Haze Craze IPA - Juicy IPA Recipe - Extract Beer Kit

Haze Craze IPA - Juicy IPA Recipe - Extract Beer Kit

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Haze Craze is our take on the hazy North East IPA.  Also known as a New England IPA recipe, or a Juicy IPA, it is one of the fastest growing beer styles in the US.  The style accentuates hop character while maintaining a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.  Light in color but hazy due to heavy dry hopping, yeast selection, as well as additions of oat and wheat .  Low in bitterness with a huge hop character due to hop-bursting, this beer will satiate even the biggest hop head.

The North East IPA has become popular nationwide thanks to breweries like Tree House Brewing, The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead and Grimm Artistanal Ales.  After my first taste of this delicious style, I knew that brewing it at home was a must. 

  • Makes 5 gallons
  • Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 6.4%
  • Estimated Original Gravity:1.062-66
  • SRM (Color Range): 4.5
  • IBU's: 28.4

Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags, yeast or priming sugar. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled.

WLP095 - White Labs Burlington Ale
WY1318 - Wyeast London Ale III
GY054 - Gigayeast Vermont IPA
IYA04 - Imperial Barbarian

Please Note: In order to better serve our customers, we are now offering our extract recipe kits with either Liquid Malt Extract (LME) or Dried Malt Extract (DME). The majority of our DME kits were converted from the LME version, which is why you may notice slight variances in the extract names and quantities on your recipe sheet. You may also find that your Specific Gravity and ABV% are slightly higher if you choose DME. Whether LME or DME, add all extracts provided according to the recipe sheet. For further details, please reference the conversion chart below.
MoreBeer! Extract Recipe Kit Conversion Chart
Liquid Malt Extract Dry Malt Extract
4 lbs 3.5 lbs
5 lbs 4 lbs
6 lbs 5 lbs
7 lbs 6 lbs
8 lbs 6.5 lbs
9 lbs 7 lbs
Ultralight Malt Extract Golden Light DME
Pale Malt Extract Golden Light DME
Pilsner Malt Extract Pilsen Light DME


ABV %6.40%
Beer StyleIPA & Imperial IPA
Ready to Drink Within2-4 Weeks
Alcohol ContentMedium (5-7%)
BitternessMedium (26-45ibu)
Fermentation Temp Range64-72
Brewing MethodExtract
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Robert H on May 30, 2020
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Because you did not drop free shipping like the other home brew suppliers.
Robert H on May 30, 2020
guy on cover with glasses looked cool and i wanted to be like him
Ian M on May 20, 2020
previous purchase
Bob K on May 15, 2020
Like this type of beer
Joshua D P on May 13, 2020
Sounds like deliciousness!
R K on May 9, 2020
Sounded tasty; summer is coming.
Erica H on May 9, 2020
It looks like it will be a household pleaser - both of us will enjoy it
Julique L on May 9, 2020
I like these types of beer
Jake H on May 2, 2020
read reviews
Rob Pecor on Apr 28, 2020
I like hazy IPAs and the alcohol content looks good on this one!
David C on Apr 8, 2020
I like hazy beers
Robbie E on Apr 8, 2020
Looking for a new Hazy IPA to brew.
Matthew C on Apr 6, 2020
My spouse, teh beer brewery is a major fan of NE IPAs.
Heather H on Apr 6, 2020
I like fruity IPA's
Greg F on Apr 4, 2020
I like hazy IPA and decided to give this a try
Stephen D F on Apr 2, 2020
Love a good hazy
Andrew M on Mar 26, 2020
like 6-7% hazy IPAs and the price + reviews were good
Ryan R on Mar 25, 2020
Already brewed this before. An excellent NE IPA.
DONALD HAGUE on Mar 24, 2020
I like IPAs and the reviews seemed good.
Kevin D on Mar 24, 2020
Great summertime drink with a nice hoppy taste.
Steven M on Mar 24, 2020
Had it once and liked it.
Roger H M on Mar 19, 2020
Reviews and hight ratings
Seyed Mirhosseini on Mar 5, 2020
A great beer!
Valued C on Mar 4, 2020
1st time trying a hazy ipa
Aaron F on Mar 4, 2020
Gregory B on Jan 31, 2020
Purchased before and enjoyed
Brian H on Jan 30, 2020
Like NE Hazy IPA
DONALD HAGUE on Jan 16, 2020
one of my favorites at Moylens. never tried brewing it
Lori S on Jan 14, 2020
Brewed before
Chris W on Jan 7, 2020
Had good reviews. Going to make my first hazy IPA.
Jeremy R J on Jan 6, 2020
I like New England style IPAs
Jessica B on Dec 12, 2019
Recommended by friend
Bruce r on Nov 26, 2019
For a friend
Gary H on Nov 20, 2019
made it before and liked it.
Bill C on Oct 24, 2019
This is my second kit and I love it. I like the hazy ipa’s
Derek G on Oct 16, 2019
NE ipa with great reviews
Gary H on Oct 15, 2019
MICHAEL D on Sep 21, 2019
I want to brew hazy NEIPAs and double IPAs. This is my first foray into that style
Damian F D on Sep 19, 2019
I love IPA
Cris S on Sep 18, 2019
I like hazy beers
Dan B on Sep 6, 2019
I have made it before and liked it.
Ride monger on Sep 4, 2019
Want to make it, fun, live hoppy fruity beer
Michael Hoffman on Aug 28, 2019
to brew with a friend who likes IPA's
william n on Aug 28, 2019
Destiny B on Aug 28, 2019
best ipa kit i have ever made.
Mark S on Aug 28, 2019
Great reviews, Hazy IPA's are my fave
James Cruz on Jul 27, 2019
from advice from customer service
Rich W on Jun 22, 2019
Brewed before and turned out great
Steven M on Jun 22, 2019
My husband likes a "hoppy" beer
Valued C on Jun 7, 2019
Love ipa
Mark D on Jun 7, 2019
guy on cover with glasses looked cool and i wanted to be like him
Ian M on May 20, 2020
Like this type of beer
Joshua D P on May 13, 2020
When transferring my wort from kettle to primary fermentor carboy, I noticed my wort was DARK. Any ideas on how this may have happened? Thanks in advance!
Kevin Cayton on May 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The other answers here raise great points that there could have been some scorching or that the solids from the hops can distort the color as your wort goes into the fermenter. Turning off your flame while pouring in the extract can reduce the risk of scorching.
Before transferring from the kettle into the fermenter waiting 10 minutes for the hops and other solids to settle to the bottom is a great way to get clearer wort and less sediment in the fermenter.

For all extract brews one great way to achieve a lighter color is to only add half of the malt extract at the beginning of the boil and the other half at the end of the boil. This will prevent any excess caramelization of the malt extract thus lightening the color and reducing residual sweetness.
I made my first dry hop addition (following recipe) after 3 days in fermenter. They have now been in there for 8 days. Am I supposed to take them out before the next addition of hops or is it okay to leave in until I bottle? I plan to make next addition tomorrow and bottle in 4 days. If I leave the first addition in until bottling, that means it would have been in for 12 days. I'm a little concerned about off flavors from leaving them in too long, but not sure if I should be with this overall short amount of time. Thanks
Aaron Schmidt on Feb 13, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Aaron - We recommend dry hopping only 5 days for the first addition of hops, I would recommend pulling the first addition of hops by now. Go ahead and add the second addition of hops 3 days prior to bottling.
Do you steep flaked oats and flaked wheat like normal steeping grains?
Connor Sinclair on Apr 4, 2020
Haze Craze IPA - Extract Beer Kit
Haze Craze IPA - Extract Beer Kit
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MoreHaze! Juicy Double IPA - All Grain Beer Kit
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BEST ANSWER: Yes, like normal. The oatmeal and wheat soak up tons of water. I recommend splitting the amount in at least 2 large grain bags. I put it all in one bag and it sank to the bottom and burned a hole right through. It was mess trying to scoop out all that oatmeal. Plus if you have the oatmeal in it's own bag, you'll have breakfast ready the next day! Truthfully, I did use a lot of spent grains for making oatmeal bars and bread.
I usually do two weeks in primary then two weeks in secondary fermenter. Should I just add the first addition of hops after a week or still the three days? And in the secondary is the full two weeks alright?
Ronald Conover on Apr 8, 2020
BEST ANSWER: When I brewed this recipe I did not do a secondary. This style tends to oxidize very easily. According to my notes, I split the dry hop (which I think is in the instructions). First round was day 3 of primary fermentation and second round was day 9 of primary fermentation. From the primary to the keg it went.
What's the best fermentation temperature for it? I'll be using Wyeast London Ale III
James Cruz on Aug 4, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The recommended fermentation temperature for this kit is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Great beer
This was a great ingredient kit. I loved how all the hops were pre-measured and ready to go. The aroma is fantastic as is the flavor.
April 30, 2020
1 month ago
Haze Craze
Brewed Haze Craze and Lunar Shock a week ago so too soon to tell how they will eventually be. Lots of fun brewing these and they look and smell fantastic.
March 29, 2020
2 months ago
Lots of hops and specialty grains, IBUs are wrong
Made this recipe and finally got to taste it. During brew day I questioned how so many hop additions during boil and flame-out will only give me 28-32 IBUs. Short answer is it doesn't. Beer came out a milky golden haze (expected), but bitter and slightly dry. Brewer's Friend confirms that the IBUs are way more than the 28-32 advertised, in fact pushing 57 IBUs which is uncharacteristic of the style. Will probably stay away from kits from now on as the recipe sheet has been obviously wrong before, as is also the case with the Cream Ale kit also sold.
February 14, 2020
Response from MoreFlavor
Rares - Thank you for your review, we apologize your perceived bitterness was higher than our recipe card suggested. We typically try to ballpark these, as customers equipment varies, some will see more, some will see less. Hope the beer at least turned out!
April 29, 2020
Zach R Staff
Hazy Crazy IPA...best home brew yet, excellent kit!
I was very impressed unboxing the kit with amount of malty extract and hops. I loved the whole hop flowers, beautiful aroma. I used a brew sock for the flowers and pulled them right after the boil. I did the final dry hopping 48 hours prior to bottling, next time I'll add the hops too in a sock so they don't clog my bottle filler. I did a straight 3 week fermentation in my SS Brewtech Brewbucket.
Final result is a balanced, fruity hoppy, delicious brew with a clean finish. After 2 Crazy Hazies, I'm feeling real good!!
January 7, 2020
7 months ago
A great brew
This kit is excellent. I brewed this along with the Pliny kit, and my guests were pretty much split, 50/50 as to which they liked best.

I brewed this following the instructions to the letter. Dry hops in at 3 days. ....ect. White Labs yeast.

The taste is smooth with a lingering hoppy finish. it's very good. I doubt this is going to last long around the house.
December 24, 2019
5 months ago
Fantastic Kit- One of my best beers so far
I've been brewing for a about 2 years now and i got to say this is hands down one of the best beers I have ever brewed. I am a huge fan of NE IPA's and i got to say this one tastes very close to a few of my favorites that i can get at the liquor store. i only ended up doing the later addition of dryhopping but it still turned out great. Strongly recommend this one. Morebeer did a fantastic job with this kit!
User submitted image
Added Jul 14, 2019
July 14, 2019
Great, easy brew
Easy to brew and a nice juicy taste.
March 17, 2019
1 year ago
this came out great , nice and hoppy
January 3, 2019
1 year ago
Nice Kit
The Haze Craze "kit" is very nice, quite a tasty hazy IPA. I will certainly be making it again.
September 4, 2018
1 year ago
Great recipe
I couldn't get the beer as hazy as expected, but flavor and aroma wise, it was a really, really good beer.
August 22, 2018
over 2 years ago