Stainless Bucket Fermenter w/ Heating - 35L/9.25G (110V)

Stainless Bucket Fermenter w/ Heating - 35L/9.25G (110V)

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If you've been looking to step up from fermenting in plastic buckets or carboys, this is an excellent choice for your next fermenter. Stainless steel is a much better option than glass or plastic, as it is extremely easy to clean and virtually lasts forever. There's also much less chance of contamination as stainless doesn't scratch like plastic. Over time, you'll get scratches in plastic fermenters from normal wear and tear, creating microscopic havens for bacteria. Meanwhile, glass carboys are always at risk of breaking which is something you will never have to worry about with stainless steel.

The Bucket Buddy is a great value if you're looking for a stainless steel fermenter with built-in heating control. If you live in a cold climate, ale fermentations may be a seasonal affair, as cold ambient temperatures can easily drive down the temperature of your wort below your yeast's optimal fermentation temp range. The Bucket Buddy offers a simple solution with an integrated heating element and digital temperature control. Program your fermentation temperature and if the temp drops below your set point the unit will gently heat your wort from the bottom up via the concealed element located in the base. For cooling, you can place the fermenter in a dedicated refrigerator or drill into the lid to install a Temp Twister Cooling Coil. A temperature controller probe can then be taped to the side of the fermenter to control your cooling source, or you can drill another spot in the lid for a thermowell.

Another advantage over carboys and plastic buckets is the domed base inside the fermenter which is great for yeast flocculation when fermentation is complete. The included racking arm will make it easy to transfer out every last drop of beer while leaving the yeast cake undisturbed. The entire racking arm and ball valve assembly is weldless, which means you can remove the assembly to clean and sanitize it between batches. You can even boil the assembly for added assurance that it's been sterilized.

To help maintain a steady temperature and cut down on power consumption, the Bucket Buddy pairs well with either the BrewZilla Neoprene Jacket or the FermZilla Insulating Jacket.

This unit comes standard with silicone tubing to transfer from the ball valve to your bottles or cans, as well as a stopper and airlock for the domed lid.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 9.25 gallon total capacity
  • Digital temperature control
  • 110V / 36W power
  • Stainless steel outlet valve with rotating racking arm
  • Temperature reads in °F or °C
    • With elements turned off, hold both +/- buttons to switch between °F or °C
  • External Dimensions: 28" H x 15" W (including handles)
  • Internal Dimensions: 22" H x 11.75" W

Please note: Heating capacity is highly dependent on ambient temperature and use of insulation. Testing has shown that the Bucket Buddy can heat to 104°F in a room temperature ambient environment without insulation. Adding insulation may increase heating capacity while colder ambient environments may lower heating capacity.

Please note: You may receive a unit packed in a black print box that lists the element at 60 Watts. This is a misprint. 

KegLand Part Number: KL20695


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Weight 16 LBS
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My fermenting room is too cold even for a brew belt
Eli G on Feb 25, 2023
Stepping up from plastic bucket to all in one.
Troy C on Feb 15, 2023
My fermenting room is too cold even for a brew belt
Eli G on Feb 25, 2023
This fermenter bucket helps maintaining fermentation temperature convenient
James J on Feb 17, 2023
Stepping up from plastic bucket to all in one.
Troy C on Feb 15, 2023
To replace my plastic fermenter
Scott Naegele on Feb 2, 2023
The price and it comes with a heater
Valued C on Feb 1, 2023
I have a celler not a heated basement and temperature control is difficult to maintain.
John B on Jan 31, 2023
For the digital control
Joshua H on Jan 30, 2023
It is a gift my husband picked
Madeline W L on Jan 23, 2023
It fit my needs
Paul L K on Jan 17, 2023
Fun Name
FloppyCowPies on Jan 16, 2023
Size, power requirements, controlled heating
Ralph B on Jan 10, 2023
For keeping temp while fermenting in garage.
Chris j on Jan 10, 2023
The heater
Jim P on Jan 4, 2023
Gift for husband
Carolyn R on Dec 13, 2022
Best Price - my
Joseph M on Dec 7, 2022
Debbie B on Nov 29, 2022
Husband asked for it
Christa C on Nov 29, 2022
Great price for the size and features.
Jeremy Korzeniewski on Nov 28, 2022
I chose this fermenter because it has a heating element, is stainless steel and has the volume I am looking for.
Jason G on Oct 11, 2022
I did extensive research and found this product which I believe comes from Australia right? Is morebeer a part of the Kegland family? Andyways, its the cheapest heating stainless steel bucket in the market right now so it wasnt a hard choice
Valued C on Sep 30, 2022
Trying it out. Too good of a price not too....
Alexander G on Aug 30, 2022
Heated fermenter!
Nick F on Aug 27, 2022
brewing in a basement temp maintainer is a fantastic idea
Michael R on Aug 26, 2022
Built in heater and good reviews
Jim J A on Aug 25, 2022
Stainless is easier to clean concerns with not getting my plastic fermenters clean without scratching.
Rahshal K on Aug 25, 2022
Cold basement Midwest needing temp control
David Joseph B on Aug 24, 2022
In need of a new fermenter. Plus online comments
JEFF S. on Aug 10, 2022
Built in heating, great price, stainless
Damon D on May 26, 2022
Great price and the right size for warming my vegetable 🍲.
Alex on May 4, 2022
looking for heated fermenter and found this
jim on May 4, 2022
Looks interesting
Rodney S on Apr 24, 2022
Thought I would upgrade from one of my 3 plastic 7gal fermenters that I have setup with heating film strips types placed within large cardboard box that i've been using for 3 years.
Kenneth S on Apr 12, 2022
The price and my basement is really cold
Valued C on Apr 8, 2022
Katherine L on Mar 16, 2022
THE temp were I live varies from day to day
Russel V on Feb 21, 2022
This fermenter bucket helps maintaining fermentation temperature convenient
James J on Feb 17, 2023
To replace my plastic fermenter
Scott Naegele on Feb 2, 2023
What is the temperature setpoint range?
Drew L on Jun 15, 2022
BEST ANSWER: The digital display will read from 32° to 284° Fahrenheit in 1 to 2 degree increments. Celsius will show from 0° to 140° in 1 degree increments. The inconsistent Fahrenheit increments might have something to do with the conversion from Celsius.
Is it a good idea to use this fermenter for 5 gallon batches? Worried about waaaaaaaaay too much headspace.
Luis G Soler Llavina on Feb 21, 2024
BEST ANSWER: Don't worry about to much headtspace. The rule of thumb is twice the volume of the batch you are shooting for. So 5 gallons is 10 gallon fermentor. I have two 17.3 and 1 of the 9 ish gallons and will probably get another.
Will a tilt be able to broadcast through this? It works great with the fermzilla, not sure if the WIFI signal will transmit through steel
Tim Roscher on May 27, 2022
Stainless Bucket Fermenter w/ Heating - 35L/9.25G (110V)
Stainless Bucket Fermenter w/ Heating - 35L/9.25G (110V)
Tilt™ Hydrometer and Thermometer - Orange
Tilt™ Hydrometer and Thermometer - Orange
BEST ANSWER: It will work but you'll need the receiving device (phone, tablet, raspberry pi, etc) to be very close to the tilt. I have to put my RPi on top of my Spike Flex or it won't connect.
Is there a false bottom that fits this unit?
Dori Arazi on Jan 4, 2024
BEST ANSWER: The bottom of the fermenter is like a bowl, and you can position the racking arm to be as high as you want. Never heard of a false bottom in a fermenter!
Can you add the Brewzilla extension and ferment 10+ gallons of wort in this?
John Jackson II on Feb 27, 2023
BEST ANSWER: I'm the one that asked this question, but I tried because I didn't have larger fermenter available and needed to put 11+ gallons of wort in a fermenter an this one plus an extension was available. It worked, but I had issues in getting the beer out and into kegs. My issue was I clogged up the valve with trub, and had to siphon out the beer into kegs. I had not planned or prepared for this. I tried to push CO2 through the valve which started a small leak at the seal so don't do that. Itried turning the valve to maybe clear it or the tube inside. Apparently this loosened the valve so it had a small now too. I would suggest if you do this be prepared to siphon the beer just in case into your kegs. Again, it works but be prepared for the clogging problem to use a siphon.
What is the size of the bung for the airlock? Original one broke
Bryn on Dec 9, 2022
BEST ANSWER: I used my micrometer to measure the orginal stopper with hole that came with my fermenter. It is a number 3 stopper with hole and that hole is 3/8 for the airlock.
The rack arm doesn't seal properly and falls out. Any suggestions?
JEROME L on Apr 28, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Make sure the washer is on the inside of the kettle. Also make sure the nut is not cross threaded and is sitting flush against the fermenter wall.

4.2 / 5.0
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Rated 2 out of 5
Doesn't hold well set temperature
I purchased this Bucket Buddy thinking it would solve my issue of brewing during winter time in my basement. I set the temperature at 71F but it kept jumping from 66 to 71. It doesn't have the option to set the temp differential when it should start heating up. I think my plastic bucket and heat tape with Inkbird would give me a better temp control than BucketBuddy. Also, it would cost less than a BucketBuddy.
User submitted image
Added Feb 9, 2024
February 9, 2024
Rated 5 out of 5
Heated Bucket Buddy Rocks!
In my 50 degree garage I can ferment at any temp I need, plus Brewzilla 3.1.1 neopreme blanket fits this perfectly.

I modified the lid of mine to add 1.5 triclamp, and do oxygen free transfers.

It's great!
Bucket Buddy lid modified for TriClamp and 1.5 transfer fitting
Bucket Buddy lid modified for TriClamp and 1.5 transfer fitting
January 12, 2024
Rated 4 out of 5
Great fermenter even in colder conditions
It would be nice if it came with a thermowell for monitoring rather than that being sold separately. The heater maintains temperature well in a sub-60F room. So far, so good.
User submitted image
Added Mar 14, 2023
March 14, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Worked like a charm for the first fermentation. So much easier to just set a temp and let it do its thing.
January 31, 2023
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
No instructions were included. I didn’t know how to adjust the heat controller. Boiled my new kit.
December 23, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works good
I got two of these on sale, I have to say they work good controls are easy and comes with everything you need. There are some things I would change but for the price it's hard to complain. One more thing they will heat a mash to temperature.......would I recommend these and I have to say yes they make things easier when it gets cold temperature stays where you need it the jacket is a must......to all be well
December 8, 2022
Rated 5 out of 5
Fantastic fermenter
Nice new shiny fermenter with temp control? Hell yes!!! Ordered and received within 4 days!!! Works great holds temp within a couple degrees and looks badass all at the same time!!
November 18, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
O rings break easily
O rings of the spicket immediately ripped
order some o rings because they will break
order some o rings because they will break
October 13, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Carefree Fermenting!
The Bucket Buddy fermentor works exactly as I hoped. I used to use a heating pad/strip taped to my glass carboy then wrapped with silver bubble insulation. It worked but was a hassle every time. Now I just set the temp and walk away, easy! I use my BrewZilla neoprene jacket as insulation to assist the temp controller. Cleaning is by far the best advantage of getting away from glass and plastic. Cleaning this fermentor is quick and simple. I plan to drill extra holes in the lid to add my temp twister cooling coil for brewing lagers. No more lifting heavy carboys into my fridge. Just want to mention the first Bucket Buddy I ordered arrived dented. MoreBeeer took care of me super fast. Three days later I had a new replacement. Great customer service!!
October 2, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Needs a book of instructions
The unit is easy to assemble but it would be nice to have guidance on setting temp etc. I figured it out and the product
works fine.
September 30, 2022
1 year ago