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Isohop - Hop Extract (1 oz)

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Did you make a batch of beer that did not quite have the bitterness level you hoped for? Would you like to try a portion of a current batch with just a little more bitterness so you can change your recipe next time? Adjust your bitterness level after fermentation with a few drops of IsoHop.

Our ISOHOP bitterness extract is a one ounce solution of pure Isomerized Alpha Acids that have been separated from the other oils found in hops via liquid CO2. Now you can easily correct bitterness levels in any beer. IsoHop is great for helping you tweak and formulate future recipes.

Another good use of ISOHOP is train your palate on bitterness levels. You might be amazed to hear that in a blind test during a past gathering of top flight judges, no one could tell that the difference between two light beers with a 10 IBU difference, until the moderator told them.

ISOHOP will stay fresh for approximately 2-3 months from the time it is opened. It is recommended that this is stored in the fridge (not freezer). ISOHOP will not lose potency over time.

IsoHop should be added to your finished beer before filtration, as it will create a slight haze.

To figure out the amount of IsoHop needed, you must first know:
- How many IBU's you want to add to your beer
- How many gallons you are going to add it to
Then take those numbers and plug them into this equation:
B x V x 0.0117/30 = I
Where B = IBU's required, V = volume of beer in barrels, and I = amount of IsoHop in Liters
For example: Say you want to add 10 IBU's to 10 gallons of beer. A quick Google search for "10 gallons to barrels" gives you the conversion of "10 US gallons = 0.322580645 barrels" - perfect! Now start plugging in the numbers - 10 x 0.3225 x 0.0117 = .0377/30 = .00125 liters, or 1.25ml. If you are bad with a pipette, about 20 drops per ml. The IsoHop has a 90% efficiency rate, so you will need to divide the number in liters by .9 - .00125/.9 = .00138 liters, or 1.38 ml.

Preparing the Addition
The total amount of IsoHop extract should be added to 5 - 10 times its amount of water, preferably distilled or deionized water. This working solution should be added to your beer and mixed very well.

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