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FastFerment - 7.9 gal. Conical Fermenter
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The Fast Ferment is an affordable conical fermenter that allows a brewer or winemaker to collect sediment in the included collection ball for easy removal. Easy to use and more affordable than stainless steel conicals. 

During fermentation the bottom valve is left open so that sediment will fall into the collection ball. After fermentation is over the valve is shut and the collection ball can be removed without introducing oxygen into the fermenter. Typically with most small conical fermenters if you let trub dump out the bottom air has to come into to replace that volume.  After dumping sediment or trub the collection ball can be reattached and the valve opened again to allow clean yeast to settle into the ball. That yeast can then be used to ferment your next batch of beer. 

If you are a brewer who likes to do a primary and secondary fermenter having a conical that allows you to avoid that transfer is going to save time and reduce oxidation. Made from HDPE plastic care should be taken when cleaning. Only use a chemical cleaner like PBW and do not use an abrasive cleaning pad that could scratch the interior. 

Each Fast Ferment Includes:

  • 7.9 Gallon / 30L Capacity Conical Fast Fermenter
  • Six inch removable threaded top for easy cleaning
  • Wall mounting bracket 
  • One inch bottom valve
  • Thermowell for optional temperature monitoring 
  • Half inch PVC tubing and hose clamp
  • Collection Ball
  • Airlock



Dimensions in wall mount bracket
Height from bottom of collection ball to top of airlock: 35.5 inches / 90 cm
Height from bottom of collection ball to top of lid: 32 inches / 81 cm
Width with mounting bolts: 14.75 inches / 37.5 cm

Dimensions in optional floor stand
Overall Height from floor to top of airlock: 37 inches / 94 cm
Overall Height from floor to top of lid: 33.5 inches / 85 cm
Width: 14.25 inches / 36cm



Item # FE900
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Availability California - In Stock
Pennsylvania - In Stock
Weight 19LBS
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size and ease of process
Sam W on Jan 30, 2018
size and ease of process
Sam W on Jan 30, 2018

3.8 / 5.0
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Awesome product!
Amazing product. Really enjoy using it. Easy to clean and use. Great wife kid at top easy for dry hop additions and cleaning. I prefer to use the stand over hanging on wall, though both options are great.
User submitted image
Added Jan 23, 2018
January 23, 2018
1 month ago
Good but Not Great
I found that the Fast Ferment did the basic function of providing the utensil for fermentation, but several issues keep it from getting a high mark. First it was impossible for me to get it airtight so that I could actually see the airlock working. You could tell that it was fermenting and the airlock was partially pressurized, but never a bubble actually escaped. I tried additional plumbers tape but still couldn't get it airtight.
Secondly, the valve to open and close the trub ball at the bottom got totally stuck and I was afraid to break it using a wrench. So I ended up manually siphoning out the beer and leaving the trub behind as best I could. After soaking it in hot water, I was able to turn it again, but essentially it was useless.
January 23, 2018
1 month ago
A good fermenter but...
This fermenter work well so far but the plastic threads are a real concern for me.

Nice heavy material. You can't push it in.
Worked fine without any leaks.
Cone shape worked the trub down into the collection ball as promised.
Molded insert for a thermometer.
Liquid measure marks molded right into the vessel.
Nice big opening for easy cleaning.

Opaque white. Can't view your brew.
Plastic threads. I'm sure these will wear out or strip out in time.
The fittings seem less quality than my other fermenter.
Assembly is a bit cumbersome and time consuming due to having to "break in" all of the threads and having to vinyl tape "everything" .
Doesn't come with the stand or a carrying strap. Will cost you an extra $65.00 to outfit this unit.
August 10, 2017
I have two of these!
Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price?

Yes, there was a little leaking for the first brew. BUT, with a little keg lube around the lid, and after I made sure all pieces are threaded properly, then there were no leaks. I bought the tasting port for each fermenter, too, so that I can now check gravity with minimal risk of adding extra oxygen. After primary fermentation, I unscrew off the collection ball and harvest the yeast for my next brew.

I've made 11 brews now using these.
March 16, 2017
Going to buy a 3rd soon!
I have two and looking at getting a third! I couldn't be happier. Yes, I did notice leaks at first, but after using a touch of keg lube on the lid and making sure the other parts are threaded correctly, it was air-tight and no leaks. I followed those procedures when I bought my second one and all is great. I'll probably be buying a third very soon. Two complaints: 1) The first is the height of the stand. I would want it a few inches higher to better accommodate working with the collection ball and using tubing there. This isn't that big of a deal. 2) The fastferment thermometer accessory (sold separately) can't be calibrated, is 6 degrees off currently, and I'm not sure how well it works anyway. To be honest, because I am using a plastic fermenter and since I don't have the money to go bigger with stainless steel, there's not much I can do about temperature other than watch it and be anxious anyway.
January 10, 2017
Great for the Casual Beer Maker
This product is wonderful...Saves time by eliminating racking and the hassles associated with it.
I do recommend purchasing or making your own stand, helps with cleaning and storing if you don't want to leave it attached to the wall.
November 8, 2016
Spend the extra $$
This is a great idea and very convenient fermenter until it starts falling apart because EVERYTHING on this thing is plastic, cheap plastic. After 3 brews, the 1" part on the bottom where you mount the valve broke so it basically became useless - I had to throw it away since there is nothing I can do. I would definitely spend the extra $$ and get a stainless steel fermenter since it will not break when you are taking it apart and cleaning to sanitize. Doing the math, it basically cost me $40/batch to use this thing.
If you absolutely want to go cheap, get the speidel fermenter for $50.
November 7, 2016
Really Good, but..
I LIKE this fermenter. I've lusted after a conical, but couldn't afford one. The price on this made it a "no brainer."
Yes, there are compromises at this price point. The threads on the fermenter itself could be much better. With lots of teflon tape I got the shut-off valve attached with no leaks, but it was very easy to cross thread. More of an issue is the top because you install and remove it each time. On my first batch the gasket came loose (I found it floating in the beer!) and so the top didn't seal. Not a big deal except the air lock didn't bubble so I couldn't tell when it stopped fermenting. After that, I glued the gasket to the top with a bit of silicone cement. I'm still not sure it is sealing 100% as the rate of bubbling doesn't match what I am used to seeing. It is also very easy to get the top on crooked which of course won't seal at all.
On the plus side, using it is a joy. Fill it up, pitch the yeast and hang it on the wall. When primary fermentation is done, remove the ball and dump or re-use yeast, reattach and - bingo you are in secondary fermentation - add dry hops through the top if desired. When secondary is done, dump ball again and attach hose to keg or bottle. (Add priming sugar if needed.) ALL IN ONE CONTAINER WITH NO RACKING! I can't tell you how much easier this makes things! I would opt for the sampling port to check SG as you go along as getting it out the bottom or top is difficult. Other than that, it is a very good product and for the price it can't be beat. Better threads would make it a 5 star.
October 21, 2016
Good Unit
I have had the FastFerment for about 2 years now and have to say it can't get much easier. The set up of this unit is very easy and straight forward. I was confused at first how to handle the collection ball removal and replacement without introducing oxygen back into the fermenter, and through research I found either filling the ball with Co2, removing wort from the unit and filling the ball or use distilled water to fill the ball. After trying all three I found the use of distilled water was the easiest and didn't effect any of the the beers characteristics.I have now sent over 20 batches thru this unit with great results. I place the wort in the fermenter for about 1 week, remove the collection ball clean the trub and replace the ball filled with distilled water. Then secondary fermentation and dry hop additions, let set for your specific time, remove the ball again, which will have collected additional trub and yeast and then its ready to keg or bottle. The beer comes out much cleaner and clearer than you will find using a bucket or even a Speidel (I have 2 so I know). I highly recommend this unit you will not be disappointed.
September 22, 2016
Nice entry level conical
With the exception of DIY with plastic inductor tanks, you'd be hard pressed to find a conical this cheap and containing all the parts one needs to successfully ferment beer. Assembly is straight forward and my plans are to largely build a portable stand out of 2x4s in addition to hanging the wall mount. I'm knocking it to four stars for two primary reasons that could largely be improved upon in the future--1) Plastic flashing. The threads on both the top lid and bottom have plastic flashing (lines) from where the two pieces were sealed together. Perhaps improving QC or altering the process to remove this extra plastic would allow for a better seal without the potential for cross threading. 2) Bottom exit to capture vessel. I would love to see a larger bottom... something around 1.25-2" would be awesome. In addition (and merely a potential upgrade) would be to allow the attachment of a mason jar. When you start pricing out potentially two carboys and transfer equipment, it does seem practical to have a one-and-done-approach.
September 15, 2016