EC1118 Dry Wine Yeast

EC1118 Dry Wine Yeast

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Good flocculation and a neutral flavor and aroma. This is a strain that is popular because of its strong fermentation characteristics and lack of problems. Can be used in a wide range of wines including most red wines, sparkling wines and late harvest version where the alcohol tolerance is a perfect fit. Ferments from 45 to 95 degrees with an alcohol tolerance of 18%. Not a great choice for wine that will be seeing a malolactic fermentation as EC-1118 naturally produces higher levels of SO2 which can inhibit malo-lactic fermentations.

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I blend this strain with another strain
Scott T on Jul 10, 2020
yeast for another project
James K on Jul 8, 2020
I blend this strain with another strain
Scott T on Jul 10, 2020
to make blackberry wine
Tammy F on Jul 8, 2020
yeast for another project
James K on Jul 8, 2020
Thought it was champagne yeast
Eric W on Jun 30, 2020
Needed for wine making process (fermentation)
Dee A on Jun 29, 2020
Great for finishing those last few points
Mike C on Jun 29, 2020
Good for Kombucha
David B on Jun 21, 2020
To make mead
Mark W on Jun 19, 2020
Advice from an experienced homebrewing friend
Austin G on Jun 16, 2020
recommended by friend
Holly M S on Jun 13, 2020
carbing a mixed ferm saison
Anthony M on Jun 5, 2020
Addition to our Kolsch recipe
Martin K on May 29, 2020
expanding fruit winemaking starter kit slightly
William M on May 28, 2020
Hard seltzer
Chris M on May 26, 2020
good general yeast
Jeff L on May 19, 2020
Used in the past.
Mike s on May 15, 2020
EC-1118 is my 'go-to' yeast for consistant results.
Shannon M on May 15, 2020
I am experimenting with higher performance in worts with high corn content (Classic American Pilsner)
Will S on May 13, 2020
JP K on May 12, 2020
Best yeast for my brewing needs
Gristmill D on May 7, 2020
making pet nat wine
Martin on May 7, 2020
Recommended by Barley and Hops Brewing
Paul A on May 1, 2020
I have researched and heard very good things.
william f on Apr 14, 2020
Making Seltzer
CHARLES A. B on Apr 1, 2020
Like this stuff
Rhonda J on Mar 29, 2020
To make some good wine
Bradley S on Mar 27, 2020
always had good results with this yeast
jerry l on Mar 21, 2020
Trying for a Seltzer.
Brian Bell on Mar 19, 2020
To make hard seltzer
Dennis K on Mar 10, 2020
For carbonating a high-ABV Imperial Saison
Sustainable Beverage T on Feb 26, 2020
stronger alcohol
michael s on Feb 11, 2020
heard it gave good results
jeffrey r on Jan 8, 2020
bottling sour project
jeff b on Dec 27, 2019
versatile and stable yeast that performs well in varying mashes
Gristmill D on Dec 19, 2019
Wonderful product
Mitch F on Dec 9, 2019
Michael M on Nov 7, 2019
Very tolerant yeast
Aaron L on Oct 31, 2019
For cider.
Dominic Q on Oct 28, 2019
Bottle fermentation
John r on Oct 17, 2019
To ferment Carlos Muscadine.
Daryl L on Oct 16, 2019
sour beer bottling yeast
John D on Oct 10, 2019
Bottle conditioning
Geovanne T on Oct 1, 2019
Recommended by The Home Winemaking Channel
Charles P on Sep 30, 2019
Great for finishing sluggish ferments
Jarrod M on Sep 23, 2019
for stuck fermentations
Ian P on Sep 21, 2019
I need for my hard pear cider
Lewis N on Sep 19, 2019
Recommended by rep
Alfredo F on Aug 31, 2019
getting ready to make some wine
George S on Aug 30, 2019
Great for finishing struggling fermentations
Jarrod M on Aug 29, 2019
great yeast when adding real fruit!!
kenneth m on Aug 28, 2019
to make blackberry wine
Tammy F on Jul 8, 2020
Thought it was champagne yeast
Eric W on Jun 30, 2020
I want to use with cranberry. I can't get 71b to ferment it. Only got to 4% abv. What have you used for success with cranberry? The natural preservatives are kicking my butt.
geoff resney on Jul 17, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Geoff - This yeast is great for chewing through much of anything other yeasts can't touch. Reading reviews online also seem to indicate it is capable with cranberries.

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I make apple brandy with it
I would recommend it
Aged for two weeks
User submitted image
June 16, 2020
1 month ago
Good for fermenting strong
This had a bit of a long lag time but once it got going, boy did it go. I started @ 66 and as ferment began to slow started incrementing the temp and ended at 78 after two weeks. Mead went from 1.118 to 0.998.

No idea on flavor, sometime that strong needs some serious mellowing time.
May 20, 2020
2 months ago
Bought three of the 500g pouches. One of the three was not vacuum packed any longer but I was using it right away so it didn't matter. This is a fantastic yeast!
January 1, 2020
7 months ago
Yes, made tasty mead.
Used this with some yeast nutrient and made some delicious mead. I can tell this will be tasty stuff. Just Yeast (& Nutrient), Honey, and Water. So easy-enjoy.
December 28, 2019
10 months ago
Great all purpose yeast
This is my go to yeast .
October 1, 2018
1 year ago
Great for fruit wines
We make several fruit wines, including Cranberry and this yeast works great. Strong fermenter in high sugar must, nuetral quality lets the fruit aroma and flavors shine.
April 9, 2018
over 2 years ago
I’m a cider maker. I ferment to dryness, and them when I blend for bottling I add some I some fresh juice that I froze for that purpose at pressing. EC 1118 gives me a thorough primary fermentation, and. without adding more yeast, a secondary fermentation in the bottle. I ferment in 200 L tanks at 55 degrees, and for a full tank I use 20 grams. This is less than half the dose implied on the 5 gram packets of an entire paces for 6 gallons of must.
February 3, 2018
over 2 years ago
80g pack
Please be aware that if you order the 80g quantity it comes in one 80g mylar bag, and recommends a 6 month window to use it after opening. (so you need to make 50 gallons of wine in 6 months if you buy the 80g pack)

I had in my head that it was a discount price on 10 8g packs but I realize that was my incorrect assumption not the fault of the company.

Mentioning this so other people don't make the same mistake I did.
January 21, 2014