EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing - 4 mm ID x 8 mm OD

EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing - 4 mm ID x 8 mm OD

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If you're looking for a high-quality draft tubing to take your system into the 21st century, EVABarrier is the clear choice. This double walled tubing offers superior protection against oxidation, CO2 loss and microbial growth. Plus, it's BPA and PVC free! EVA tubing is the future of draft line for professional applications, and now you can rig up your home system with the same first-class tubing.

The 4 mm (5/32") ID size is perfect for homebrew draft applications where only a short beer line is needed. We recommend using 5-6 ft. per line for adequate flow resistance.

Outer Barrier
The outer barrier is made from EVA material and provides a decent stiffness to the tubing while still remaining pliable. This not only makes EVABarrier extremely kink resistant, it also makes it the best tubing to be used with Duotight, John Guest, and other push-in fittings.

Inner Barrier
The inner barrier is made from a proprietary polymer that acts as an excellent gas barrier. You can rest assured that your beer will be better protected from oxygen exposure, as well as CO2 loss. Your beer will stay fresher for longer and not loose carbonation like with other draft line.  With other beverage line, you may notice that beer sitting in the line for an extended period will start to taste flat and/or oxidized.  EVA Barrier tubing is unquestionably better in this regard and you will notice a significantly improved freshness of your beer, especially if it's been sitting in the lines for a while.

Due to the high density and smooth nature of the EVABarrier inner wall, the internal surface of the tubing is remarkably smooth and almost completely impermeable.  This makes it difficult for bacteria and other microbes to attach to the inside surface of the tubing. Just another way EVABarrier is looking out for you and your beer!

Direct Connect to Ball Lock Kegs
This tubing works seamlessly with Duotight Gas In and Bev Out Ball Lock QDs which allow you to connect your draft lines directly to your ball lock homebrew keg. Be sure to select the correct size QD fittings that correspond to your tubing's outer diameter (OD).


  • Inner Diameter - 4 mm (5/32")
  • Outer Diameter - 8 mm (5/16")
  • PVC, BPA , and Plasticizer Free*
  • Stiff outer wall is kink resistant and easy to use with Duotight fittings
  • Smooth inner wall prevents oxidation, CO2 loss and microbial growth build-up

*EVABarrier does not contain plasticizers, or phthalates, that are used to make PVC flexible. These plasticizers are known to leach out into the beer over time and have adverse health effects.

Kegland Part number: KL06224

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Recommended by a pro brewer
Terence G on Feb 28, 2023
Changing gas side setup
Don C on Feb 15, 2023
Recommended by a pro brewer
Terence G on Feb 28, 2023
Replace older hose
Robert A M on Feb 22, 2023
Changing gas side setup
Don C on Feb 15, 2023
new tubing for new keezer
John T on Jan 31, 2023
spare tube
Bryan H on Jan 26, 2023
I use Duotight fittings for a lot of things, need some 4mm ID tubing now.
Raymond Paul L on Jan 24, 2023
Good tubing
Michael R on Jan 23, 2023
Always good to have around for my Komos Kegerator system.
Timothy S on Jan 20, 2023
Toby S on Jan 5, 2023
I have 1/4 inch tubing of the same brand that works great for low pressure homebrewed beverages like sparkling water and tea, but is far too wide for beer at 12-13 psi in a home draft system designed with short lines
John C on Dec 22, 2022
Going Duotight across the board for fermenting and draft systems
Quinn H on Dec 21, 2022
To create a liquid-to-liquid transfer line for close transfers.
Tyler Crawford on Dec 13, 2022
Converting from.crimp on fittings to push in fittings.
Carl S on Dec 2, 2022
Perfect beer line for my smaller keezer
Richard J DePas on Nov 16, 2022
thick wall construction
Nobody Important on Nov 12, 2022
I'm changing my beer lines over to duotight/eva
Dave B on Nov 10, 2022
Need some new hose.
Tim Spangler on Nov 8, 2022
good price and like having extra fresh tubing on hand
wes m on Nov 7, 2022
After purchasing the 5mm ID and realizing that I'd need ~10 ft of line for a standard 12psi keg, I opted for this instead. Easy change out with the Duotight connections!
John on Oct 28, 2022
Replacement line
Wesley M on Oct 20, 2022
Lower flow and safety, good price per foot
TYSON GRAAFF on Oct 12, 2022
Need it
richard A on Oct 7, 2022
Dave K on Oct 6, 2022
beverage tubing
Michael G on Oct 3, 2022
Converting kegerator to duotight. Planning to use 4mm as beer line
Blake M on Sep 28, 2022
only product that works
michael h on Sep 23, 2022
Recommendations from other users
Josh on Sep 17, 2022
Aligned with my design of my keezer
Albert L on Aug 24, 2022
Easy fit
Cesar M on Aug 18, 2022
Its the best way to serve beer
Steven B on Aug 11, 2022
all parts on this order for upgrading my kegerator setup
Don Groves on Aug 8, 2022
Need to replace tubing and decided to replace my vinyl tubing with EVA. Also downsized ID to use shorter length of tubing.
James D on Aug 5, 2022
Goes with other product purchased
Paul L on Aug 4, 2022
New hoses
Santiago W on Jul 30, 2022
HEard its better than the standard beer line.
BrewDad on Jul 29, 2022
Yearly line replacement!
Ted Webb on Jul 26, 2022
good reviews
Eric Y. on Jul 23, 2022
James M H on Jul 21, 2022
Complete my Jockey Box build.
Eddie M on Jul 15, 2022
Switch to duotight for Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Joseph Pitz on Jul 14, 2022
Cheaper and requires less tubing for pressure reduction, so even cheaper
Alex W Gray on Jul 6, 2022
Switching over to eva barrier tubing.
Nathan Nicholson on Jun 29, 2022
replacing all my beer and gas lines
Matt L on Jun 21, 2022
I want to use for fermenter to keg transfers.
pierre m on Jun 20, 2022
Spare tubing
michael s on Jun 18, 2022
Have it now, no complaints. Well rated
Matthew S on Jun 17, 2022
Great product
Patrick S on Jun 1, 2022
Need new line and wanted an upgrade from the pvc lines im currently using
Don P on May 28, 2022
good line
Lilly Romo D on May 25, 2022
David B on May 24, 2022
Replace older hose
Robert A M on Feb 22, 2023
new tubing for new keezer
John T on Jan 31, 2023
Can you connect this 4mm ID tubing to a 3/16" tailpiece? I would like to use this as beer line with my intertap faucets, replacing my current 3/16" beer line. Thanks.
Valued C on Apr 23, 2019
Does this fit on 1/4" barbs that ball lock disconnects frequently come in?
Trevor Mack on Jul 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The 4 mm ID tubing will be too small. The 5 mm will fit, though it will be very snug.
EVABarrier Tubing - 5 mm ID x 8 mm OD - 39 ft. Roll
EVABarrier Tubing - 5 mm ID x 8 mm OD - 39 ft. Roll
What is the restriction amount on this size and type of tubing?
Robert Zimmer on Apr 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Robert - Take a look at this link: https://www.kegworks.com/blog/determine-right-pressure-for-your-draft-beer-system/

4mm x 8mm = 5/32" x 5/16"
How do you clean EVA line? Is BLC safe?
Andrew Wayland on Jun 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Andrew - We recommend cleaning the beer line as you would with any other tubing.
Can this beer line be boiled in water for sterilization?
Dirk L Pletcher on Sep 22, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Probably not. I started using this stuff before the duotight fittings were a thing. The way you had to connect the tubing to a swivel nut or tail piece was to boil it to make it more malleable and stretch it over the the swivel nut or tails piece. You probably can boil for a short period of time a couple times, but you probably don’t want to use boiling as your sanitation method on a regular basis.
What psi (approximate) should I set my psi to for these lines? I know with a smaller diameter line you would want a lower serving psi to avoid foaming.
Michael Mascianica on Sep 3, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I think of this differently. I adjust the length of the beer line and keep the pressure set to one that is appropriate to the level of carbonation I want. For my old beer line (3/16 I believe), 10 feet worked well, but with the 4mm EVA tubing, I run only 6ft. Works well for me.
Hi. Is this recommended for wine, cider and nitro coffee? Thank you
Marco Jefe on Jul 11, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Should work fine for any of those products.
The wine and the coffee could possibly leave residue though - might not be able to use those lines for other products later.
Can I use this size 4mm ID x 8mm OD for both the gas and beer lines?
Christopher Woodley on Jul 27, 2021
BEST ANSWER: I use 4mm ID x 8mm OD for both the gas and beer lines. Works very well.
What is the recommended inner diameter shank bore for this tubing? 3/16? 1/4? Does it matter?
Jeffrey Hasterok on Oct 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: 3/16" is closer, but the EVA tubing is very stiff. Better off to use an adapter like this:
Any suggestions for line length for seltzer water? Probably about 30 psi @ 38-40*F. I'm SWAGing about 15 feet, but have no idea really.
jeff royster on Sep 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: While both of the answers discussing foaming are correct, as far as that goes, you still want to consider your dispense speed - a flow rate of about one pint per second is gotten by having about one psig residual after all restrictions are taken into account. The restriction on this stuff is about 2.9 psig per foot.
30 psig - 1 for serve speed=29 psig; .5 psig for shank and faucet (typically) 28.5; .5 psig for every foot from center of keg to tap - for me that's about 2-3 feet, so, 1-1.5 psig =27 psig / 2.9 = 9.31ft and a bit.
I recently bought 39ft EVAbarrier 4mmx8mm. The first couples of feet fit perfectly with my 8 mm duo tight ball lock, but I notice that the rest of the tube is wide. And makes difficult to fit in with the rest of the connections. Does anyone have any advice?
Martha Rivera Mora on Nov 3, 2022
EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing - 4 mm ID x 8 mm OD
EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing - 4 mm ID x 8 mm OD
Duotight Bev Out Ball Lock QD | 8 mm Push-In Fitting
Duotight Bev Out Ball Lock QD | 8 mm Push-In Fitting
BEST ANSWER: For me the tubing connectors on both the gas and liquid ball lock disconnects is ridiculously tight. To get the tubing to fully engage is a struggle and getting them out is very difficult - especially with the hard walled short connectors. I don't think the issue is your tubing. I think the engineering on these disconnects is just a bit too small. I love them for their profile, but I know I'm going to have a battle when I need to reconfigure them.
What is the max psi these lines are rated? Just had some Ultra Barrier Silver tubing explode on me.
Paul Mangiamele on Aug 21, 2022
BEST ANSWER: KEGLAND has the specs for this line series. For the 4mm ID line the burst pressures are given at two temperatures:
Pressure Rating (with 1.5safety factor)
30C - 1.4 MPa (200psi)
50C - 0.7MPa (100psi)


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Rated 5 out of 5
Great tubing.
I highly recommend the EVA Barrier Double Wall draft tubing. It has eliminated the phenolic/plastic taste from the first 3 oz. of beer drawn from my keg. I lived with that for a dozen years or more. Well worth it!
March 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5
No Complaints
Works great for dispensing, fermenting, and transfers. Great product.
March 12, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
So worth it!
Was a bit skeptical about the duotight stuff, but it truly is "plug and play" so easy to use. Working,Ike a charm so far ??
March 8, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good Stuff
What can I say about this tubing that hasn't been said? It's awesome and so are the duotight fittings!
February 25, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good Dual Purpose Tubing
So far the EVABarrier tubing has been very nice to work with. It can be softened up in boiling water to either give it a set or to remove any coil set that is undesirable.
February 5, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Awesome, especially with Duotighy
December 12, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing - 4 mm ID x 8 mm OD
I like to keep spare hose on hand. This hose is easy to use with my beer distribution
September 29, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Easy Peasy!
I replaced all of the beer and gas lines in my four tap keezer, Incredibly easy to work with and zero leaks.
September 25, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Pleased with product
Quality, exactly what I expected.
May 18, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wish I knew about this sooner!
I like this stuff a lot! Easy to deal with. Wish I would have found it sooner. Easy to make jumpers and easy to disassemble and clean if necessary.
May 13, 2022
over 2 years ago