BrewRO Water Filtration System

BrewRO Water Filtration System

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With the BrewRO System you can have access to purified water any time you want without ever leaving the house! This multistage RO/DI water purification system removes 99.9998% of contaminants in water, giving you a clean slate to custom tailor your water profile for your next recipe. Water produced from the BrewRO system is 0 parts per million total dissolved solids. Now that's pure

Water chemistry is perhaps one of the most important (and most intimidating) aspects of brewing a great beer. After all, water is one of the main ingredients! If the tap water at home isn't up to snuff, you probably find yourself making a trip to the store before every brew day to load up on distilled water. Using distilled water is a great strategy that enables you to build your water profile from scratch. This gives you total control over the water's mineral content and pH, allowing you to create the ideal water profile for any particular style. But the gallons upon gallons of store bought distilled water quickly add up, and only increase the cost of each brew day.

The BrewRO System comes in two configurations for either city water or well water. They function the same, but come with different filter configurations depending on your water source. Before entering the deionization filter and reverse osmosis membrane, the city water system runs water through two carbon filters, whereas the well water system runs through a sediment filter and then a single carbon filter. The system is conveniently contained within a carrying case with inlets and outlets built into the side. When you're ready to use the BrewRO, simply hook up the white inlet tube to your spigot with the included garden hose adaptor*, run the red "rejected water" tube to a storm drain or water reclamation bucket, and run the blue "treated water" tube to your collection vessel. It's that easy!

Well Water System Features:

  • Silver Case
  • Sediment and Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Deionization Filter
  • Hose Adapter
  • 10 ft. of Red, Blue and White Tubing
  • 3 System Plugs

City Water System Features:

  • Graphite Case
  • 2 Carbon Filters (No Sediment Filter)
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Deionization Filter
  • Hose Adapter
  • 10 ft. of Red, Blue and White Tubing
  • 3 System Plugs


  • Collection Rate: Up to 100 gallons per day (4 gallons per hour)
  • Contaminant Removal: Average 99.9998% pure or less than 2 ppm TDS
  • Connections: Standard Hose Attachment
  • NSF Certified Components

Filter Life Expectancy:

  • Sediment Filter: 6 - 12 months
  • Carbon Filter: 6 - 12 months
  • DI Filter: 6 months
  • RO Membrane: 3 years
  • Filter lives vary depending on usage, storage, and water quality

*Faucet adapter and other accessories are available. See below under You Might Also Need.

Drop Ship: This product will ship directly from the supplier. Delivery may take 1–4 weeks depending on the vendor.
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Integrated system specific for brewing
R Harris on Sep 11, 2021
Better water better beer!
Kevin T on Nov 3, 2020
Integrated system specific for brewing
R Harris on Sep 11, 2021
Reviews and hopeful functionality
Mark H on Apr 9, 2021
Better water better beer!
Kevin T on Nov 3, 2020
Small and portable
Adam n on Oct 15, 2020
Tired of having to source brewing water.
Joseph Gibbens on Sep 10, 2020
Tired of buying RO water
Timothy E on May 5, 2020
Peter Busse on Mar 27, 2020
Wanted affordable RO solution for brewing
Brian West on Oct 9, 2018
poor water quality at my home
Anne A on Oct 5, 2018
Reviews and hopeful functionality
Mark H on Apr 9, 2021
Small and portable
Adam n on Oct 15, 2020
I have well water with TDS at 180 and Hardness of 130... do I need a softener prefilter or will this system hold up? Thanks
William B Hall JR. on Sep 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi William - no prefilter needed, this system has the necessary filters to handle 180 TDS and well beyond.
If my city supplements the city water with well water occasionally should I opt for the Well water version or just stick with the city water version?
Glenn Gregersen on Apr 5, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The city water version will be sufficient if you are not drawing directly from a well.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Great little system
Great system,
But make sure you check for leaks the first time you use it.
I had 3 different leaks I was able to fix by tightening the connection or using some Teflon tape.

I had a sample of the water coming off this system tested by Ward Labs and here is the results I got back..

pH 6.6
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est, ppm 10
Electrical Conductivity, mmho/cm 0.02
Cations / Anions, me/L < 0.1 / < 0.1
Sodium, Na < 1
Potassium, K < 1
Calcium, Ca 0.6
Magnesium, Mg < 1
Total Hardness, CaCO3 3
Nitrate, NO3-N < 0.1 (SAFE)
Sulfate, SO4-S < 1
Chloride, Cl 2
Carbonate, CO3 < 1.0
Bicarbonate, HCO3 < 1
Total Alkalinity, CaCO3 < 1
Total Phosphorus, P 0.01
Total Iron, Fe < 0.01
"<" - Not Detected / Below Detection Limit

That's pretty damn pure for a little portable system.
I would advise investing in the TDS meter so you can keep an eye on the health of your filters.
When the TDS meter reads 3 or higher it's time to replace.
May 13, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
Great addition to the brewery.
Works really well. Looking forward to the beer I made from it's water. Bought 65 gallon poly tank to collect water.
User submitted image
Added May 1, 2021
May 1, 2021
7 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I recently bought the city system. It filled my 100 gallon reservoir in around 24 hours. Works as advertised, no issues. Great product.
August 20, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Perfect water source every time
My water source changed from good water to I can not brew with this. The BrewRO allowed me to source water in my own home. Waste water is now stored in a container for cleaning and cooking in the house. Nothing wrong with the waste water, just not used for brewing. Water profile is treatments additions away for what style I am brewing.
October 20, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great for building your Water Profile
Since my water isn't that bad, I use this to build my water up from scratch, this unit works beautifully for that.

Instructions are easy to understand, unit is easy to use and its portability is a great plus. I am surprised at how small the case is, which is not a bad thing.

Word of Warning: I have decent water pressure and my collection rate is well under 4 gal/h, more in the range of 2-3 gal/h. Not a big deal, but be sure to plan your day right and you'll enjoy it as much as I do.
October 12, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good value
Very clean water with bad city water going in.
October 10, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Convenient RO solution
I bought a system direct from the manufacturer and have been using it for 13 months (45 brews) now. Very simple to use - Line in results in Filtered and Waste water outputs at about a 1:3 - 1:4 ratio.

I love the convenience of capturing my own RO water. I opted for the TDS meter to track the wear on my filters as well as the faucet adapter. Both are very helpful and help facilitate my brew days.

Shipping from the manufacturer isn't bad, but coming from Georgia to California my last filter replacement order was ~6 business days between order date and delivery. MoreBeer's quick shipping makes it an easy decision to continue using this system and I know where my next filter replacement orders will be filled!

For those wondering about the waste water - Instead of running it down the drain I capture it in a MoreBeer bucket and use it to water the plants in the back and front yards.
June 6, 2018