Duotight Ball Lock QD Beverage Out | Quick Disconnect Bev Out Push-In Fitting

Duotight Ball Lock QD Beverage Out | Quick Disconnect Bev Out Push-In Fitting

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Duotight Bev Out Ball Lock QD | 8 mm Push-In Fitting
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The humble plastic ball lock disconnect has been around a long time and is used by countless homebrewers around the world.  Despite the extensive use they have seen little to no innovation for decades and KegLand wanted to change this. Enter the Duotight Ball Lock QD. The integrated Duotight design means you can connect your beer and gas line directly, easily and reliably with no need for additional fittings or clamps. It is a robust and super compact design that is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble, making cleaning and sanitizing an absolute breeze!

Made from highly chemical resistant materials with stainless springs and ball bearings (no cheap ABS plastics here) this baby is extremely resistant to commonly used chemicals such as phosphoric based sanitizers and caustics. The incredibly small form factor allows for easy stacking of kegs. The new cap design ensures a pressure seal with just hand tightening and it can be completely taken apart for cleaning with no tools required.

Duotight Ball Lock QDs are offered in three sizes that correspond to the outer diameters seen on our line of EVABarrier Draft Tubing. 

  • 6.35 mm OD – features a very tight 3 mm ID that requires only 3.2 ft of length for adequate flow resistance. This is the ideal size for mobile draft or if you want to keep your kegerator as tidy as possible.
  • 8 mm OD – the most common OD size of EVABarrier tubing. This size comes in two IDs (4 mm & 5 mm) and pairs up with the lion's share of Duotight fittings and accessories. 4 mm ID is our most recommended size for beverage lines, requiring 5-6 ft. lengths. 5 mm ID is commonly used as gas line or when 10-12 ft. beverage lines are required.
  • 9.5 mm OD – suitable for gas lines or long draw beverage lines. At 6.3 mm ID, this size is ideal for beverage lines that will be 20 ft. or longer in length.

Duotight Push-to-Connect
These Duotight ball lock disconnects already have the Duotight fitting built into the ball lock disconnect. No need for additional threaded fittings. Simply push the beer/gas line in and you are done!

The world's most compact ball lock disconnect ever manufactured. This new compact form factor is great for tight spaces or fridges where you want to pack as many kegs in as possible. This is one of the only ball lock disconnects that allows standard ball lock kegs to be double stacked while still connected to beer and gas lines.

Overmolded Poppet
The overmolded poppet design means you can couple and disconnect this ball lock QD under extreme pressures of up to 150 psi (higher than most kegs working pressure) and will never have issues with the o-ring blowing out.

Tool-less Disassembly
Other ball lock disconnects require a tool such as a flat head screw driver or spanner to take them apart for cleaning. The new caps on these allow for easy disassembly by hand, making these easier to break down for cleaning. It's literally never been easier to remove hop particles from your ball lock disconnects.

Extreme Chemical Resistance
No cheap ABS plastic or nitrile seals. This ball lock disconnect is made from stainless spring and ball bearings, with an engineering polyketone resin body, EPDM and PP/EPDM overmolded poppet. This makes the quick disconnect resistant to extreme chemicals such as phosphoric and acetic acid, caustic soda, peroxide and many other acid or base chemicals which are commonly used in homebrewing.

This ball lock disconnect is more robust than any other plastic ball lock disconnect ever manufactured due to the use of new engineering plastics. Don't be fooled by the small form factor — these bad boys are tough!

High Flow
The internal design of these allows for faster flow meaning you can slightly quicker transfers when compared to other plastic ball lock disconnects.


  • Ball Lock Quick Disconnect - Bev Out
  • Direct connect EVABarrier tubing
  • Compact design won't interfere with keg stacking
  • Made from highly chemical resistant materials
  • Dissamble by hand for quick and easy cleaning
  • Three sizes available:
    • 6.35 mm (KL24235)
    • 8 mm (KL20749)
    • 9.5 mm (KL20763)



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Why did you choose this?
MoreFlavor Store
replaced it
Steven B on Feb 27, 2023
Switched to Duotight tubing for simplicity and fewer leaks.
Lucas Y on Feb 17, 2023
replaced it
Steven B on Feb 27, 2023
The quick connection to the line and easy cleaning.
Matthew P on Feb 21, 2023
Switched to Duotight tubing for simplicity and fewer leaks.
Lucas Y on Feb 17, 2023
Changing liquid side setup
Don C on Feb 15, 2023
EX toi clean
Kevin Davis on Feb 10, 2023
Smaller, less connectors
Anthony S on Feb 7, 2023
swapping out older versions and wanted the duotight adapters
John T on Jan 31, 2023
low profile
Monty S on Jan 26, 2023
Switching out
Dale S on Jan 24, 2023
pull samples from pressure fermenter
Michael W on Jan 18, 2023
They are wonderful and worth every penny.
Jonathan Wessman on Jan 15, 2023
It is the best ball lock
len t on Jan 11, 2023
I’ve seen great reviews on it
Toby S on Jan 5, 2023
switching over to duotite set up
Robby on Dec 28, 2022
Our son picked it out
Alec B on Dec 16, 2022
for taps
aaron w on Dec 15, 2022
for quick transfer
aaron w on Dec 15, 2022
need an out to go with an in
Brett J on Dec 15, 2022
For closed transfer between a FermZilla and corny keg.
Tyler Crawford on Dec 13, 2022
To serve my home brew on my kegerator.
Don on Dec 10, 2022
Converting from.crimp on fittings to push in fittings.
Carl S on Dec 2, 2022
To connect to my new filter
al k on Dec 2, 2022
gift request
Cassie G B on Dec 1, 2022
Great design compared to my current QDs
Richard J DePas on Nov 16, 2022
Marcus J Ronney on Nov 15, 2022
ease of use
Nobody Important on Nov 12, 2022
I'm changing my beer lines over to duotight/eva
Dave B on Nov 10, 2022
Friend recommended duotight as way to go
Bill Paris on Nov 8, 2022
smaller form factor, saw review on 'the homebrew challenge' YT channel
Jeff H on Nov 2, 2022
Assembling a portable keg system.
Merlinus Monroe on Nov 2, 2022
works great fits great
james williams on Nov 1, 2022
Trying something new. I'm all for the quick connect, now I can have a quick line connect as well.
John M on Nov 1, 2022
Malcolm C on Oct 29, 2022
Ease of use
Jeffrey Z on Oct 24, 2022
Lower profile, believe will have less chance of getting broken.
Eric C on Oct 20, 2022
I like to be an early adopter
Matthew C on Oct 19, 2022
Simple connection
TYSON GRAAFF on Oct 12, 2022
Need it
richard A on Oct 7, 2022
something new
David P on Oct 3, 2022
Wanting to finish converting my whole keg system to Duotight fittings and tubing. Much cleaner and easily serviced product
Howie L on Sep 20, 2022
Changing my keg system to use only DuoTight and EVABarrier
Lloyd M on Sep 20, 2022
low profile
John R on Aug 23, 2022
Lower profile to fit inside a cooler hopefully
Robert G on Aug 19, 2022
wanted a duotight QD for my continuous carbonating lid
Jake M on Aug 18, 2022
Reworking my refrigerator for Duotight Fittings
Steven Johnson on Aug 5, 2022
Works with EVA tubing. Looking forward to an easier to take apart product than a traditional ball lock.
James D on Aug 5, 2022
New QD
Santiago W on Jul 30, 2022
New direct connection with EVA tubing
Gerald H on Jul 29, 2022
To replace "old school" ball locks that require an MFL to Duotight - fewer parts is a win in my book
Ted Webb on Jul 26, 2022
Easy connection
DON SARGENT on Jul 21, 2022
The quick connection to the line and easy cleaning.
Matthew P on Feb 21, 2023
Changing liquid side setup
Don C on Feb 15, 2023
I Purchased these about 3 weeks ago and they leaked. I converted my whole liquid setup to duotight and EVA barrier. At first all seemed great, but I went to cold crash a new brew today and discovered a they'd been slowly leaking, a significant amount after all this time. Read on a different site that the QD fittings need to be pulled out to seal. I did this on mine and they all clicked after a little bit of force. This didn't happen for the other fittings. My question is, is this expected? If so, please update the website so this doesn't happen to someone else
Lawrence Finch on Apr 7, 2023
How do you remove the tubing? These QDs seem harder to remove than the push in fittings.
Dan Johnson on Sep 29, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Find a tool -- i end up using a small crescent wrench with a gap set to the diameter of the tube, but there may be a tool made for the purpose -- anything you can use to depress the little collar that grasps the tube -- press the collar in against the housing -- while using the other hand to pull the tube out.
What's the recommendation to convert a "traditional" kegging setup to Duo Tight fittings? Mainly looking for recommendation on hose diameter & hook up to TapRite regulator barbs?
Lutz Engmann on Aug 8, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I use 8mm and everything works just fine including connecting to my TapRight regulator.

4.3 / 5.0
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Rated 3 out of 5
Tight on Posts & Caps Hard to Remove Without Tools
A machine screws the caps on at the factory, and most of mine required tools to remove. Kegland says it is considering making the caps long so people can get leverage.

The disconnects are very tight on posts.
March 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5
Full Flow Beverage QD
Although I prefer the Flow Control model, I use these as a less expensive alternative for making jumper hoses for keg-to-keg or fermenter-to-keg transfers where the flow rate is controlled by the length of tubing and the pressure settings on a spunding valve. I'm sure they will work just fine with a draft system that has been tuned using various tubing lengths, tube-in-tube, or other flow balancing methods.
February 27, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Despite the claim, these bad boys are not tough!
I love all the features of this disconnect, except the wimpy plastic "plunger" (for lack of a better term). It bent on both on my gas and beverage disconnects. I would think a product that claims to be able to withstand 150 psi would hold up better after only three uses. The piece deformed so badly it significantly decreased the flow.

If you love the push-to-connect feature, I'd recommend paying $11.50 for a CMB flare disconnect with a Duotight flare push-in fitting.


User submitted image
User submitted image
February 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5
Do the Duotight
A little more expensive that regular disconnects, but fits Duotight , so worth it to make the system easy. Buy once cry once
December 12, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Ready to use and works.
November 15, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very high quality, easy to clean, and they never leak
I've been using these for some time now, and they've proven quite reliable and easy to clean. They've never leaked and always form a perfect seal. An added touch is the marking indicating how far your tubing will need to be inserted to properly engage both seals (see Tip below). I find these QDs to be particularly easy to disassemble for cleaning and I don't have to worry about losing parts. And don't underestimate the color: gold for beer makes a whole lot more sense! :D

Tip: Use a permanent marker to place a little line on your tubing so you'll always be guaranteed that your tubing is inserted completely as it's pretty easy to only push it in far enough for only 1 of the DuoTight seals to engage.
October 18, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Beverage Out
They are a little difficult to remove but while installed, they work as expected.
August 30, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Cut straight
All but one worked great. Make sure that you cut the beer tube evenly
July 20, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Only one beer in so far. Super easy to connect tubing and holds seal perfectly.
July 18, 2022
over 2 years ago