • 28" tall
    • 24" clearance under glass rack

What Fits:

  • 5 Gal. Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Slimline Torpedo Keg - 3
  • 5 Gal. Pin Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 3
  • 5 Gal. Ball Lock Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg) - 3
  • 5.16 Gal. Sixth Barrel Keg (Sixtel, Log) - 3
  • 7.75 Gal. Quarter Barrel Keg (Pony Keg, Stubby Quarter) - 1
  • 7.75 Gal. Slim Quarter Keg (Tall Quarter, The Slim) - 1
  • 15.5 Gal. Half Barrel Keg (Full Size Keg) - 1


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Why did you choose this?
MoreFlavor Store
temp range
Terry S on Feb 12, 2018
Good reviews and helpful videos.
Timothy K on Jan 23, 2018
temp range
Terry S on Feb 12, 2018
Best value and quality for two tap system
Garry M on Feb 6, 2018
Good reviews and helpful videos.
Timothy K on Jan 23, 2018
Not much more than building your own. Quality seems very good for the money.
David S on Jan 18, 2018
Best value and quality for two tap system
Garry M on Feb 6, 2018
Not much more than building your own. Quality seems very good for the money.
David S on Jan 18, 2018

4.5 / 5.0
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Well built, easy to use, and nice looking kegerator
After looking at "rolling our own" kegerator, or buying a cheap one on sale and bringing it up to snuff, my wife and I decided it would be worth it to just spend the money on one of these instead of the time and frustration on something lesser.

Note: this is for the 2-tap configuration

This is a very nice kegerator. The built-in fan for cooling the tower works great, and everything was relatively easy to assemble. It's big enough to easily handle 2 kegs and the CO2 tank inside, and could maybe handle a 3rd with a smaller CO2 tank or by taking advantage of the included external mounting for the tank. It is quiet, keeps consistent temperature, and the stainless tower looks great. The interap faucets are amazing. I look forward to trying to snag some brewery tap handles at the next festival I attend. The included regulator is well built and works fine (assuming it isn't damaged during shipping - but MoreBeer will help you sort things out if that's a problem). The kit comes with a T-join for the air lines rather than a secondary regulator, though, so if you want to serve beer at two pressures you'll need to add one of those. I'd also suggest in-line air shutoffs since the plastic pin lock and ball lock disconnects tend to slowly leak when not attached to kegs (if you don't always have 2 kegs in there).

A few things that might be good to know:
- Watch the assembly videos! The included instructions are barely worth looking at.
- The tap tower, even when tightened perfectly, wobbles a bit since it's screwed into plastic. It doesn't concern me personally, but keep that in mind.
- The temperature regulator allows 2-3 degrees of drift on either side of your set temperature. That's normal, you just don't normally see it since most refrigerators don't have temperature displays!
- If you put this on hardwood you'll want some stick-on feet and/or a drip tray to even out the load and avoid denting your floor.
- The plug is not a 90 degree bend plug like most refrigerators, it sticks straight out of the wall.
February 16, 2018
4 weeks ago
Great value
A nice unit and easy to set up.
February 10, 2018
1 month ago
Great Product
Easy to assembly. Works as advertised. Temperature does very from setpoint +/- 2 degrees C, but it hasn't been an issue.
February 7, 2018
1 month ago
Very happy with my purchase.Good quality. Came well packaged for shipping.
February 3, 2018
2 months ago
Pretty cool unit.
So far so good. I started by settting the temp to ferment my beer at 63 degrees. Holding that temp very consistent. After i finish my home brew, i will try my first keg. I would recommend it to a friend.
User submitted image
User submitted image
February 1, 2018
1 month ago
So far so good. Seems to be a quality piece of equipment.
January 31, 2018
1 month ago
Happy with product overall. Arrived with no damage. Agree with the other reviews, paper directions are not ideal, however the online videos help. Quick shipping from MoreBeer.
January 24, 2018
1 month ago
Pretty happy guy here
Our kitchen remodel is just about complete, one conversation lead to another, and before I knew it the Spousal Unit agreed to (well, did not veto) the idea of adding a kegerator. It was in stock in PA, I ordered it that evening (Thursday), and it arrived on Monday. The FedEx guy appeared none too pleased with toting the thing the 10 steps from the back of his truck to my front porch, so I took it from there. (Actually the purchase involved two separate shipments, with the tower, faucets and hoses arriving separately two days earlier.)

After skimming through the videos, I layed the kegerator on its side to install the casters, set it upright, and assembled the tower/shanks/faucets. Mine is the 2-faucet version with the stainless forward-seal faucets. I did not take the faucets apart to see if they are of equal fit & finish to Perlicks, but I love the fact that the spout is threaded and easily removed for cleaning.

One thing I did differently than instructed was to use my own 3/16" I.D. (4.76 mm) beer line rather than the 5mm I.D. Pex-type tubing which ships with it. The beer line I used is also slightly thinner-walled than standard 3/16" beer line (similar to the beer line which comes with the Blichmann Beer Gun), so it allows a little more clearance inside the tower than standard beer line would. The hardware bag includes stepless (Oetiker) "ear clamps" which are best applied with a clamping tool made for that purpose. They are small and perfectly sized for the included tubing. But if you use standard 3/16" beer line they won't fit. I was able to get them onto the thinner-walled beer line I used, but it was a struggle and required several beers.

Installing the fan hose was next, after mounting the tower onto the top of the cabinet. The setup video shows the guy cutting back the length of the fan hose so that there is no excess after it is installed, and that proved to be accurate as I cut off about 10 inches of the hose and it still reaches to the top of the tower. Also described in the video is making that a diagonal cut so that it creates a pointed end which prevents the cool air from being blocked if the hose gets pushed all the way up to the top of the tower. I did use the included Pex tubing for the gas lines. It appears to me that all of the hose fittings (the barbed end of the shanks, and the barbed "T" connector for gas) are 1/4".

My current installation uses paintball tanks as my CO2 source. I already have some of them along with a 2-gauge regulator for when our club goes remote with our bar setup. So, I have not yet tried the included CO2 regulator, though it does appear to be robust. I am also keeping the CO2 tank and regulator inside the cabinet rather than snaking the line through the provided hole in the back (which comes with a plug installed to cover it) and mounting the CO2 holder on the back. I'm doing this for space and appearance considerations, since the kegerator is up against a wall and next to a counter in our kitchen (with a couple inches of clearance all around as instructed), and it would stick out another 5" with the bracket mounted on the back. Since I have only used paintball tanks for remote pouring, I will keep this setup going for awhile to see how many kegs I can push with one tank. I brew, keg and condition my beers using two other beer 'fridges with 20# CO2 tanks, so this will only be for pushing carbonated beers. If I do eventually add a 5# CO2 tank to this setup, there is still plenty of room inside the cabinet for that without having to mount it outside.

With two 5-gallon ball-lock cornies and the CO2 tank inside the cabinet, I am still able to use the glass rack which is mounted inside for chilling pint glasses or stemmed glasses. I might be easily amused, but I get a kick out of this feature.

Operationally, this thing is sweet. The front controls are very simple...temperature up or down, choice of Centigrade or Fahrenheit, and fan on or off. With the fan on, the air flow through the tube and up into the tower seems very adequate. When you change the temperature, the display follows your changes, then after a second or two reverts back to the actual inside temperature. (I have not yet checked the displayed temperature against a thermometer.) The compressor cycles on and off like a regular 'fridge, and is very quiet. If you are right next to the machine, you can also tell when you turn the tower fan off or on, but overall it is still very quiet and way less noisy than our regular fridge.

The manual is no masterpiece and could use some (much) improvement. The videos help. But if you've worked with kegging hardware before, it is pretty self-explanatory.

I don't have a similar kegerator to compare this to. But the feature set and price, especially with free shipping and no sales tax, made this a pretty easy decision.
May 16, 2017
Not at all happy with this purchase!
My first issue was that of handling. The kegerator arrived with the rear left corner crushed and the bottom plate bent. This prohibited all four legs or wheels from contacting the floor. I immediately called MoreFlavor and was directed to voice mail due to the hour I called. I left a detailed message including contact and order number but never received a call back. Since the unit and box were spread across my dining room I took it upon myself to straighten the damaged parts and it worked out OK asthetically and tested out to chill down OK. After much frustration in assembly (even after watching the oversimplified videos) I finally had everything together. I mounted the CO2 bottle and 3 full kegs and proceeded to try it out. At 10 psi and 34 deg nothing would come out of the faucets. As I investigated the cause the interior warmed to 45 and a slight trickle would come out of each of the faucets. After cooling all came to a stop. My next move after making sure there were no kinks was to shorten all three beer lines by 32". Still not functioning. Increasing the pressure was of little help. At 20 psi I could get a slow drip.
March 22, 2017
Response from MoreFlavor
This is always a concern when buying online with an unknown manufacture. Customer service is very important. Why didn't More Beer stand behind the product? If they did, why is that not noted here. This is enough to look elsewhere.
December 22, 2017
Rick H
Response from MoreFlavor
Really sorry for the delay in response Rick B. We will absolutely take care of you and make sure to get you a working kegerator no matter what. I am very surprised to hear that we did not get back to you. We pride our selves on our customer service and taking care of our customers. This is the last thing we want to hear. If you have not already, please contact us at 1-800-600-0033 asap or email us at info@moreflavor.com and we will take care of you. We have a great staff and managers here to assist you in getting that kegerator working!

Sales Director
MoreBeer! Team
December 22, 2017
David W
Response from MoreFlavor
My Kegerator arrived damaged as well. Shipped from Pennsylvania to Arizona, it probably changed hands a few times. I called MoreBeer the following morning and spoke to their sales department. They are shipping me a new unit, and this time it will ship out of California so there should be less potential for it to get damaged in transit. Although a little disappointed that the first one was banged up, I feel that MoreBeer has done all they can to rectify the problem. Great customer service is why I've been buying from them for so long.
December 22, 2017
Response from MoreFlavor
If the entire system is hooked up and beer is not coming out of the faucets check that you have pressure in your kegs by pulling the relief valve. A majority of times in this situation the valve on the co2 tank or regulator is not on.
December 22, 2017
Olin S
Video for 3 tap would be nice.
This is a great kegerator. It did take a bit of time to put together. Wish they had a video on how to put the 3 tap version together. That would have helped. Put the middle lower spout on first. Otherwise you can't tighten it. Also a plan to cut the CO2 line would have helped. It was not that big a deal, but in todays world of video how to... this would be great. The directions provided sucked but the videos were a big help.
February 13, 2017