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New 1550 Tippy BrewSculpture

Item #: SCU030
Shipping: Does Not Ship Free
Weight: 230LBS

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Build Time: 6 to 7 Weeks
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Oh, the Tippy-Dump. An original design from the inner workings of Regan's brain (see Regan's Bio in our current catalog). The Tippy-Dump is named after it's rotating, tipping Mash Tun. Place a garbage can on the built-in step and dump away after the brewing session is over. A nice benefit of the 1550/2050 design is the placement of the Hot Liquor Tank under the Mash Tun. Excess heat rising above the Hot Liquor Tank helps keep the Mash Tun warm during the Mash. The 1550 fits both 15 and 15 gallon kettles The 1550 comes with 15 Gallon Kettles, but any of the three kettles can be later enlarged to the 26 gallon size. If you plan to mostly make 10 gallons at a time this is definitely the Sculpture for you. However if you become fanatical about, say making high-gravity Belgian Styles, you can purchase a 26 gallon Mash Tun and use it on this frame.

A folding handle allows you to pick up and move the system in a wheel barrow fashion. Easy to move, yet very stable in brewing position. Pros: Smaller footprint than the Flat Sculptures. Gravity from Mash Tun to Boil Kettle tank makes for an easy Sparge. Ability to upgrade to full Digital Package. Built in casters for easy movement. Dump your mash after the brew is over. Built in Step for easy access to Mash Tun. Cons: Taller than the 1100 Flat System. You do have to use the step to mix grains into the Mash Tun.

Base Dimensions:
61" Tall (Does not include height of kettles)
22.5" Deep
48" Long

Check out our newest Sculpture PDF.

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Quick Checklist Of Items Needed To Complete This BrewSculpture

Choose one of the following Frame Upgrade Options:
SCU069A No Frame Upgrade
SCU073 304 Brushed Stainless Frame Upgrade
Choose one of the following Temperature Control Options:
SCU129 No SMART Option
SCU130 Analog S.M.A.R.T
SCU133 Digital S.M.A.R.T.
SCU136 SMART Full Digital Package
Choose one of the following Burner Options:
SCU199 No Gas System
SCU210 Standard Propane (LP)
SCU213 Natural Gas
SCU216 Special Low Pressure LP
SCU220 Full Digital Package LP
SCU223 Full Digital Package Natural Gas
SCU226 Full Digital Package Special LP
Choose one of the following Cooling Options:
SCU139 No Cooling Option
SCU170 Immersion Chiller
SCU173 Re-circulation Immersion Chiller
SCU176 Counter Flow Chiller Option
SCU179 Plate Chiller Option
Choose any of the following Kettle Options:
SCU510 Kettle Diverter/Maximizer Option
SCU515 Boil Kettle Thermometer Option
SCU533 Boil Kettle Screen Option

BrewSculpture Palletizing
BrewSculpture Palletized BrewSculpture Palletized 2
MoreBeer protects your BrewSculpture™ delivery with our excellent palletizing skills.   Make sure to inspect your BrewSculpture before  accepting it from the freight company.  

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