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Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
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The counter pressure bottle filler that sets the standard for filling beer bottles at home.  With a unique one way valve and adjustable pressure relief you will be bottling sediment free homebrew with ease.  

If you currently carbonate and store your homebrew in kegs, you can use a counter pressure filler to bottle beer directly from your kegs. One huge advantage of this method is that since you are bottling already carbonated, clear beer, there will be no sediment at the bottom of your bottles.

Counter pressure bottle filling is how a brewery bottles beer. The bottle is under pressure while the carbonated beer flows in. Because the interior of the bottle is pressurized there is minimal loss of the CO2 in solution. The opposite of filling under pressure is when you pour a beer into a pint glass where CO2 erupts out of solution creating all that foam. Great in your glass but not good when you are trying to bottle carbonated beer. Our counter pressure filler mimics a single filling head on a professional bottling line, a concept that we all know works very, very well.

Made by Fermentap, the design has two unique features. Number 1 it is the only model made entirely from stainless steel. Number 2 you flush and fill from the bottom of the bottle.

Beer barb is 3/16". Gas barb is 5/16".

Features While some models flush the bottle from the top and fill from the bottom, our unit features a special valve that allows CO2 and beer to flow down the same stainless tube, directly to the bottom of the bottle. First CO2 flows down into the bottom of the bottle to flush from the bottom up. Next you switch the valve position and beer flows down the same tube, filling from the bottom up. The result is a more effective purging of oxygen and no foam during the filling process - not to mention that the whole thing takes one-hand to operate! Why hope that you flushed your bottle properly using a type of beer gun, when you can know for sure that you have created the best environment for your beer to be stored at by using a Counter Pressure Bottle Filler?

More Details
The unit is inserted into the bottle in the off position. The valve is then turned to CO2 to flush the bottle and then to beer for filling. The adjustable pressure relief on the side of the unit allows you control the speed of fill by adjusting the pressure in the bottle. The valve is positioned in such a way that it is easy to use with one hand, while the other holds the bottle. This model is designed for 12oz bottles but can easily be extended to accommodate larger bottles, such as 22oz, with a small piece of 1/4" tubing.

Setting Your PSI Pressure

Before you counter pressure fill a bottle make sure you are satisfied with the carbonation level and flavor. The goal for counter pressure bottle filling is to store your beer in the most sanitary and clean environment possible so when you get ready to share your homebrew its presentation is perfect when you go to pour.

An ideal set point to set your PSI level on your regulator is 10-14 psi. This range is dependent upon the temperature of your beer and the carbonation level. We recommend you start at a lower pressure around 10psi for the first 2-3 bottles to make sure you get everything dialed in before committing to filling a whole case.

Make sure your keg is always kept cold. If your keg warms up you will have foaming issues. 



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MoreFlavor Store
Hope it works better than beer gun.
Kenneth A on Feb 1, 2018
Hope it works better than beer gun.
Kenneth A on Feb 1, 2018
simple of use
Armando G on Jan 12, 2018
simple of use
Armando G on Jan 12, 2018
What size are the hose barbs?
Charlie Martell on Jan 15, 2018
Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Deluxe Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
BEST ANSWER: The Beer barb is 3/16". Gas barb is 5/16".

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50/50 for me
I ordered two of these to mount on a frame and bottle faster, one of them works well and one does not. The one that does not work well seems to have a defective valve that leaks CO2 and causes excess foaming.
January 24, 2018
1 month ago
Great Product!
Finally got it in the mail and started using it right away, its very hand and easy to use, great for quick bottle and growler fill ups!
May 31, 2015
Well worth the effort to use it.....
We all collect equipment and gizmos in our brewing journey. MoreBeers filler gave me a little bit of a learning curve but I caught on after a half a case of bottles. If you don't want oxidation in your bottled product, especially your precious barley wines, old ales,etc then I recommend you shell out a few dollars and start purging your bottles as you fill. Has never failed me.
May 27, 2015
Love it!
I had the choice between this and a Blichmann beer gun. I chose this because it seemed to make more sense. After hearing all the complaints from friends who bought the beer gun, I knew which one to buy.

I also bought the "accessory kit" which necessarily increases the overall cost, but I think it's worth it. I can connect easily, maintain carbonation, and bottle off of my kegs for club meetings, trips, or competitions. It works as advertised, and has been doing well for me filling cases upon cases of bottles over the time that I've had it. There are no parts to lose or fall off inside the bottles.

The one downside is that it doesn't really work with stubby bottles, because the metal "wand" is a fixed length and the rubber stopper won't slide down. That's a minor issue for me - I just don't use those types of bottles.

Highly recommend this.
May 27, 2015
Works well
This does a good job filling bottles, so long as everything is kept cold (including bottle), otherwise I've had foaming issues. I knocked a star off because its a little awkward to use compared to one-handed products (e.g. Blichman's). I found that creating a "filling station" whereby I put the empty chilled bottle into a sanitized bucket for filling, worked best, because I could set down and lean the filler inside the bucket to keep the drippings contained while I capped the bottle. Works well even for the larger 20oz bottles.
May 27, 2015
I was going to build one of these myself...but it wasn't worth it after I priced the individual components (in stainless steel). Great price for a great tool.

This makes filling a bottle so much easier.

The ability to purge the oxygen out of the bottle is invaluable.

Watch the video on this product.

You can beat the price and the valuable use of this tool.

This is better than the Blichmann beer gun which cannot purge oxygen.
May 20, 2015
Good Product Once You Figure It Out
I just received my bottle filler this week. First time I used it I was not getting any flow. You have to thread the relief valve way out to get the beer flow going. Buy the accessory kit. Once I finally got the process flow figured out it worked great.
May 8, 2015
Great Product
I own two of these, great quality filler for the price. All stainless except the spring in the check valve which starts to corrode if left in PBW too long. Spring is not that strong either. I recommed replacing the spring with a stainless one. I also recommed placing a stainless fender washer above the rubber stopper to get even pressure on top of it when filling. Gas and beer both fill from the bottom. Filler works great, I am usually able to fill bottles with little to no foam/wasted beer.
May 7, 2015
Decent bottle filler
This bottle filler takes a few times to get the hang of. Once you have it dialed in, filling bottles is pretty easy.

Yes the spring isn't stainless but since it's on the overflow valve it doesn't' really matter.
May 6, 2015
Excellent Product
Like Darren, I spent some time researching other counter pressure fillers including several DIY solutions.

None satisfied my criteria because of materials (plastics and brass) or were bulkier and lacked a proper pressure/liquid release value (DIY).

First thing I did upon receiving this unit was to disassemble and clean it, then reassemble, tighten all connections and pressure test it (CO2 & water).

Just filled my first batch and the filler worked perfect with no foaming issues which reduced my wasted beer to no more than an oz from a 5 gal keg.

Using both the 3 way and pressure release valves, I was able to control the flow of beer to the point that I could fill each bottle accurately to the same level each time and had no leak issues.

My next step will be to make a stand to hold the filler so that I can handle the bottles more quickly without concern of them falling over or contaminating the filler by placing on an unclean surface. Also I would like to replace the line fittings with easy to detach units to make disassembly and cleaning easier.

One word of caution, make sure to check your CO2 pressures so that it does not cause a back flow into your keg. Also I suggest to check all of your connections and posts because this will quickly show if you have any worn parts on your kegs.
February 17, 2015