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Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - 9.25 gal. / 35 L
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The Fermentasaurus is a unique, game changing plastic conical fermenter for homebrewing. It is the perfect choice if you want to see your fermentation, dump trub, collect yeast, and even carbonate all in one vessel without any transfers or siphons.  Made from clear PET the Fermentasauras offers the classic benefits of a conical shape without the cost of stainless. It will drastically cut down on oxidation by removing any need to rack your beer to a secondary vessel. And perhaps most amazingly it can be pressurized like a keg with the addition of the optional Fermentasaurus pressure kit

The Fermentasaurus fermenter has a large 35L (9.25 gallons) size that makes it easy to ferment 5 gallon batches. The standard lid has a built in stopper and comes with an airlock. There is a butterfly dump valve at the base of the cone with a 500 ml harvesting container. This makes it very simple to remove the yeast at the bottom of your fermenter without exposing your beer to oxygen. The handy harvesting container also allows you to store the yeast to use on your next batch! The dump valve has been designed so that no threads are immersed in liquid making it easy to clean. Other fermenters will use ball valves that are very difficult to clean without completely disassembling them.

The Fermentasaurus is produced in Australia after four years of R&D. This fermenter is the world's first conical PET fermenter that is pressurizable up to 2.4 Bar (34.8 psi) letting you go from fermenting to serving without having to transfer to another vessel. You also have the option of fermenting under pressure which reduces esters and fusel alcohols allowing you to ferment warmer than you normally would. If you do choose to transfer your beer you can do it under pressure straight into a keg or other vessel with little to no oxygen exposure. 


  • 9.25G/35L total volume
  • Clear and easy to see through
  • Screw top lid with airlock
  • Butterfly dump valve 
  • 500 ml collection ball below dump valve
  • 304 stainless steel frame with carrying handles
  • Volume marker sticker down side of tank
  • Stick on liquid crystal thermometer
  • Includes barb for bottle filling from bottom dump that accommodates 3/8" or 1/2" tubing
  • Rated for 2.4 Bar (34.8 psi) working pressure when used with optional pressure kit (Do not pressurize the Fermentasaurus without the pressure kit, FE101)


  • Total height with airlock - 37.6 in.
  • Total diameter - 14.9 in.
  • Tank height - 27.1 in.
  • Tank diameter - 13.5 in.
  • Top opening diameter - 3.25 in.
Item # FE100
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Weight 8LBS
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Wanted a conical at a good price.
Charles B on Feb 19, 2018
Wanted a conical
Jeffrey B on Feb 15, 2018
Wanted a conical at a good price.
Charles B on Feb 19, 2018
Unlike anything else I could find. Good size and it's clear.
Tyler T on Feb 19, 2018
Wanted a conical
Jeffrey B on Feb 15, 2018
Sanitized , Save time
Mauricio G on Feb 7, 2018
Trying to make a cyser and keep having to rack it off the lees. It's expensive (the honey and apple juice are comparable in price to this fermenter!) and I need a fermenter I can commit to the cyser for 8 months or more...
James B on Feb 6, 2018
Auto carb beer during fermentation
William G on Feb 5, 2018
This is my third one.
Jeffrey Palmer on Feb 5, 2018
Can get rid of trub easier, less chance o f contamination
Jake W on Jan 25, 2018
Liked the idea of fermenting under pressure
Edie B on Jan 24, 2018
So I don't have to transfer wort more than once.
Kenneth S on Jan 19, 2018
Price and description
Paul W on Jan 18, 2018
Unlike anything else I could find. Good size and it's clear.
Tyler T on Feb 19, 2018
Sanitized , Save time
Mauricio G on Feb 7, 2018
Can I use PBW to clean the fermentasaurus?
Matthew on Jan 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I’ve been using it to clean my fermentasouraus. There is no need to let it soak over night though because you are able to fit your arm and and in to gently rub the gunk off.

4.3 / 5.0
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Makes brewing much easier
I love not having to rack the beer. Less chance to cause an issue. It's strong plastic makes it much lighter then glass carboys. Plus with the extra head space, I have yet to have a blow over.
February 11, 2018
1 month ago
Very nice unit I brew in my garage what I need to see if I can move it with wort in it need to go up 2 steps without tipping it over.
February 8, 2018
1 month ago
Just as advertised
Fast delivery and just as advertised easy to set up. First beer in the fermenter.
February 6, 2018
1 month ago
Great for the price
This is definitely the best fermenter out there for the price. I have yet to use the barb attachment at the bottom for transferring because there is still a good bit of trub accumulation at the bottom of the cone that I don’t want in my keg. That is the only thing keeping this from 5 stars. Maybe I’m not filtering well enough going into it. Still better than any non-conical fermenter.
February 4, 2018
1 month ago
So far it is working as advertised. I don't have the pressure lid yet so I don't know how it will work under pressure. But so far it has been really nice to use. It works really good for bottling my wine.
January 26, 2018
1 month ago
Love it cleanest beer ever. But the tank was wrinkled in packing will buy 2 more soon. PS. Carboys for sale
Jacked up IPA
Jacked up IPA
January 26, 2018
1 month ago
Great Value
Great size and well built. Valve and seals aren't made of cheap plastic like some are. As several people have said, the stand is a little flimsy, but I don't think its much of a concern. If you get a lot of trub in your fermenter like I usually do, you will need to adjust your process to reduce trub or you will clog the butterfly valve.

Definitely worth the money. I'll have to alter my brewing process, but the adjustments will make better beer.
November 26, 2017
works as advertised
Just did my first batch with it. Love that you can get into a true conical for under $150. Very easy to assemble all of the hardware is very heavy duty even though the conical itself is a little thin, but I don't really see that as a problem.

The only thing that I would add is a sampling port, but beggars can't be choosers and they do offer a rotating racking arm as an accessory that you can install yourself. So I might add that in the future.
October 30, 2017
Best bang for the buck conical with the pressure kit once you figure it out.
I have done three batches so far, all of them IPAs. First batch was during some hot weather, so I pretty much fermented at the upper threshold of the yeast, and it got as high as 76F towards the end. At first I felt there were off flavors, but I think it was the flaked oats being having too strong of a taste. After a week or so in the keg, it tasted great. Second batch was a triple IPA, which is one of the best IPAs I have done to date. Third one is still fermenting, and will be better than other too.

1. When adding dry hops through the collection bottle, make sure you have at least 15 PSI in the fermenter prior. After adding them, release the pressure relief valve so they go all the way up. I had problems with the hops staying in the bottom before, and had to redo one dry hop because they didn't have enough contact with the beer.
2. If you have too much pressure, hops will go to the bottom very fast (like 1 day after) and you are not getting the best utilization. I have found that fermenting at 6 PSI works the best, then adding a little more gas prior to the dry hop.
3. Don't fret too much about temperature control. I would soaked a t-shirt in ice water then cover the fermentasaurus. This would bring it down a good 2-3 degrees, putting it at the upper threshold of the yeast., but I'm sure you could probably go higher under pressure without any off flavors.
4. Transferring to the keg takes forever. It's best to have your beer partially carbonated at 6 PSI, and receiving keg a couple PSI less. First batch I had it at 15 PSI, and got a lot a foam.
5. Be careful soaking the Fermentasaurus over night in cleaner. Mine lost pressure, even after adding a significant amount of pressure, and totally caved in. There are creases in it from this, similar to what can happen in better bottles.
6. Use a one liter PET bottle to transfer finings through the beer line rather than opening up the ferementer. I have pitched more yeast, added dextrose later in the brewing process to achieve a 'drier' beer, and will add some biofine to clear the beer up in the current batch.

When all is said and done, this is the future of homebrewing in my opinion. Say goodbye to your buckets, and regular carboys. Fermenting under pressure is where it is at. I am actually enjoying using this thing more than my SS conical. I can literally drink my beer a day after transferring to the keg, because it is already partially carbonated when I transfer. It is much easier to clean than other conicals, and my beer is probably better. I cannot wait to see what Oxebar comes up with in the future. I'm sure they probably have some stainless steel conical in the works.

October 29, 2017
This thing is absolutely awesome! This is my first conical and after much research between other units I took a chance on this. As others have mentioned, there is a learning curve with this and many tips/tricks to be picked up along the way although as much I love my Big Mouth Bubblers, I'm fairly certain this will become my preference with another one being added soon!

- Lightweight and actually easy to carry
- Very clear plastic
- Pressure kit is pretty cool so far! I made a homemade spunding valve and sampled the super-hoppy IPA last night. The head was like a milkshake, haha. Very cool feature. I'm making this again to compare to a previous batch that was with a Big Mouth Bubbler and an airlock so we'll see how it compares.
- You can use a 1L Soda Stream bottle as a larger collection bottle! But....see below
- Conical and dumping! SO much better than changing to secondaries and dry hopping is awesome!

- Yes, the stand is a little sketchy at first. I filled it 75% to clean it and shook it heavily to see how it would work. No issues after carrying it up three flights of stairs as well!
- Hole at the top is smaller than my Big Mouth Bubblers. I don't mind as I made a homemade spray system (regular fermenter bucket, pond pump and a pvc tube to clean/rinse/sanitize easily)
- Lower assembly admittedly can be a b to take apart. Because the three-piece lower assembly is mixed with left/right-hand twist (a pro so you don't remove the dumb ball and everything together!) The inner collar lock can take a 3/4" hex drive to help with disassembly though.
- 1L Soda Stream collection bottle - it "can" work, although the stand isn't high enough to support it. I put two cinder blocks under it to test it. Works fairly well, although unless I'm doing this 14oz hop IPA again, I'm sure the regular bottle is fine
- You can use this to serve out of...but it's massive in size compared to a 5gal corny keg. I'll keep this for all of the other great benefits, but the only serving that will occur will be sampling.

- Keep the butterfly valve open the entire time! It'll look like nothing is happening for a while; give it time!
- Rotate the butterfly valve every once and while to keep hops and yeast from sticking together (I did it once to twice a day just to be safe, no issues)
- Squeeze the bottle! The collection bottle can be squeezed to loosen things up and help hops/yeast settle better into the bottle.
- Purge the collection bottle with CO2 before reattaching it to reduce O2 being introduced into the beer! I put the CO2 air tube in the bottle, wrapped my hand around it, vented it for a few seconds and then attached it. If using to dry hop, I'd do the same thing but shake the hops around to get more O2 out.
- If using the pressure kit, wrap a paper towel around the neck of the collection bottle and unscrew SLOWLY. Not bad, but it'll spurt a little if not. Put a plate/pan under the collection bottle to drop it down since it'll spill a little. (Not bad and so much better than an entire secondary transfer!) Wipe the inside of the butterfly valve and spray heavily with sanitizer to keep it as clean as possible before reattaching the collection bottle.
- Yeast will sometimes stick to the sides of the vessel. Not sure how much is there or straight across (since we can't see it), but, shake shake shake! After dumping the majority of the hops/yeast, there was still some on the sides so I took a chance and picked up the vessel and quickly "spun/shook" it left right. Worked like a charm, as within 20min nearly all of it was settling towards the collection bottle
- Use lube! Place some keg lube on the threads of everything to make disassembly significantly easier
October 24, 2017