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The Brew Perfect™ Classic

The Brew Perfect™ Classic

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Monitor your fermentation remotely with the Brew Perfect Classic! If this product looks familiar, there's good reason. Formerly sold under the name BeerBug, the company has since rebranded and major software improvements have accompanied the name change. The original application for the BeerBug was known to be a bit--well--buggy. But those issues have been thoroughly squashed in the Brew Perfect app. Although the hardware hasn't changed in the Brew Perfect Classic, the unit is fully compatible with the new app. Whether you're across the room or across the country, keep tabs on your fermentation with the click of a button.

The Brew Perfect Classic measures the actual specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature of your fermenting beer every minute and sends that information to your own free account online.  After set up you can log on at BrewPerfect.com or via the phone app to see exactly how your fermentation is doing. Three graphs are created for each of your beers to log how specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature changed over the course of the fermentation. The Brew Perfect Classic gives you the knowledge to make better beer, saves you time, and is a whole lot of fun to use.  

Knowledge is power. Understanding what happens during fermentation, and how to control it, is often what separates good brewers from great brewers. The Brew Perfect Classic is the tool that gives you that information. Ever wonder what the lag time is on your beer... the real lag time between pitching and when gravity begins to drop? Is my yeast working? How much does fermentation raise temperature? When should I adjust temperature up at the end of fermentation?  Or even more simply, what temperature did my beer really ferment at? You learn all that and more.  

What is your time worth? If you have ever asked yourself "will I be able to keg this weekend?" The Brew Perfect Classic is for you.  The Brew Perfect Classic helps you arrange your busy schedule by knowing exactly when your beer is done fermenting and ready for the next step. Never again will you wonder if your beer is really done, set up to bottle, and then take a gravity reading only to realize you have sugar left in your beer.  What could have happened in that same situation when you own The Brew Perfect Classic is the night before, you checked your gravity on your phone, realized the fermentation had stalled, and that you actually needed to heat it up a bit to help the yeast finish.  You then scheduled your bottling for Sunday afternoon.  

Fun.  At the end of the day the most important feature of The Brew Perfect Classic is fun. This takes two things we are all pretty crazy about... making beer and technology and fuses them together.  It is almost hard to believe that you could look at your phone most anywhere in the World and see how your beer is doing. On BrewPerfect.com you can also see fermentation profiles of all your fellow brewers and read their notes.  You will be able to share your fermentation profile with friends around the globe, your brew club, or on Facebook. That's fun and cool. 

Temperature Measurement. The Brew Perfect Classic measures temperature with the included onboard temperature sensor or an optional external probe. The onboard temperature is best explained as the temperature at the bottom of the Brew Perfect Classic.  Being directly above the brew and having CO2 pass through the unit, the temperature is fairly accurate of your brew.  However, it may lag behind the temperature changes of your brew, and it may be somewhat affected by ambient room temperatures.  If you'd like the most accurate temperature measurement possible you'll want to pickup the optional temperature probe which will be in direct contact with the fermenting liquid. 

The Specifications:

  • Fits most any vessel
  • CO2 vents through a traditional 3/4" blowoff barb
  • Actual gravity sensor hangs from your Brew Perfect Classic into your beer and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate any vessel
  • Sends information via your local WiFi network (local WiFi required)
  • Rechargeable battery has 25 day life
  • Free account on BrewPerfect.com
  • Android and iOS Apps available for your phone or tablet
  • Software upgrades will automatically be sent to your Brew Perfect Classic via WiFi as released 
  • Temperature probe available separately
  • Eligible for MoreBeer!'s industry leading 1 year warranty

Please note: Carboy, blow-off tubing, and stopper pictured are not included.

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Interested in an easy way to monitor fermentation and store the data
MATTHEW C on Dec 21, 2018
Price and availability
Mario G A on Dec 10, 2018
Interested in an easy way to monitor fermentation and store the data
MATTHEW C on Dec 21, 2018
it was recommended by the thermometer above
Erin P on Dec 19, 2018
Price and availability
Mario G A on Dec 10, 2018
Best deal around!
David Y on Nov 25, 2018
Good deal on better way to get gravity readings
Kurt H on Oct 25, 2018
Deal of the Day price
Richard F on Oct 25, 2018
Now with updated software and a great price, let's give it a try.
Richard B on Oct 25, 2018
Beer Deal
Valued C on Oct 25, 2018
fermentation control
Joseph M on Oct 22, 2018
Gift for my husband
Kelsey R on Aug 31, 2018
I wanted an easier way to keep tabs on my gravity readings without having to use a wine thief and risk contamination
Gary P on Jun 28, 2018
Great Price!
Brian S on Jun 1, 2018
I need more insight to my ferentations, have to have a measurement ot make a qualified adjustment, so here we go.
Bob P on Apr 3, 2018
Good deal. Willing to give it a try.
Jared Bonea on Mar 29, 2018
it was recommended by the thermometer above
Erin P on Dec 19, 2018
Best deal around!
David Y on Nov 25, 2018
Once you buy this here, do you also have to buy a license on the brew perfect website?
James Barnett on Nov 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The unit comes with free account registration. You will have to create the account and login to make the app work on your phone. As long as Conner (one of the principles) works at Brew Perfect, the account should be free.
Is this identical to Brew Perfect's current hardware? I don't see the "classic" listed on their web site.
Jared Bonea on Mar 24, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This item is not identical to the Brew Perfect's current hardware, although it is fully compatible with the Brew Perfect's application software. It was formally sold under the name BeerBug before the company rebranded.

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So far so good
Bug seems to work good, very little instruction with bug and app. Support from Manufacture slow to respond to inquires. Just remember that any interaction requires the bug to be in active mode when setting up or adjusting changes etc.
January 27, 2019
3 months ago
Always incorrect gravity
First, let me say that the unit for sale here is the old style and the manufacturer's web site doesn't even offer this one any longer.
I have fermented five brews with this unit. Yeah, the idea is really cool, but it lacks accuracy.
I had no big issues getting it to blink up, it sits three feet away from the wifi router. Instructions are non existent, and the web site doesn't help.
I let the batch sit for one hour and then set the tare (calibrate). It has been off every time.
For every batch at every stage, the gravity has been off big time. Right now, the bug says it's at 8% but readings taken by hand show it to be 10.2%. Readings on multiple batches always show a difference of 1.5% - 3% alcohol. Not very functional. Yes, I do thoroughly clean it.

Hey, I bought a really cool car, oh, but it doesn't run. Gee, that makes sense .

The offer from their tech support?
Buy the new design and suffer from paying a subscription.
We should be able to link directly to the unit on home wifi, instead of having to go through their server.
January 20, 2019
3 months ago
Waste of time and money
I was able to blink up and get the unit to speak with the WiFi. However the specific gravity measured is inaccurate on both an absolute basis and a relative basis. I checked it by taking readings with a hydrometer. This unit is a complete waste of time and money. Don’t take it if they give it to you.
January 3, 2019
Response from MoreFlavor
Hey so sorry about your experience. We try very hard to create the best experience for our customers and provide quality products. Please give us a call at 1-800-600-0033 or email us at info@moreflavor.com so that we can assist you. We are here to help. Cheers!
January 4, 2019
Tyler W Staff
Hard to BlinkUp
The process for syncing the unit is hard. After I figured out it is NOT using Bluetooth to connect, it is using the blinking light on your device to optically connect with the Brew Perfect and transmit data. When I placed the phone directly over the face of the Brew Perfect it BlinkedUp fairly quickly. I have not used it in a brew yet, hope it isn't as finicky as the reviews state. Pretty sure keeping the blade clean will be an issue, which will affect accuracy.
November 8, 2018
3 months ago
Literally doesn’t work. Period.
Trust all the previous reviews. This thing doesn’t work. After days trying to get the thing to link to my wireless I gave up. I can’t attest to anything if you get it to like or actually get to use it, but the quality of the product itself it lacking. It’s spare computer parts in plastic with high tech fishing line to monitor your beer. Don’t know how it’s still even for sale.
November 8, 2018
3 months ago
The brew perfect classic worked great for 2 brews. After that it has been totally unreliable. I used water as a control before brewing, then added it to my brew. My gravity began to rise and continued to rise for days.. I took several samples and the machine was way off. I used the tare feature without luck. I checked all connections to be sure nothing was stuck. Everything appeared as it should. The temp probe worked very well and remained accurately.
I tried again with another brew after recleaning and assembling the unit. The same issues occurred.
If the unit worked as it had the first 2 brews I’d give it a 5 star review,but unfortunately the unit has proven to be unreliable so I can’t recommend it.
The steep drop is where I tared the unit.   it still has me at 1.055 or greater.  Hydrometer = 1.023
The steep drop is where I tared the unit. it still has me at 1.055 or greater. Hydrometer = 1.023
August 27, 2018
1 year ago
Not even worth it at half price
I bought a pair of these to run a test with a 10 gallon batch of wort which I split into two 5 gallon batches to run two different yeasts in a side by side test. I really wanted the rate of attenuation that the Brew Perfect promises.
After setting up my account on the brew perfect site and getting the two units set up on my network, (both units took multiple attempts before they eventually showed up). I began brewing the wort. The brewing part went to plan and I took both a hydrometer and refractometer reading for each batch, then pitched the two batches of yeast at the same temperature. Next I put each unit in its fermenter and waited an hour as instructed.
The final step before sitting back and watching the data roll in was to calibrate each unit with the brew and make sure they were working properly. Problem was that I kept getting an error on the app that said that the calibration had timed out. This error popped up the instant I hit the calibration button.
Eventually I gave up on calibrating and simply started a brew. I was brewing a saison which had an original SG of 1.035 (consistent between refractometer and hydrometer). The Brew Perfect unit was reporting a SG of 1.404. Not even close.
In frustration I decided to start the brew anyway figuring that it would at least give me some idea of how the two yeasts compared in terms of performance since both units were giving me the same crappy readings. Went to sleep angry.
Woke up and checked the website only to find that not only had none of the data been recorded, but the system had erased both of my brews.
In short, I am so dissatisfied with this POS that I would feel bad selling it on Ebay because I couldn't do that to another human being.
Suggestions for the manufacturer:
Why the hell are you doing this over WiFi? The user has to use their phone to flash the WiFi settings so you know they have a phone. I get that you think that remote access to up to the minute attenuation and temperature data is a big deal, but speaking from my own perspective, accurate data for future repeatability and adjustment is what I'm looking for. People who have brewed enough to make this a worth while purchase are going to already have an established fermentation spot with consistent temperature.
I also understand your desire to attempt to create an on line brewing community but that also does not require up to date data. I know I would rather share my brews when they are final rather than when they are in progress. The far more effective solution would be to add recipe datapoints to the user data entry in the app and allow the user to share the completed recipe along with tasting notes once they have finished the brew.
May 26, 2018
9 months ago
Total disappointment.
Terrible back end services. Save your money and suck it up by hydrometering your own samples. Worked well two years ago now forget it! Down servers,terrible connection problems and no local (your house) monitoring.
January 23, 2018
1 year ago
Terrible, don't bother
It was difficult to set up, first website sent me to a second website where I had to input all the same information again, the app is defunct, the instructions are awful at best, the data points don't show up consistently, I had to push the activity button on the device every time I wanted data as the data never automatically populated as I set it up to do every hour. Then to top it all off the battery only lasted less than three days!!! This is the first product I am returning to MoreBeer, not their fault but this thing is totally unusable they should remove it from their catalog of products.
All that said this is a great concept but MUCH more work is needed to make it a valuable much less usable device. I'll read the reviews next time and see where this gadget is in s couple of years.
September 23, 2017
Now useless. Wait until the BeerBug service is fixed.
The idea is neat, but the execution is terrible, due to recurrent bugs and problems on its infrastructure. The BeerBug needs the cloud to work, and it looks like they are struggling with it.

The BeerBug is supposed to:
- Track the gravity of the fermenting brew.
- Record the temperature, ambient or of the wort.
- Through a web interface, show the graphs and the current numbers.
- Be able to start collecting the data, and save it when finished.
These are not delivered on a consistent basis.

1/ A recurrent problem:
It is very useful to know when the fermentation finishes.
-> Often the graphs and the current data are not shown for several days in a row, making it useless. And it happens near the end of the fermentation, of course.

2/ For example just today:
- Ending the recording of the data took forever and ended up failing. It looks like the history of the brew got lost.
- The system is stuck when starting a new brew, at the calibration stage. This is supposed to be done 1 hour after pitching. Not 2 or 3 days after the fermentation started.

The BeerBug needs to connect to a server (and a database) to be able to function. The main problem is that often this infrastructure is not functioning properly. When it happens on the brew day, or close to the end of the fermentation, it is very frustrating, considering the price tag,

The support is provided by e-mail and responsive during the business days. But no support on week-ends, when I (and many other) brew.

For now I think it is better to get a device that does not depend on an external server, like the Tilt.

June 11, 2017