BrewBuilt® Flex Chamber | Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester | 2" Tri-Clamp

BrewBuilt® Flex Chamber | Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester | 2" Tri-Clamp

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The pressurizable Flex Chamber attaches directly to the X-Series Uni's butterfly dump valve and can be used for removing trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Designed for the BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical, but compatible with any 2" T.C. dump valve. Since the chamber is made from clear Tritan, it works perfectly as a sight glass for monitoring fermentation activity. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into your conical.

The Flex Chamber is also fully compatible with the Gen 3 FermZilla Tri-Conical fermenters. Not compatible with Gen 3.2.

  • 2" T.C. connection
  • 2" tri-clamp, gasket and end cap included
  • 28 mm PCO 1881 threaded side ports
  • Chamber made from Tritan

Please note: never remove the Flex Chamber while your conical is under pressure. Always release pressure before removing the Flex Chamber. 


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Try and re-use yeast batch to batch
Li-Shih Wilhelm L on Feb 14, 2023
dry hopping
Joseph P on Aug 16, 2022
Try and re-use yeast batch to batch
Li-Shih Wilhelm L on Feb 14, 2023
SCOTT M on Oct 27, 2022
dry hopping
Joseph P on Aug 16, 2022
Paul M on Jun 18, 2022
S on Dec 9, 2021
To harvest yeast from a conical
Jim D on Sep 28, 2021
harvest yeast
Kurt H on Aug 12, 2021
Seems like a great way to harvest yeast
Matthew Z on Jul 3, 2021
conical yeast dumping
Caleb Miller on Dec 31, 2020
should fit my spike uni
wells j on Nov 22, 2020
SCOTT M on Oct 27, 2022
Paul M on Jun 18, 2022
What is the internal volume?
Noel W Hart on Jan 5, 2021
BEST ANSWER: 1154ML if you fill it to the rim of the 2" TC port (the way I assume it would come off the fermenter).
How tall is the BrewBuilt Flex Chamber?
Brodeur, Tim on Jan 18, 2021
BEST ANSWER: 6 5/8" to the top of the 2" TC.
Has anyone used this on a Spike Conical?
gabe tanyi on Feb 12, 2023
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I have used it on my CF10, as have a number of folks as revealed by the Spike User Group on Facebook. It works great. I have transferred everything from the boil over and used it to collect trub before pitching, and I have used it to drop yeast after fermentation before aging/secondary. For the latter case, I bought their plastic ball lock post fitting for the Flex Chamber side port and added a short length of ice maker supply water tubing directed toward the bottom of the Flex to use in purging air out with CO2. I install the Flex, put on the CO2 with 1-2 psi, and then loosen the 2" TC clamp and wiggle the Flex. After the CO2 purges the chamber for a few minutes , I pull the CO2 supply and tighten the TC clamp, then open the butterfly valve to drop yeast. Bingo!
Where does the red/orange o-ring go -inside the black top or on the clear plastic body?
John Foelber on Apr 8, 2023
BEST ANSWER: In my version the o-ring is black and fits in a groove on the clear plastic “bowl/body” - the groove is about an 1/8 of an inch from the top and above the threads.
How do you attach a ball lock adapter to the side ports? Looking to fit a carbonation stone there
phillip reese on Feb 23, 2021
BEST ANSWER: If you use a carb cap, it will crew right onto the side ports just like a 2 LTR bottle.
What's MoreBeer's/BrewBuilt's intended procedure for dry hop injection using the Flex Chamber? Other accessories like a diptube/downcomer? Or is the intent to just flood the chamber with beer and try to coax the dry hops up into the beer with maybe some CO2 via a gas-in post?
Zachary Kosslow on Feb 5, 2021
BEST ANSWER: my thoughts only... should you fill with hops then co2 purge with carbonation cap to avoid raw air infiltration some of the hops will float at 1st . when using a mesh bag I would add a couple of marbles to sink the hops anyway

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Rated 3 out of 5
Does the job
Great concept, although the lid is difficult to remove at times, I use keg lube on the o-ring to assist. This sits a little low to the floor, you will want a tray or something similar underneath (prior to removing), so that there won't be a mess.
April 9, 2023
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
The product works great, but it really does not fit under the 7 gallon brew built XL one which it's built for. You have to manure it sideways to get it out, which spills yeast all over the floor or pick up the actual fermenter. The 2 inch tri-clamp butterfly valve also rubs on it when it's connected to the fermenter. I'm sure it would be great on the 14 gallon.
February 3, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
This thing was always a hassle as you need to get everything clocked just right in order to clear the handle. The small plastic cap seals failed after about 10 brews and needed replacement. Then it cracked after about 20 brews. Will not be replacing and will convert to sight glass and 90.
June 20, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
gotta have it
The Flex chamber is one of the reasons why I chose the X1 UNI as my fermenter. I've done maybe 50+ batches on it and it is awesome. So easy to collect the yeast for re-use. I just did a Bock, and the yeast I used was $9 a pack and I used 2, so to save $18 next time is a really good thing. I just ordered another Flex chamber because I left my X1 butterfly valve shut after I emptied my X1, and after about 5 hrs the pressure was enough to explode the flex chamber. So as long as you don't do that you will love the Flex chamber!!!
April 8, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5
Solid, pressure rated collection vessel.
About the best, most feature oriented collection vessel you can get, certainly for the cost.
December 22, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Leaks at the lid
I bought two units. They both leak where the lid screws to the chamber. Second issue, after attaching the chamber to my fermentor, i open the valve and liquid from the fermenter does not want to exchange with the air in the chamber. So an air pocket remains for a while. My fermemtor is not pressurized so I am not hooking up CO2 to the chamber so maybe that's what not giving it the umph to force the exchange.
September 12, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Must have product
I bought the flex chamber in order to dump trunks; harvest yeast; and dry hop. On my first brew with it I made a rookie mistake and dumped my first hop addition directly in the wort instead of the hop basket. The flex chamber now contains the hop debris. It is a little challenging to attach the flex chamber since you have constricted space under the fermenter. I use a board under the chamber to hold it in place while attaching it. To dump the chamber I place a towel under the chamber to soak up any liquid when you remove the chamber. Next I put the plastic cap that came with the drain valve on the chamber. This way I can tilt the chamber to remove it without dumping more liquid. I would highly recommend this product
May 18, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Must have Flex Chamber with a Uni tank X1
In my opinion, you must have the Flex Chamber with an X1 Uni Conical. It certainly saved my first batch after I made multiple mistakes. My first mistake was to stir the grain bed in my electric all in one three times while recirculating prior to boiling. Every instruction says to stir the top one-third only, but I did not follow conventional wisdom, the X1 conical and Flex Chamber saved the beer. My second mistake was to have the all in one drain tube pointed down as opposed to up when pumping wort to the conical and third, after all of that, I did not let the mixture settle prior to pumping. The result was a thick soup in the conical. I started fermenting 3-16-21 at 59 degrees with the blow off tube for four days. At that point, 3-20-21, I dumped the trub and hooked up the CO2 at 2 psi. I let this go for four days to 3-24-21 and then set pressure at 8psi and temp to 38 degrees, (cold crash), hoping for clear beer. I dumped the trub a second time on 3-25-21. Was like thin bread dough. On 3-27-21 Beer in Flex Chamber has began to clear. On 3-28-21, set pressure to 12psi, tested a beer the next day 3-29-21 and it was really nice. Cloudy but clear, the Brew Built X1 Conical system was doing its job. Hooked up a tap and after 13 days the conical is empty. The last flex chamber had about one quarter of clear beer and the balance trub. After the "keg" kicked, (was empty), I got about 2.5 flex chambers of good clear beer. As mentioned by others, the clearance on a 7 gallon X1 is tight. when removing a full flex chamber, place the included blanking cap on the chamber after releasing from the X1 valve and before tilting to remove. Thanks to all of the More Beer people and suppliers. Cheers!
first dump
third dump
second dump
April 14, 2021
over 3 years ago