FerMonster 3 Gallon Ported Carboy With Spigot

FerMonster 3 Gallon Ported Carboy With Spigot

Accessories for your Fermonster  
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The Fermonster is a brand new fermenter designed specifically for fermentation. MoreBeer! gave product feedback for over 2 years of development and we think they nailed the design. The large lid allows for easy filling and makes hop or oak additions a breeze. The smooth sides are fantastic for sanitization - no ribs or texture to collect yeast or bacteria. The punted bottom allows sediment to collect to the sides so that you can siphon liquid from the center.  Because they are made from virgin PET plastic, they're nearly unbreakable and a lot safer than similar glass carboys. Also notice the conical top which reduces surface area if you plan to store beer or wine long term.

These ported versions come with our plastic spigot (FE347), allowing for easy racking and sampling!

Made from heavy PET plastic, the same material used in 2 L soda bottles, which is nearly impermeable to oxygen penetration.  Due to the thickness of the material and the overall geometry, the Fermonster does not require ribs or dimples for stability.  That results in a super smooth interior surface that reduces yeast and sediment buildup making it the easiest to clean, most sanitary PET carboy on the market.  The huge 4" opening makes filling a breeze, and cleanup is as easy as wiping down the inside.

These fermentors are completely air-tight and the lids sealed tight with an O-Ring.  Additional O-Rings and Lids both with and without holes are available for purchase, see our You Might Also Need items below.


  • 4" inner diameter wide mouth carboy - easy to clean!
  • Food grade PET plastic construction is nearly impermeable to oxygen penetration
  • No hard to clean dimples or ribs
  • Punted bottom
  • O-Ring and Lid with one hole is included (Fits #10 Stopper)
  • Additional O-Rings and Lids available
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Temperature Limit: 140° F
  • Height: 14.6 inches
  • Diameter: 9 inches
  • Completely taste and odor free
  • Perfect for Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Kombucha or any other fermented beverage!

Please note: the pictured #10 Stopper (FE470VS) and three piece airlock (FE370) are not included.

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Why did you choose this?
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I have the 5 gal version which has been great, but I wanted the smaller footprint and will be bequeathing the 5 gal to a friend.
Shawn H on Mar 4, 2021
JOHNNIE S on Jan 12, 2021
I have the 5 gal version which has been great, but I wanted the smaller footprint and will be bequeathing the 5 gal to a friend.
Shawn H on Mar 4, 2021
Wanted something more than a 2 gallon jug
Augustine S on Feb 11, 2021
JOHNNIE S on Jan 12, 2021
The correct size
Kurt D on Jan 7, 2021
Appropriate size for cider batches
Craig F on Dec 31, 2020
I am sizing up from my current 1.5 gallon batches, which get split between 1 gallon glass carboys.
Michael I on Dec 4, 2020
Can easily cut 5 gallon batches in half.
Wanda G on Nov 12, 2020
I want to do smaller batches for the Winter Season.
Gerard N on Nov 5, 2020
Going to make pomegranate wine. 1 gallon too small 5 gallon too big
Bill k on Oct 10, 2020
Good features for 2.5 gal brew
James R on Oct 1, 2020
Because it is a medium size that works for me
Felix B on Sep 24, 2020
Like the products
Carl M on Sep 20, 2020
for ageing wine.
Michael S on Sep 19, 2020
Rufus F on Aug 18, 2020
I brew 10 liter batches exclusively
David S on Jul 22, 2020
Needed a medium sized fermenter for small batches.
Marty R on Jun 23, 2020
Switching to smaller batches
Shawn A on Jun 13, 2020
Wanted a wide-mouth fermenter
Jonathan J on Jun 4, 2020
John H on Jun 2, 2020
Needed wide mouth carboy with spigot
sirima s on May 29, 2020
I'm the only beer drinker in my home. This is a very inexpensive way to test small batches that are still manageable to be consumed by one person over time.
Ryan B on May 29, 2020
Best price
Ron m on May 28, 2020
I like this
Michael E. H on May 25, 2020
I something smaller than what I have
JOHN M on May 21, 2020
For cider
Dylan A on May 21, 2020
I make small batches and bottle directly from my fermenter so this is perfect. There are a limited number of smaller, ported fermentors on the market.
Anne E on May 7, 2020
Want brew more
Aaron D on May 4, 2020
Trying this fermenter because I wanted to start brewing 1.5-2 gallon batches, an upgrade from 1 gallon batches. I also like the idea of the spigot and I hope it stays above the level of the yeast cake. That would be splendid.
Tina G on May 2, 2020
Have used FerMonster before. Works well in my experience
Mike W on Apr 19, 2020
Wanted the 3 Gallon Carboy
Daniel H on Apr 17, 2020
wanted a spigot for small batch mead
Melissa A B on Mar 4, 2020
Perfect size secondary and bottling bucket for my small batches
Matt Van on Feb 29, 2020
To make smaller batches of homebrew for experiments, etc.
Scott L on Feb 24, 2020
To ferment small batches, 1 to 2.5 gallons
John F on Feb 12, 2020
Looks perfect
Justin a on Jan 1, 2020
son-in-law requested it
Sherry L. B on Dec 10, 2019
Love that Wide Mouth and no siphoning!
Thomas P on Sep 13, 2019
Perfect size for brewing my 2.5 gallon batches
Hotze W on Jul 22, 2019
Would like to use as secondary for dry hopping without having to expose beer to air for sampling
Sharonda P on Jul 20, 2019
making a split batch
Andy S on Jul 10, 2019
Need it for small batches of mead
Ryan on Jun 27, 2019
I have had success with the 6 gallon fermonsters and wanted to do split batches
Gabriel S on May 21, 2019
Half size batches.
Stephen W on Apr 18, 2019
I want to brew 2.5 gallon batches and get away from using glass fermenters and syphons
Brian C on Apr 16, 2019
Split batches, can bottle directly from primary w/ spigot
Paul R on Apr 16, 2019
Scott M on Mar 23, 2019
Looks like a great option for fermenting 2 or 2.5 gal stove top BIAB, or spitting 5 gal batches for experiments.
Brent Langdon on Jan 8, 2019
The size and configuration fits my needs.
MICHAEL W on Jan 3, 2019
Make smaller batches
Rodney B on Dec 20, 2018
son picked it out.
Peggy R on Dec 10, 2018
Wanted something more than a 2 gallon jug
Augustine S on Feb 11, 2021
The correct size
Kurt D on Jan 7, 2021
what is the actual internal volume? Is it 3 gal or is there headroom to make a full 3 gal batch?
Alexander Grima on Dec 8, 2020
BEST ANSWER: This was my first fermentation vessel and I was a bit timid and did only 2.5 gal batches. However, I think 3 gal should work fine. My measurement put 3 gal at just below the shoulder of the carboy--so there is headspace.
What size tubing works with the spigot?
Todd Kellman on Jun 8, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The spigot on these is designed to use a 3/8" tube. If necessary you can use a larger tube with a clamp or potentially squeeze on a smaller tube that you've warmed in hot water first.
What setup for a blow off would I use with this 3 gallon fermonster?
Zachary Amarante on Jul 21, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I bought the #10 silicone stopper and SS blow off tube from MoreBeer. Blow off tube dumps into a large mason jar filled with starsan.

4.4 / 5.0
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Rated 3 out of 5
Small batch fermenter for exbeeriments!
Pros - the cap screws on, so no fiddling with keeping it tight. Love the rubber gasket in the cap. Perfectly clear, so you can see what's going on during a fermentation.

Cons - I'm picking nits here - the side walls are a little thin - there are 2 seams running up the vessel from the blow molding process - it concerned me when I cleaned it with 130 degree water. I will be getting a solid cap and setting it up with a stainless thermowell and a second hole for a blowoff tube. There seems to be a lot of deadspace in it - 1.9 Liters in the ported fermenter. No marks for liquid measure.

Overall - recommend if you need a lightweight, inexpensive plastic fermenter. You might like the non-ported version more.
December 27, 2020
2 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great fermenter
Perfect replacement to my plastic buckets. So far I'm very impressed with this fermenter. Hand tightening the spigot yielded no leaks and kept me from having to get out a wrench to crank it down. The lid was pretty tight after leaving it full for 3 weeks but I was able to get it off without the tool and the krausen ring pretty much rinsed off the side wall. Will likely buy more of these.
November 30, 2020
5 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love them!
I love these things and have several of them. I have both the ported and non-ported for different uses. As others have stated, yes they are thin, but that hasn’t been an issue for me other then when they are shipped. FedEx has delivered some crushed boxes to request MoreBeer to box the Fermonster box to help guard against this.

These are extremely light, easy to clean, and perfect size for me. One thing to note. I would strongly suggest buying different spigots than what these come with. The problem isn’t so much the spigot that you get but the single washer, which are prone to leak juuuuust enough to give me concern. It has to be tightened just right. Rather than deal with that every time, I bought PERA spigots on Amazon which come with 2 silicone washers so one goes on either side of the fermenter wall. MUCH better design, much easier to tighten, and ZERO leaks.

Overall, the Fermonster is a big winner.
November 7, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Splitting batches
Perfect size to split batches
August 23, 2020
7 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Works just fine with caveats
This is my first time homebrewing and I've only used the 3-gallon ported FerMonster for two batches so far, but overall it's been good. I've got two little ones in the apartment so going with a PET carboy that could fit in a mini-fridge was the way to go in my case.

- Light weight and won't kill you when dropped.
- Easy to clean.
- Spigot hasn't leaked (sort of, see below) and makes bottling easy.
- Thick, heavy plastic lip at the top helps when moving it around full of beer.
- Lid feels very tough and created an air-tight seal
- It's cool seeing the yeast in action.
- Has the potential to do a closed transfer (with modifications) to another vessel.

- Silicone bung would not stay put in the stopper hole in the lid. I tried drying it off before inserting but it always found a way to slide up and not creating an air-tight seal. Everything is usually wet from sanitizer so that’s definitely part of the problem. I haven’t tried a universal stopper or another rubber type yet, though. But, a couple pieces of duct tape kept it in place — nice and tight.
- Hard to tell if you’ve installed the spigot correctly (see below).
- Spigot port hole came with a small burr (on the outside), but easy to fix with some sanding.
- Carboy flexes a little when full of beer and lifted up. Not that big of a deal but it will suck air or liquid back through a three-piece airlock.

Overall, I think this is a great product and I’ll get more if it comes to it. But, if someone can tell me the secret to keeping that bung sealed without additional jiggering, then this would be close to 5 stars.

Initially, I was very hesitant to buying a ported carboy since I really, really didn’t want to ever have to deal with beer soaked into the carpet. After attempting to install the spigot and performing a water test, it leaked from the gasket and spout. My nightmare was coming true. However, I came across The Vintage Shop’s spigot installation video and it helped a lot (no more guessing how much torque). I don’t know why MoreBeer doesn’t have a link to it since The Vintage Shop makes the FerMonster. They’d probably get way less people complaining about leaky spigots. The interesting thing was, the spigot would always have a very, very slow drip during the water tests (which I figured would be manageable during fermentation) but as soon as wort was in the carboy, no drip — I guess the thicker, sugar solution sealed any tiny gap present. Neat.
duct tape ftw
User submitted image
August 16, 2020
8 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Best homebrew purchase yet
I started with a 1 gallon Brewers Best kit, which had me fermenting in a bucket. It went okay but I couldn't see the fermentation process through the opaque bucket and the lid was leaky so there was no airlock activity.

I wanted to upgrade to a larger fermenter to make 2.5 gallon batches. The Fermonster was the answer! The wide mouth makes it easy to pour wort in directly from my kettle. Even with 3 gallons of wort, there's enough headspace to not need a blowoff tube (airlock is all you need). And the spigot makes it so easy to bottle from -- I use three inches of tubing to connect the spigot to a bottling wand. Not only is this easy but it cuts down on oxidation too.

I would definitely buy this. I opted for the Universal #10 stopper with one hole for my three-piece airlock, and I also got the Fermonster Lid Opener which makes opening so much easier.
July 16, 2020
8 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect for my small batch brewing!
I brew 2 gallon batches, and I reviewed every >5 gallon fermenter on the market before opting for these. After having used a pair of them for more than 30 batches of beer, I'm convinced these are the most cost-effective solution for small batch brewing.

They are very easy to fit with a heating wrap for positive temperature control, accomodate a 12" thermowell, drain into a keg via the port for no-hassle transfer and are simple to clean. The plastic is thin, but not so thin that handling them feels unstable: I've hauled them from brew location to fermentation location many times without issue.

The spigot requires wrapping with plumbers tape to maintain a tight seal, and occasionally accumulates a little leaked beer, but it just dries up on the bottom of the spigot.

All and all, these have proven to be a cost-effective, durable, adaptable and functional solution to my small batch fermentation needs.
July 13, 2020
Rated 4 out of 5
Great for half batches
Perfect size for my half batches, love their light weight and the spigots are bone dry. The only trouble I had was when I tried to rack it using the spigots instead of siphoning. When I first turned on the spigot, first thing to come through was some trub that apparently had settled in the spigot itself. After that it was still turbulent and kicking up trub if the spigot was full on, but closing it partially seemed to leave the beer mixing with air in the drain tube- oxygenating it. Next batch I will probably go back to using a siphon
July 8, 2020
8 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Not bad
I bought this because I want to start doing small-batch brewing and my 6.5 gallon model seemed a bit big for that. I had no issues with the spigot leaking. I took off one star because it is made out of a much thinner plastic than the larger model and I don't feel it will be as durable. I can easily deform the walls of the carboy just by operating the spigot, and I could see this leading to a failure at some point.
July 5, 2020
8 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good product, but be careful.
The plastic is very thin and easily dented or scratched. But as long as you’re aware of that going in, this is a good product. I didn’t have any problems with the spigot and the size is just right for a half batches. Morebeer’s service is second to none.
June 10, 2020
9 months ago
Response from MoreFlavor
Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate the honesty and value great feedback like this as it helps us improve our products. Cheers!
June 10, 2020
Malcolm MB