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The Beer Bug measures the actual specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature of your fermenting beer every minute and sends that information to your own free account online.  After set up you can log on at the TheBeerBug.com or via an app on your phone to see exactly how your fermentation is doing. Three graphs are created for each of your beers to log how specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature changed over the course of the fermentation. The Beer Bug gives you the knowledge to make better beer, saves you time, and is a whole lot of fun to use.  

Knowledge is power. Understanding what happens during fermentation, and how to control it, is often what separates good brewers from great brewers. The Beer Bug is the tool that gives you that information. Ever wonder what the lag time is on your beer... the real lag time between pitching and when gravity begins to drop? Is my yeast working? How much does fermentation raise temperature? When should I adjust temperature up at the end of fermentation?  Or even more simply, what temperature did my beer really ferment at? You learn all that and more.  

What is your time worth? If you have ever asked yourself "will I be able to keg this weekend?" The Beer Bug is for you.  The Beer Bug helps you arrange your busy schedule by knowing exactly when your beer is done fermenting and ready for the next step. Never again will you wonder if your beer is really done, set up to bottle, and then take a gravity reading only to realize you have sugar left in your beer.  What could have happened in that same situation when you own The Beer Bug is the night before, you checked your gravity on your phone, realized the fermentation had stalled, and that you actually needed to heat it up a bit to help the yeast finish.  You then scheduled your bottling for Sunday afternoon.  

Fun.  At the end of the day the most important feature of The Beer Bug is fun. This takes two things we are all pretty crazy about... making beer and technology and fuses them together.  It is almost hard to believe that you could look at your phone most anywhere in the World and see how your beer is doing. On TheBeerBug.com you can also see fermentation profiles of all your fellow brewers and read their notes.  You will be able to share your fermentation profile with friends around the globe, your brew club, or on Facebook. That's fun and cool. 

Temperature Measurement. The Beer Bug measures temperature with the included onboard temperature sensor or an optional external probe. The onboard temperature is best explained as the temperature at the bottom of The Beer Bug.  Being directly above the brew and having CO2 pass through the bug, the temperature is fairly accurate of your brew.  However, it may lag behind the temperature changes of your brew, and it may be somewhat affected by ambient room temperatures.  If you'd like the most accurate temperature measurement possible you'll want to pickup the optional temperature probe which will be in direct contact with the fermenting liquid. 

The Specifications:

  • Fits most any vessel
  • CO2 vents through a traditional 3/4" blowoff barb
  • Actual gravity sensor hangs from your BeerBug into your beer and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate any vessel
  • Sends information via your local WiFi network (local WiFi required)
  • Rechargeable battery has 25 day life
  • Free account on TheBeerBug.com
  • Android and iOS Apps available for your phone or tablet
  • Software upgrades will automatically be sent to your Beer Bug via WiFi as released 
  • Temperature probe available separately
  • Eligible for MoreBeer!'s industry leading 1 year warranty

Please note: Carboy, blow-off tubing, and stopper pictured are not included.

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2.3 / 5.0
26 Reviews
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1 Stars
Total disappointment.
Terrible back end services. Save your money and suck it up by hydrometering your own samples. Worked well two years ago now forget it! Down servers,terrible connection problems and no local (your house) monitoring.
January 23, 2018
2 months ago
Terrible, don't bother
It was difficult to set up, first website sent me to a second website where I had to input all the same information again, the app is defunct, the instructions are awful at best, the data points don't show up consistently, I had to push the activity button on the device every time I wanted data as the data never automatically populated as I set it up to do every hour. Then to top it all off the battery only lasted less than three days!!! This is the first product I am returning to MoreBeer, not their fault but this thing is totally unusable they should remove it from their catalog of products.
All that said this is a great concept but MUCH more work is needed to make it a valuable much less usable device. I'll read the reviews next time and see where this gadget is in s couple of years.
September 23, 2017
Now useless. Wait until the BeerBug service is fixed.
The idea is neat, but the execution is terrible, due to recurrent bugs and problems on its infrastructure. The BeerBug needs the cloud to work, and it looks like they are struggling with it.

The BeerBug is supposed to:
- Track the gravity of the fermenting brew.
- Record the temperature, ambient or of the wort.
- Through a web interface, show the graphs and the current numbers.
- Be able to start collecting the data, and save it when finished.
These are not delivered on a consistent basis.

1/ A recurrent problem:
It is very useful to know when the fermentation finishes.
-> Often the graphs and the current data are not shown for several days in a row, making it useless. And it happens near the end of the fermentation, of course.

2/ For example just today:
- Ending the recording of the data took forever and ended up failing. It looks like the history of the brew got lost.
- The system is stuck when starting a new brew, at the calibration stage. This is supposed to be done 1 hour after pitching. Not 2 or 3 days after the fermentation started.

The BeerBug needs to connect to a server (and a database) to be able to function. The main problem is that often this infrastructure is not functioning properly. When it happens on the brew day, or close to the end of the fermentation, it is very frustrating, considering the price tag,

The support is provided by e-mail and responsive during the business days. But no support on week-ends, when I (and many other) brew.

For now I think it is better to get a device that does not depend on an external server, like the Tilt.

June 11, 2017
Might be good
Directions don't exist. There are no written instructions with the Beer Bug. They say to go online and there isn't anything there. I sent them an email after I searched for an email address. When I tried to hook up to wifi it said the beer bug I had didn't work. They said we are having problems with our beer bugs. We will inform you when we fix the problem. Huh? Why not just wait until they are ok BEFORE you send them out!!! I'm sure it will be good once it is working but this is frustrating.
January 9, 2017
Waste of money due to server & support outage
I gave it 1 star, well because I had to...and when it did work it was awesome...yes awesome. However (and a HUGE however) this thing is now an ornament on my fermentor because it will not work without connectivity to their server...which is down and has been down for over 2 months now. No recent comments on their Facebook page (last one was Oct 3rd).

Now I (and MANY) others have a junk piece of plastic the cost $230 (I bought the temp probe too). Stay far away from this company.
October 29, 2016
Don't buy this!
Worked great for a few brews. Loved it! Now the app and Web no longer works. Nothing about resolving the problem. Without out it total waste of money. The company will not respond to me or anyone that has this same issue.
September 25, 2016
Cool concept, bad product
I've used it for 6+ batches and I'm not satisfied that it's worth anywhere near what I paid. It's very finicky. It's has consistently given me bad readings. I've meticulously tried to handle this thing with "kid gloves" and cleaned it carefully after each use. I try to not go anywhere near my fermentation chamber either so I don't throw vibrations that could be used as an excuse to say my readings are off. I've had a couple batches that have showed a stuck fermentation and I've had to use the ol' hydrometer to put me at ease after a couple of days of angst. Even now I have a beer 6 days in that shows that I've only dropped 3 points. Best of all, the customer service isn't great. Although they reply fast, they are not receptive and always try to steer the conversation away from anything negative that their product is doing. I'm not naive to think that may be part to blame for this thing not working for me but my collective experience shows that it's not worth the price tag our the headache. I hope it's just something wrong with my unit but I regret spending the money. I will continue to try to make it work since I've spent so much money on it until I can't handle dealing with it. Bummer
September 17, 2016
Could have been a fun toy
The beer bug is a great idea and could have been a really great tool. What didn't happen was the company taking pride in what they had created. I have had mine for two years, tried it with several beers and have had success only a couple of times. The most common problem is there web page is down, down for the entire brew. Throughout the existence of beerbug they have made no improvements to the web page or physical product. They do not maintain their web page properly. But most importantly they seem to be surprised that customer service is more than just taking your money.

Wait for a better product to come out. This is a fun toy at best but not if you have to rely on people that don't feel like giving you what you paid for.
September 7, 2016
love it
I received this a week before my brew day, and having read reviews about difficulties setting it up, I spent one evening getting it online. Admittedly it was not easy, it took about an hour and a half. The worst part is it is difficult to set up because the instructions are not very good and the information is not in any one place. After I found a video on The Beer Bug support page, I was able to get it done. Now that the hard part is over this thing is very helpful. Three times now I have made adjustments to my fermentation chamber temperatures to keep it in my desired range. And watching the fermentation develop added to the enjoyment of the process.

I would give this five stars if it were easier to set up, but since the set up is part of the user expierence I have rated it four stars.

A recommendation to The Beer Bug staff would be to put a complete video of how to set up the bug on You Tube. Doing that would eliminate a ton of your customers frustrations.
December 29, 2015
Waste of Money
Had this for about a year now, got it as a gift. It's a great idea, but too much of a hassle to use. Finishing Gravity is nowhere near correct, always too low (well under 1.000). The website and the android app barely function, good luck trying to get info when you need it. Times out 75% of the time. I was fine with it at first, thinking they were still working on things, but there has been no improvement the whole time I've had it. Complete waste of $250.
September 12, 2015