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Winter Is Just Around The Corner!
15% Off Through September!

What do we think about when it's summertime? The pool? BBQ? Yes and yes, but what's really on our mind is the fact that it's time to start brewing those winter beers! Whether it's a Stout, Thanksgiving ale, Porter, or Octoberfest; a few months of conditioning will allow these beers to be in their prime for winter time. For the month of September we want to offer these kits at 15% off, so get them while you can and start preparing for the winter early!
Heretic's Shallow Grave Robust Porter
Whole Hops
Heretic (Jamil Zainasheff's Brewery) came out with this porter as one of its original beers. An excellent robust porter with a complex chocolate and caramel flavor to it. A great beer to have in secondary for a couple of months to allow the complexity to build.
Ray Daniels' Snowflake Smoked Porter
Snowflake Smoked Porter
A rather popular kit (especially during the winter), Ray's Snowflake Smoked Porter comes with two pounds of Rauch malt, providing a noticeable and enjoyable smokiness to the beer.  A great beer to be sipping on when you're next to the fire!
MoreBeer! Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout
Nothing says "Winter Warmer" like this imperial stout does. At over 8% ABV, you won't need a blanket this winter - just a pint of this stout! This beer can age for years, so try saving some for next winter (if you can keep your hands off for that long!)
Thanksgiving Ale
Thanksgiving Ale
Our Thanksgiving (Pumpkin) ale is an amber ale with light hop bitterness and aroma, with two teaspoons of pumpkin spice added in. Definitely not overwhelming, the spice is a tasty addition that almost all beer lovers can enjoy!
A lager recipe that can be brewed as an ale if you'd like, our Octoberfest includes a base of Pilsner malt, with a small amount of Caravienne and Caramunich for some color and complexity.
Holiday Ale
Holiday Ale
A big amber/red with some spice to it, but certainly not too much. This kit includes ginger, all-spice, and cinnamon, and has been one of our most popular winter-time beers for over five years now!