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Lab Results from MoreBeer!
Low Gluten Recipe Kits and White Labs Liquid Yeast

To release our line of gluten kits we had to do some research and have some recipes professionally tested by a  lab. We make this information free to download so you can print out and consult with your doctor.


Attention:  Our tests do not show any results for the hordein protein found in barley.  These results show the amount of gliadin protein found in wheat.

To learn more about the hordein protein found in barley and its continued mystery check out some of these articles we have researched click here.


Following results show the ppm of the protein Gliadin (Gluten found in wheat)
found in a vial of White Labs liquid yeast:
(Hordein protein still present)
Lab Results from Whitelabs

These results show the Gluten difference of a Sorghum only beer brewed with White Labs versus Dry Yeast. We also then tested the same beer with the addition of Maltodextrin.
(Hordein protein still present in whitelab's liquid yeast.)
Fermented Sorghum Results

Our Pale Recipe Kit brewed with Sorghum extract, Crystal 40 & Maltodextrin.
(Hordein protein still present)
Pale Ale Gluten Lab Results

Our Stout recipe brewed with Crystal 60, Chocolate, Black Patent, and Maltodextrin
(Hordein protein still present)
Stout Gluten Lab Results

Our Pale Ale and Stout Recipes that were submitted to the lab
Sorghum Recipes w/ Barley