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MoreFlavor!, including MoreBeer.com, Morewinemaking.com, MoreCoffee.com, MoreWinePro.com, MoreBeerPro.com is dedicated to complete customer privacy and online shopping security.

We designed our sites, to allow you to further your education, easily purchase products you need, and sign up for promotional items. To make this all work, we collect information about you which we use to both fulfill your online purchases and customize your online experience.

This information is only used internally.We do not sell any part of your personal information to anyone!

Ensuring your privacy and maintaining an up to date policy is important to us. Our policy may change over time, so please check back periodically for any changes. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please direct them to info@morebeer.com.

The following questions and answer detail our Privacy Statement:

What information do you collect?
How do you collect information and what do you do with it?
Can I update/delete my Voluntary Information?
Can I remove myself from your email distribution lists?
How do you protect my information?
What are "Cookies" and how are you using them?
How secure is your Secure Ordering System?
What about changes to your Privacy Statement?


1. What information do you collect?

MoreFlavor collects two types of information from its visitors: voluntary and involuntary. Each type of information helps us provide a customized shopping experience and allows us to better serve the needs of our customers.

Voluntary Information: This is the information you provide to us by filling in a form that specifies exactly who you are. We only require this information when you request information or when you place online purchases. This may include your name, address (billing and shipping), email address, phone number, and credit card number (purchases only). This information is used to fulfill your request and aid in simplifying future transactions.

Involuntary Information: This is the information transmitted to our server by a web browser. Your web browser specifies the IP (Internet Protocol) address at which you are browsing from and the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) where you came from, but nothing specific about you. The things we gather are your IP address, the type of web browser that you are using, and the URL that you had just come from.

IP address - TCP/IP is a protocol for communication between computers, used as a standard for transmitting data over networks and as the basis for standard Internet protocols.*

Browser - A program that accesses and displays files available on the World Wide Web.*

URL - A statement that specifies a transmission protocol and an Internet identifying number, used chiefly for moving from site to site on the World Wide Web.*

*Definition as found on http://www.dictionary.com

2. How do you collect information and what do you do with it?

Our servers collect involuntary information automatically. The most important to us is the data that shows us the most popular pages on our site and what people purchase from them. This information helps improve morebeer.com to better serve your needs. In addition, our servers collect other useful information to better improve the functionality of our site.

Browsing or shopping: IP addresses, URL's, and browser types (involuntary information) are collected for the purposes of website administration. Using this information we can improve our site to work with the types of users viewing the site. While no personal information is really known about the visitor, information such as what site they just came from, the browser they are using, the country/state you are from, pages viewed in the site, and what search terms were used. This information helps us build the site to work best for the people who actually use it.

Ordering: The voluntary information you supply when ordering allows us to properly fill your request.

Cookies: Cookies are used on our site, for more information on what cookies are and how we use them, see What are "Cookies" and how are you using them?

Newsletters and E-mail Specials: We require voluntary information to provide future information to our customers. This is a service that can be stopped at any time by you. You can do this by logging into My Account Details and updating your mailing list preferences.

3. Can I update/delete my Voluntary Information?

Yes! You are encouraged to change the voluntary information you supply as needed. You may update your voluntary information at anytime by logging into My Account Details. This will change your current information, but will not eliminate information you had used in the past. We do not delete that information, as it may be needed to service past transactions.

4. Can I remove myself from your email distribution lists?

If you have requested to be on our e-mail distribution list, we will periodically send you updates, specials, and other promotional material. If you wish to be removed from this list at any time, simply log in at My Account Details and update your mailing list preferences.

5. How do you protect my information?

We value your personal information and go to great lengths to protect it. Our security is consistent with that of today's industry standards. Any voluntary information entered on our site is protected on our secure server through industry approved encryption as well as advanced firewall and encryption technology for our administrative servers.

6.What are "Cookies" and how are you using them?

Cookies are defined as follows:

A collection of information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web, used chiefly by Web sites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site. *

*Definition as found on http://www.dictionary.com

Basically a cookie is a small text file controlled by your browser that is stored on your computer. Each entry can only be read by the server that wrote it. The cookie stores information such as your user identification number (involuntary), your first and last name (voluntary), and your email address (voluntary). If you use the same computer each time you visit the site, they are used to welcome you back and to simplify the ordering process.

While it is possible to turn off cookies in your browser, we do not recommend that you do so as it will make shopping on our site (and most internet shopping sites) difficult or impossible. If you do not want the system to remember you, go to the My Account section and click the Don't Remember Me on this Computer link.

7. How Secure is your Secure Ordering System?

We insist on offering the best level of protection for our customer's personal information. We use the latest SSL technology and confirm that with your browser through an SSL Server Certificate. Many online ordering pages are simply forms that are emailed to the online vender; this process is not "secure" as information is sent by email. Your order is not emailed to us, it resides on our secure server and is password protected. Using a secure connection to our server we pull information to our firewall protected LAN.

LAN n : a local network for inter-computer communication; especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create an inter-office system [syn: local area network, LAN]*

Secure Sockets Layer

<networking> (SSL) A protocol designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide encrypted communications on the Internet. SSL is layered beneath application protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, FTP, Gopher, and NNTP and is layered above the connection protocol TCP/IP. It is used by the HTTPS access method.*

*Definition as found on http://www.dictionary.com

8. What about changes to your Privacy Statement?

As the very nature of business forces us to rethink our business strategy we may need to update our statement. Please feel free to check back on our statement time to time to see any changes we may have made. This statement was last updated on February 11, 2009.