Fill-O-Meter - Water Measuring Flow Meter Device

Fill-O-Meter - Water Measuring Flow Meter Device

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  • No more spillovers! Set your desired volume and walk away
  • Automatically collect water while you tend to other tasks
  • Great for collecting brewing water or mixing your cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Illuminated display in splash resistant housing
  • Integrated solenoid valve cuts off flow when your set volume is dispensed
  • 1/2" BSP inlet and outlet work well with Duotight or Type A Camlock fittings

Unlike other hose timers that simply measure time, the Fill-O-Meter measures volume and will automatically turn off when the programmed volume of water is dispensed. Enter your desired volume of water, press Start, and tend to other brew day prep work. Install in-line with your water filter to automatically collect filtered strike water, or measure out how much water you need to mix with cleaning chemicals for a precise dilution ratio.

We recommend setting up the Fill-O-Meter with either Duotight fittings or Type A Camlocks. Thread tape will be required for the Camlock. Use sparingly as too much plumber's tape can damage the plastic thread. And it is very important to never overtighten! 

  • Displays real time flow rate and volume (Liters/Min or Gallons/Min)
  • Accurately measures and controls volumes at flow rates from 1-30L/Min (0.26-7.9Gal/Min)
  • Never overfill or spillover again
  • Splash resistant housing
  • Great for filling tanks, brewing kettles, distilling gear, mixing liquid and many other applications
  • Integrated flow meter and solenoid valve
  • Illuminated display for usage in the evening
  • Integrated sound alarm
  • Easy 1/2" BSP Inlet and Outlet
  • Automatic failsafe - flow is stopped if the unit loses power

Important Notes:
DO NOT flow liquid the wrong direction, it will break the unit.
DO NOT overtighten fittings onto the 1/2" ports.
DO NOT exceed temperatures greater than 104°F (40°C) through the unit.

  • Flow Range: 1-30L per minute
  • Temperature Range: 32-104°F (0-40°C)
  • LCD: 3 inch back lit display
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Input/Output threads: BSP 1/2"
  • Pressure Rating: 0-12bar (0-180psi)
  • Accuracy: +/- 5%

Please Note: Accuracy can be improved with stable flow. Repeated start/stop or variation in water supply can have negative effect on accuracy. If you are noticing innaccurate fill levels, see the instruction manual for calibration instructions.

KegLand Part Number: KL14694


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Friend recommended
T&C Ice Glen P on Mar 4, 2023
Joseph Melino on Mar 16, 2022
Friend recommended
T&C Ice Glen P on Mar 4, 2023
this is the only thing that exists like this.
Philip G on Nov 9, 2022
Joseph Melino on Mar 16, 2022
to measure water flow to my HLT
Steven chard on Mar 12, 2022
Meter the amount of water filling my tanks without the need to watch
Donald Y on Mar 5, 2022
I need a way to accurately measure water in my home brewery
Gideon S on Feb 23, 2022
Automating my brewery and tired of measuring water volumes
Mitchell M on Feb 16, 2022
Cost effective, able to meet specifications for accuracy as well as dispense rate.
Jacklyn R on Jan 28, 2022
easy filling
Tim P on Nov 18, 2021
To stop over filling hlt.
Moses Martin on Nov 9, 2021
its what i need
solomon p on Nov 6, 2021
Looking to prevent water over fill
Jennifer B on Aug 12, 2021
i want to not worry about over filling
Roger K on May 14, 2021
Features we wanted and ease of mounting the unit.
Paul Van H on Apr 24, 2021
Tired of measuring my water with jugs.
Paul on Jan 6, 2021
It was on my don Christmas list. He's a very good beer maker and has a 2nd place win at the CA state fair. He's also a chemist.
Gertrude K on Jan 1, 2021
Read about it in Zymurgy Magazine
Jeffry Battles on Jan 1, 2021
New gadget for the brewery
Brian K on Jan 1, 2021
Easy to measure strike water
John M on Dec 31, 2020
this is the only thing that exists like this.
Philip G on Nov 9, 2022
to measure water flow to my HLT
Steven chard on Mar 12, 2022
Will this work with the BrewRO System?
Scott Holtog on Jan 24, 2021
BEST ANSWER: The minimum flow rate required to measure accurately is 1L (0.26 gal) per minute. If your RO water is flowing slower than that it will not work accurately.
Anyone have problems with the meter leaking due to the 1/2” BSP thread? What fittings are you using to ensure that it doesn’t leak?
Josh Vogel on Nov 18, 2021
BEST ANSWER: BSPP fittings can be tricky to seal if you're using NPT fittings. One way to go is to used A Lot of thread seal tape. Hope that helps.
What Voltage is the powerpack, 110 or 220 or will it work on both?
Greg H on Mar 16, 2022
BEST ANSWER: The powerpack works 100-240 volts. It is set up for 240 but has a plug adapter for 120 for use in the US.

3.7 / 5.0
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Rated 4 out of 5
Litter vs. Gallon Conversion.
It has been well documented that that this product does not adequately address the metered rates of gallons in comparison to liters. Although the product does provide the choice of units between gallons and liters, both choices in the menu give the same units of flow, which is accurate with the liter menu choice. This has been a very long standing issue, and I do not know why the manufacturer can not make a simple firmware change to make this work as designed and documented. There should be no reason that a user has to recalibrate the unit for gallon measures. Since More Winemaking supports the sale of this product, perhaps corporate influence can get this problem corrected permanently.
May 31, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5
Decent unit once you get it figured out
I don't usually write reviews, but I see other reviews mentioning gallon mode not working. I noticed that is the case as well, but I was able to easily resolve it. So if you want your unit to work with gallons, read on!

If you look at the calibration factor, the default value is 9.4 “LPM” (the value for the K-factor is pulses per liter, not liters per minute). When you change to gallon units, the K-factor changes to 2.48. There are 3.78 liters in a gallon of water, and 9.4/3.78 is ~2.48. Since liters are in the denominator, they should have multiplied that value by 3.78, not divided (a gallon is bigger than a liter, so it will need more pulses, not less). 9.4*3.78 is 35.53, and if you change the calibration factor to that in gallons mode, you get much much closer. Unfortunately, this bug means you can’t easily switch between liters and gallons without fixing the calibration factor each time, but presumably anyone who wants to use this in gallons mode wouldn’t be switching it to liters very often.

In response to Ken Larson’s review; all of his points are spot on in my opinion, except his point on calibrating — he makes it sound much more difficult than it needs to be. It only took me a few tries to get a reasonable calibration figure.

First of all, the value of 35.76 that he came up with is extremely close to what the factory value would have been (the 35.53 from above) had the firmware done the math correctly.

But moving beyond that, I dialed in my calibration with a few iterations. I have some rubbermaid 1-quart and 1-gallon pitchers (with measuring marks on them), so I used those. I set the Fill-O-Meter to dispense 0.25 gallons (32 oz) of water and saw where it landed on my 1-quart pitcher, and adjusted my K-factor based on that. For example, if it had dispensed 10 oz of water, my K-factor needs to adjust by (32/10) or 3.2. So multiply your K-factor by 3.2 and try again. Repeat until you’re happy with the accuracy, then try dispensing a gallon into your 1-gallon container. For me, it was spot on to the measuring mark. I landed at 33.86 as my K-factor on my RO system.

For the price, this thing is pretty great. It takes a little bit of messing around to get it calibrated and dispensing correctly, but I feel that anyone should be able to dial it in with a few minutes of trial and error with the process I followed.

I would suggest that MoreBeer and KegLand discuss fixing the bug described above and also documenting a more sane calibration process. I would love a unit with an updated firmware that fixes this issue.
November 10, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Saves time and money on production and cleanup. Was concerned if would work with RO but works great
Well worth being able to fill a 3 gallon container and not sitting while it fills up. Can go do other stuff and not worry its over flowing. I use it with a RO system for making my brew so had to goto kegland site to get directions that would download to an IPhone to calibrate flow x 10. Morebeer directions wouldn’t work was pdf. Once adjusted works like a champ saves time and cleanup from over filling. Haven’t seen a temp reading yet but not worried about that yet
My RO system
My RO system
May 5, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Great Bang For the Buck, BUT
I have tested two off these units, and passed over one thousand gallons through them, getting the same results (testing in both using gallons and Liters - I use gallons). I also ran a commercial $750 digital water meter in-line with this unit in order to verify my results.

Positive things that I found:
- Once calibrated, the "set water to be delivered" came within plus or minus 1% of the set value (for a $100 product - very impressive!).
- No battery required, and memory saves previous settings during a power failure.

Problems that takes it down to three stars:
-"Temperature" always displays "000 c" - doesn't work
- "Instantaneous Value" displays numbers that are not even close to the actual flow rate.
- Calibration requires a commercial digital water meter, or a precision volume measuring device. Calibration "K-Factor" comes set at "9.4", not close (no instructions on a calculation method) to what you will end up with (mine was 35.76). It is all trial and error, and requires a lot of trials to find the best calibration "K-Factor" number.
- The 1% accuracy can only be achieved if there is a good quality pressure regulator in front of the "FILL-O-METER".
- the inlet and outlet is a British Standard Pipe thread (similar to 1/2" pipe thread, but is a straight thread, and uses a rubber 0-ring to make the fitting not leak). It would be nice if the manufacture provided connection fittings.

In conclusion:
- More Beer customer service was top notch! They sent an exchange replacement immediately with a return label for the first one. They offered a full refund if I wanted to return the second unit as well - They were great!
- Once calibrated, I can set my desired fill, hit start, and walk away.
- This device falls well short of what it is supposed to do, but I decided to keep it, because for $100, you can not go wrong, and it is well worth it.
March 17, 2021
Rated 1 out of 5
Does not measure water accurately
First off, I want to say the the More Beer staff has been extremely helpful in trying to help me get this product to work correctly. They even sent me a replacement unit at no charge to me without hesitation. At first I was convinced that I was not setting this up properly; however, no matter what I tried, this would not dispense the correct amount of water. Across two different units, it would not work as advertised. I tried setting it the units to Liters and tried to use a conversion from gallons to have it measure the volume correctly, but it still did not work. It wouldn't even dispense 1 Liter correctly; it always came up short. Save your money until Kegland can fix the problems with this product.
February 15, 2021
over 3 years ago
Response from MoreFlavor
So sorry to hear about your experience. Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the honesty and value responses like this as it helps us improve our products. We try very hard to create the best experience for our customers and provide quality products. For any questions or concerns you can reach out to our customer service team or return the item by scrolling to the bottom, right-side of our web page and following the appropriate link. We are here to help. Cheers!
February 20, 2021
Malcolm lieban
Rated 4 out of 5
Works great in liter mode
I love it with the exception that I can only use in in liter mode. When I put it in gallon mode I only get about 2 qts per 5 gallons before it shuts off. I returned the first one, got the 2nd one and it works only in liter mode that is saturate. I'm keeping it and using it by converting gallons to liters
Would be helpful if they provided a detailed instruction on how to get the gallon function to work correctly No fault of morebeer, they were very very helpful.
January 27, 2021
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
All I do now is put the hose in the tank punch in the amount of gallons I need and walk away.
The unit is very good, it had to be recalibrated when I changed measurements from liters to gallons.
January 14, 2021
over 3 years ago