Lunar Shock Wheat Ale | Blue Moon® Clone | 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit | All-Grain

Lunar Shock Wheat Ale | Blue Moon® Clone | 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit | All-Grain

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  • Smooth and creamy mouthfeel with an outstanding citrus flavor and aroma
  • Includes Mittelfruh hops
  • Estimated ABV: 5.4%
  • Estimated IBUs: 9
  • Makes 5 gallons of finished beer

There's a stunning celestial body on the rise, and it's dead set on blasting your taste buds with an onslaught of refreshing flavor. Drawing inspiration from two prominent wheat ales—Blue Moon and Shock Top—this clone recipe is sure to transport you to a cosmos of crisp citrusy goodness and subtle coriander spice. Always light and refreshing, Lunar Shock aims to orbit your brew schedule year-round.

An American take on the Belgian Witbier style. The wheat and oats provide a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, while sweet orange peel and coriander contribute outstanding citrus flavor and aroma.

  • Makes 5 gallons
  • Estimated Original Gravity: 1.052-55
  • SRM (Color Range): 5
  • IBUs: 9
  • Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 5.4%

Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags, yeast or priming sugar. To find our yeast recommendations, choose your preferred kit option above and then select the drop-down menu under “Yeast Options”.  For more info, click on the recommended yeast(s) below in the “You Might Also Need” section below. All grains will come milled, unless you select unmilled base malts.

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Love Blue Moon
Eric D on Mar 6, 2023
love blue moon
Nicholas B on Feb 23, 2023
Love Blue Moon
Eric D on Mar 6, 2023
Done this before and loved it
paul g on Mar 6, 2023
love blue moon
Nicholas B on Feb 23, 2023
love blue moon
Anthony T on Feb 22, 2023
Love Blue Moon.
Christopher L on Feb 15, 2023
Father in law favorite
Valued C on Feb 15, 2023
want to give this kit a try
Michael W. K on Jan 24, 2023
For a friend
Guest G on Jan 9, 2023
Looks interesting
Mike on Dec 7, 2022
Looked like a cool time
Keelan M on Oct 14, 2022
Love this style
Vincent L on Sep 13, 2022
Because it’s summer in Florida
duane Fugate I on Jul 27, 2022
I picked this just because, why not!
Joseph C on Jul 1, 2022
Big favorite with all my friends
A N on Jun 9, 2022
My favourite
Margaret A W on May 24, 2022
My self
Vyacheslav K on May 21, 2022
I'm looking for a good wheat beer recipe.
JeffD on Jan 22, 2022
My wife likes Blue Moon
Jeff B on Jan 10, 2022
Looking for wheat style and like BM
Daniel M on Oct 8, 2021
wifes favorite
Arnold F on Sep 24, 2021
It's delicious
Jeb S on Jun 19, 2021
great brew! Family loves it!
Doug Haviland on Jun 15, 2021
Liked it last time
Erica C on May 15, 2021
Made it before and loved it.
Christopher C P on May 12, 2021
My friend likes this
bruce g on Apr 24, 2021
Brewed it before & liked it.
Ken on Apr 23, 2021
it looks good
Dale K on Apr 21, 2021
Love Blue moon
Damon S on Apr 15, 2021
Taste Good
Gerald J G on Mar 24, 2021
Love Blue Moon
Greg Lutowsky on Mar 9, 2021
I enjoy this type of beer.
Lawrence T on Feb 27, 2021
wanted a lighter 2021 brewing schedule
lee w on Feb 9, 2021
the picture is cool
Jose L Z on Feb 6, 2021
I like blue moon
Alan J on Jan 22, 2021
I've heard ogod things about this kit
Joshua Y on Dec 17, 2020
Love blue moon
Racham B P on Dec 5, 2020
I love blue moon. Wanted to see if I can make it taste similiar.
John L on Oct 29, 2020
teaching a class
Eric Alan Clarke S on Oct 15, 2020
Love blue moon and hear great stories about this kit
Tracy F on Sep 11, 2020
For wife
Mark G on Aug 19, 2020
Sounds like a good summertime drink
Jim D on Jul 28, 2020
Love blue moon
Darryl S on Jul 15, 2020
Blue Moon is my favorite commercial beer
Dennis F on Jun 17, 2020
I have brewed this many times and it is great everytime!
Michael M on May 13, 2020
love Blue moon
Mark H on May 12, 2020
Crowd pleaser of all ages and genders
Andrew B on May 9, 2020
One of My wife's favorite kits.
Daniel D on May 9, 2020
Wife loves it
Valued C on Mar 14, 2020
Blue Moon
Bill B on Mar 6, 2020
To pass the 59$ minimum for free shipping.
Greg R on Feb 29, 2020
Done this before and loved it
paul g on Mar 6, 2023
love blue moon
Anthony T on Feb 22, 2023
What yeast is used with this beer?
Michael Hrenchir on Apr 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I would guess Wyeast 3944 or WLP410 ?
What kind of White Wheat comes with the all-grain kit? Briess Raw White Wheat, Great Western White Wheat Malt, or something else?
Matt S on May 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Matt - The malt is Great Western White Wheat.

4.5 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Very similar type beer but good.
June 1, 2022
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Yeast Experiment - Love this Recipe
This is a great recipe; I’ve ordered and made it many times and it is a go-to for me. Because of this I wanted to test with different yeast strains and figure out which yeast I like the most out of the recommended strains. Lunar Shock xBeeraMent take 1.
In this experiment I made a 5-gallon batch and split it up into two different glass fermentation vessels. Both were fermented in the same temperature controlled keezer at 69 deg f. Brew day 8/14/2020, OG at 1.060. Batch A was pitched with WLP001 and batch B was pitched with Safale US-05. Since the wort was split in half there was no need to use a yeast starter on batch a and batch b’s yeast was cut down using calculations according to Mr. Malty’s online calculator. Both had a vigorous fermentation and on 8/26/2020 fermentation had slowed, krausen had mostly fallen and airlock activity was slow. I raised temp to 78 deg f for a d-rest and let it settle until 9/1/2020 before cold crashing to 34 deg f. Both were fined with Gelatin a few days before racking to kegs on 9/3/2020. Batch A FG was 1.011, batch B FG was 1.010. Approx ABV was 6.5%. Kegs were carbed to 2.3 vols over two weeks.
My assumption was that I would be drawn to batch B, dry yeast Safale US-05, as I thought it would have a cleaner and more crisp taste. 9/19/2020 I had 4 neighbors/brewers come to a blind taste test. Each person was served three glasses and asked to determine the odd one out, then asked to pick a favorite. All 5 (including me) were able to successfully identify the odd ball; it was actually pretty easy. And interestingly enough, all 5 of us also thought batch A, with yeast WLP001, complimented the recipe more. It finished much more smoothly and had a crisper flavor profile. Batch B was still good and had more of a citrus profile, however it almost seemed as if the first taste had a sour note and the overall profile was not as attractive as batch A. It finished well and if not compared directly to batch A I would still recommend. However, my intention was to find out which yeast I thought was better and, in this experiment, WLP001 won hands down. Cheers!
September 20, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Hefeweizen ?
This turned out much more like a hefeweizen in taste and smell than a blue moon / wheat.
July 10, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
True Blue Moon Clone
I brewed this kit in BIAB method with 1.5 gallon sparge and it worked great. Used Gigayeast NorCal #1 and it fermented and hazed up real nice. Used a carb stone with oxygen bottle and the yeast loved that. 2 Weeks in the fermenter and 2 Weeks for bottle conditioning. Fermented around 68 Degrees. Primed with corn sugar to 2.7 vol and the head and carbonation were perfect. Mashed and boiled according to recipe with no clarifier. This beer did not last long at all and I will keep ordering.
Everything included in kit.
Nice head.  An orange slice ups the flavor as well.
July 1, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Another great kit!
I just finished keg carbonating and it tastes great. I followed the recipe sheet exactly as written. I will do this one again, but I may add a fresh orange to the secondary. The flavors are subtle and bitterness is low compared to IPAs that I usually do. Very drinkable. The wife really likes this one (she's not a fan of heavy hopped beers). I batch sparged, US-05 yeast, 1 week primary, 2 weeks secondary. Ended up with ABV at 5.9. Thanks for making great kits (Pliny is still my favorite)!
April 23, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
If you like blue moon it is very simular, I figured out about half way through the kegbthat I'm not a big fan of blue moon, next time a do a Belgian wit I'll do a more traditional version
December 22, 2019
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wow! Possibly better than the "real thing!"
This came out very well. The color is an cloudy golden. You can taste the organge and (maybe) the cardamom. It's very refreshing.
September 30, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Liked it.
This was my first try at making this beer ,I liked enough to order again , it turned out good but wasn't like blue moon, it was a stronger in taste . I like it with food , will see how the second batch turns out .
September 14, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Fantastic Recipe
I did this one using brew-in-a-bag method, and it resulted in a fantastically drinkable beer. Yeast I used was the GigaYeast NorCal #1, and I kegged after three weeks in primary/secondary fermentation. This beer is a true hit and will be a staple in my kegerator for quite some time.
July 31, 2019
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Orange & Spice - Very Nice!
Wow! I made this for my Summer Beer and it exceeded my expectations. I kegged it at 2.8 volumes CO2 and it’s delicious and creamy. For those that say they do not like craft beer, this is the beer you want for them. Great kit. ??
May 9, 2019
over 5 years ago