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Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
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We think our Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is the best on the market, and the Deluxe Counter Pressure Filler takes a proven design to the next level by adding a pressure gauge for monitoring bottle pressure and flared connections for easy cleaning.

The gauge on this counter pressure bottle filler allows you to know the pressure in your bottle, an incredibly handy feature. The flared connections allow for easy cleaning as you can connect on or disconnect your lines in a matter of seconds. Traditionally these lines can be difficult to sanitize because they were permanently connected with hose clamps.

Still has all the great feature of our original
All Stainless Construction (except for a brass backing on the pressure gauge)
A true Counter Pressure Filler (for less foaming)
Easy to use Stainless 3-way ball valve on top
Adjustable Stainless pressure release on side
Flushes bottle from the bottom not the top

What is a Counter Pressure Filler? If you currently carbonate and store your homebrew in kegs, you can use a counter pressure filler to bottle beer directly from your kegs. One huge advantage of this method is that since you are bottling already carbonated, clear beer, there will be no sediment at the bottom of your bottles.

Counter pressure filling is how a brewery bottles beer. The bottle is under pressure while the carbonated beer flows in. Because the interior of the bottle is pressurized there is minimal loss of the CO2 in solution. The opposite of filling under pressure is when you pour a beer into a pint glass where CO2 erupts out of solution creating all that foam. Great in your glass but not good when you are trying to bottle carbonated beer. Our counter pressure filler mimics a single filling head on a professional bottling line, a concept that we all know works very, very well.

A Short Video on the Original KEG801 Counter Pressure Filler

Find more videos like this on morebeer

Features While some models flush the bottle from the top and fill from the bottom, our unit features a special valve that allows CO2 and beer to flow down the same stainless tube, directly to the bottom of the bottle. First CO2 flows down into the bottom of the bottle to flush from the bottom up. Next you switch the valve position and beer flows down the same tube, filling from the bottom up. The result is a more effective purging of oxygen and no foam during the filling process - not to mention that the whole thing takes one-hand to operate! Why hope that you flushed your bottle properly using a type of beer gun, when you can know for sure that you have created the best environment for your beer to be stored at by using a Counter Pressure Bottle Filler?

More Details
The unit is inserted into the bottle in the off position. The valve is then turned to CO2 to flush the bottle and then to beer for filling. The adjustable pressure relief on the side of the unit allows you control the speed of fill by adjusting the pressure in the bottle. The valve is positioned in such a way that it is easy to use with one hand, while the other holds the bottle. This model is designed for 12oz bottles but can easily be extended to accommodate larger bottles, such as 22oz, with a small piece of 1/4" tubing.

Setting Your PSI Pressure

Before you counter pressure fill a bottle make sure you are satisfied with the carbonation level and flavor. The goal for counter pressure bottle filling is to store your beer in the most sanitary and clean environment possible so when you get ready to share your homebrew its presentation is perfect when you go to pour.

An ideal set point to set your PSI level on your regulator is 10-14 psi. This range is dependent upon the temperature of your beer and the carbonation level. We recommend you start at a lower pressure around 10psi for the first 2-3 bottles to make sure you get everything dialed in before committing to filling a whole case.

Make sure your keg is always kept cold. If your keg warms up you will have foaming issues. 

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Only the best for my beer.
Robert D on Feb 12, 2018
I find counter pressure is the best fill method. This is a nice replacement for my old filler that leaks.
ironfistbrewery on Jan 29, 2018
Only the best for my beer.
Robert D on Feb 12, 2018
Picked this to make the most efficient fills.
Corey S on Feb 3, 2018
I find counter pressure is the best fill method. This is a nice replacement for my old filler that leaks.
ironfistbrewery on Jan 29, 2018
Picked this to make the most efficient fills.
Corey S on Feb 3, 2018
What size are the hose barbs?
Charlie Martell on Jan 15, 2018
Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
BEST ANSWER: The Beer barb is 3/16". Gas barb is 5/16".

4.3 / 5.0
39 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
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2 Stars
1 Stars
Fill bottles better - less foam, more consistent fill
Works great. Contact between rubber stopper and tube could be tighter as there seems to be some leakage, but not a big deal.
February 8, 2018
1 month ago
Missing Stopper
I just received this yesterday and was a little disappointed there was no stopper in the package as advertised. Now I have to purchase a stopper before I can try it. Other than that it seems like a good piece of equipment.
January 25, 2018
2 weeks ago
Works like a dream
Everything you'd want in a counter-pressure filler. I have used other models in the past and this one is smooth sailing, plain and simple. A few thoughts / recommendations:
(1) Throw the whole thing, with your bottles, in with your beer the morning you're going to bottle. If everything is at that same cold temp, your foaming issues will be minimized.
(2) Heed instructions about maintenance. There are easy ways to adjust and maintain the pressure relief valve and the 3-way ball valve that sits atop the unit. I've read other reviews of people who had small issues with these parts - but it's clear they didn't read the instructions, unfortunately.
(3) If at all possible, get a partner to do the capping. It is worth putting off for a day if you can have that extra set of hands around to help.
(4) Relax, don't worry, and have a homebrew!
January 24, 2018
1 month ago
better than no using one
botling have always been dificult and tedius for me, counter presure bottler filler works well but still is a hard work, but I recomend it is better than noting.
May 28, 2015
Works well
Works pretty well. Really helpful too if you over carbonate your beer.
May 27, 2015
Great Item
I got this because I had issues with my blichmann filler always giving me flat beer. This counter pressure filler has never let me down and it is easy to clean. Sold the blichmann and never looked back. Thanks
May 27, 2015
Good way to fill bottles
It takes some time to get the gas and beer lines set up, but then bottles can be filled quickly and easily. The check valve is rather touchy - only minor rotation of the control nut is required. Naturally, be sure to clean it well after use as any remaining beer will prevent proper functioning.
May 21, 2015
Works perfect
I really love this for sure, this works excellent for my operation. I am able to fill 10-12 bottles off each keg so I have a few around to take to friends and various tastings. I have had some of the bottles for a couple of months in the fridge, when I open them they are keg perfect. actually smother since they seem to have even more time to age. I am very happy with the product. Make sure you have a cold keg going in and the bottles fill fine, make sure you purge first and fill to the top, I use a try under the bottles to catch any spill. I give this product a five star for performance, ease of clean up and quality. Good job More Beer on this one!
This works great
It takes a little practice to get this to work well. But once this learning curve is over, it is amazingly easy to use. I now have know problem with foaming, gushers, and spillage. For me, the pressure gauge is essential to monitor the internal filling pressures
May 8, 2015
Great Bottle Filler, Imperfect Check Valve
When I first got this bottle filler I wasted a good half dozen 22oz bottles of beer before I realized that the pressure relief valve wasn't installed properly. Essentially I could not get the bottles to hold pressure. The valve was always partly open so there wasn't enough counter pressure in the bottle to prevent foam from forming and I was basically pouring a lot of foam.

Once I realized that there was an issue I unscrewed the relief valve cap, removed the spring, and realized the valve was crooked. After several attempts I was able to straighten it with my finger, drop the spring over it, and screw the cap back on completely. Finally the bottle would hold pressure and I was able to pour pretty much foam-less beer all the way to the middle of the neck.

I've bottled about three cases of 22oz bottles at this point and this bottle filler really works great. It's just a shame that the check valve requires such care in order to seat properly.
May 5, 2015