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Grain Gobbler Homebrew Grain Mill With Stainless Hopper (4 Inch)
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A fully adjustable grain mill at an affordable price. At the heart of the mill are two knurled 1.5" diameter x 4" long rollers that rotate in self-lubricated bronze bushings for smooth operation. The rollers are easily adjusted on both ends providing an even gap across the entire span of the rollers. There are 10 pre-set adjustment settings for you to choose from. This mill has the best attachment to a bucket that we have ever seen. It actually clamps down onto the bucket and has a cross bar for your hand, making it extremely stable and easy to use. Comes standard with a drill adapter as we find most people wish to use a drill. The included hopper is a 1 gallon plastic jar that will hold 3 lbs. The stainless steel grain chute holds 8 lbs. Using a drill, the output is 4 lbs per minute at 400 rpm, faster on higher speeds.

This mill is very carefully thought out after years of research. We have sold nearly every mill out there including the Glatt, The Valley, The Automatic, The Maltmill, The Phil Mill, etc.. We learned what we liked and did not like and we developed this mill in coordination with Fermentap. The operation is smooth, the adjustment is easy and even across the rollers, the grain is fed to the length of the rollers, it has the best (included) attachment to a bucket that we have ever seen (this makes it stable and easy to hang on to), the output is right up there with the best of them, the quality of the crush is great, the overall weight is light which makes the whole thing easy to handle, and the quality of construction is really high for a unit at this price with free shipping. We know you will be happy with the mill for many years.

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It works really great. The multiple settings are a real plus to getting grain at just the right grist ratios.
March 11, 2018
4 months ago
Good crush every time - but watch those edges!
I have had this mill for about 5 years now and overall it has been great. I adjusted the rollers during my first couple of crushes and since then I have been able to leave them in place and find that the crush is always perfect. As the instructions say, you do need to get the rollers turning manually sometimes to get the grain to "bite," but that's easy enough and once the grain is moving it all flows smoothly.

Some of the reviewers have expressed frustration that the drive shaft is cylindrical with no flat side to help the drill bit grip, but I have actually found that this is a vital feature in the design. The reason for this is, every now and then you will get a small stone in your grain - the maltsters do a good job of removing most of them, but it does happen. And when it does happen, and the stone hits the rollers, it is much better to have the drill slip on the shaft allowing the rollers to stop than it would be if your drill stubbornly kept cranking the rollers and possibly broke the whole mechanism in the process. Mills at professional breweries have spring-loaded rollers so they can "pop out" to give when the occasional stone works its way through. Without that, you need some kind of a "clutch" mechanism in your drill drive or you risk destroying it. The round shaft on this mill is that clutch.

My only real criticism of the mill is that the top edges on the hopper are very sharp, especially at the corners, so you need to be careful handling it so that you don't injure yourself. It would be nice if they ground the edges down or put a rubber rim at the top, rather than just leaving the sharp edges of the steel sheet metal unfinished.
March 12, 2017
It works, but shoddy workmanship
This has the making of an awesome mill, for the price.
The problem, and really the ONLY problem I have with the mill, is the drive shaft. The cylindrical shaft makes it too difficult for a hand drill to sufficiently clamp down if there is any resistance from grain. Initially, I found myself with a spinning drill, but nothing moving inside the mill (once I started the motor & added grain).
The simple fix was using a metal file on the drive shaft, fashioning a flat edge to allow the drill to grasp the shaft. At that point, the mill works, no slippage, no fuss, no muss.

Really though, I'd like to see the shaft already come with flat edges for a drill to grasp. It seems like such a MAJOR oversight & something that should have been standard in the first place. . .
June 2, 2015
2 drills and 2K pounds of grain down and still crack'n
Guys, if you want a solid product for milling grain this is it. It isn't the biggest one on the market nor the fastest but it is a solid mill.

I bought in 2009 and have since milled over 2K pounds of grain through this mill (May 2013).

I have the large stainless hopper and i built my own custom box to hold the mill and hopper.

50lbs of grain of 2-row with a DeWalt drill with the speed adjustment and w/ trigger speed lock, i can crush at the proper speed and desired crush in approx 16 minutes.

They are good, but think about what you are doing before you set out for a grain mill speed record. You want to "crush/crack" the grain not turn it into powder by cranking up your drill and tightening up the rollers.

Also, if you are cracking wheat, take your time with some 1-cup samples for the desired crush. Since this is a very hard/dense item to crush you will want to pay attention to your desired crush.

Other than that, hook up your drill and get crack'n!

Cheers and thanks to the guys at MoreBeer for making great products but more importantly back it up with product on hand and excellent customer support.
May 2, 2013
pass on this one
Glad to have milled my own grain. Much better control and freshness. However I am going to check out other mills. I have had this one for 15 brews. mostly 10 gallon batches. with grain bill typically 20-30 lbs. This mill is okay. It does give a good crush. Get some feeler guages and tighen up the gap to .036 of an inch. Thats my best setting. The grain is a good size but the drill that i use spins way to fast. 300 RPM is ideal. I seem to go much faster and the husks are torn. I dislike the plastic that the body of the mill is made of. If grain gets inside the body accidently while milling it jams up. I was tired of messing around with buckets and fiddley screws so I mounted this mill on a small stainless steel cart. I recommend spending a bit more and getting something a lot more solid and machined to better tolerances.
May 1, 2013
Great with adjustments, crappy out of the box
When I first got this mill I was pretty excited, but that excitement quickly turned to frustration as I attempted my first crush. The process ended up taking over 3 hours to crush around 12 lbs of grain, simply because the drill attachment totally sucks. There is this steal rod that sticks out, that I assumed was for the drill, but I was wrong as it nearly stripped the part of my drill that locks around the bit. So I went to home depot and purchased an allen wrench bit. This worked way better, however by my third crush, the bolt that took the allen bit was totally stripped, so I replaced that bolt with a stainless steal hex bolt, and began using a socket bit. This made all the difference in the world. I bought a new drill that I can plug in, cuase I was going through batteries quickly using a chordless drill. A drill you plug in has more power and can crush all the grains much faster. It still isn't perfect however. Sometimes the hex bolt I put in comes out mid crush, or the aforementioned steal rod vibrates out, cause the chordless drill goes so fast. When that happens it sucks cause I have to empty the mill, and put the pieces back together. Ideally, that steal rod wouldn't be round, and would be square, or 6 sided, so that a person could use a socket bit on that thing, and not have to replace bolts. Also, those parts (the rod or the bolts that make the crushers spin) should be one piece so that it doesn't come apart mid crush. One last thing, I am not sure why the mill has to be shaped the way it is. Why not make it wider at the top, like a square that funnels down into the mill? Honestly, I can't really recommend this thing out of the box, but with the adjustments I've made, I think it is pretty awesome. ...oh yeah, should come with better instructions.
May 1, 2013