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Unique products you can only get at MoreBeer! Watch the video about MoreBeer's Metal Fabrication shop and see how our unique Brewsculptures, conicals, wort chillers, grain mills and other unique items are made.   

Save now on a selection of unique, innovative MoreBeer! equipment! 


Counterflow Caddy


Counterflow Caddy  

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Counterflow chillers already include a bracket for mounting which mates perfect with our Caddy. All you need to do is use the included wing nuts to make the attachment. The caddy also includes rivets for mounting our optional March pump bracket. You can purchase and install the pump bracket at anytime.The hook at top is designed to hold your tubing sets.   

Chillus Convolutus CounterflowChiller  with ( 2 )  1/2" FPT fittings


Chillus Convolutus Counterflow Chiller with (2) 1/2


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This counter-flow chiller allows you to pump wort through without having to restrict your pump to slow down flow. Use 1/2" line to connect to wort in and out feeds. The water connections are male and female hose connections.


The inner tube is made from 12' of 5/8" convoluted (twisted) copper which continually turbulates the wort as it flows through. The outer tube is made from 7/8" copper.  

Wort Chiller


w/ Recirculation


Wort Chiller - SuperChiller with Recirculation  


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Tired of stirring your wort chiller to speed up the cooling process? Recirculation is the answer! The WC45A is our WC45 Superchiller with a recirculation arm soldered directly to it. This recirculation arm is also equipped with a 1/2" FPT fitting to accommodate a barb, nipple, or quick disconnect fitting for easier and more customized connections.


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Hot Liquor Tanks


Hot Liquor Tanks

Sale Price:

  8 Gallon - $249.95

15 Gallon - $295.95
26 Gallon - $375.95

We took our MoreBeer! Heavy Duty Brew Kettles and had two 1/2" threaded couplers welded to them, plus an extra coupler for the addition of a sight gauge!

Constructed from durable, long-lasting stainless steel, these kettles are virtually dent proof. Over the years, we have heard countless stories from brewers who have ruined their thin-walled kettles by dropping and denting them. This is no longer an issue with these beefy, super-thick kettles.



10 Year Warranty from MoreBeer!


Efficient Wort Chiller - 25' x 3/8" With Tubing
Efficient Wort Chiller- 25' x 3/8
8' of vinyl tubing attached to both "in" and "outs" with a female garden hose fitting on the "in" side. Use our
CE20 hose thread adaptor to attach to your sink faucet.

Equipped with new proprietary water turbulation technology making it more water efficient. Fits our 8 Gallon Heavy Duty Kettles!


Did you know?
Immersion chillers provide nutrients for your fermentation when added to the boil the last 20 minutes.  The heat leaches zinc from the copper.  Zinc is a powerful nutrient source for yeast cell growth.


Sale Price: $59.95

Grain Gobbler Homebrew Grain Mill (4 Inch)
Grain Gobbler Homebrew Grain Mill (4 Inch)

A fully adjustable grain mill at an affordable price. At the heart of the mill are two knurled 1.5" diameter x 4" long rollers that rotate in self lubricated bronze bushings for smooth operation.  The rollers are easily adjusted on both ends providing an even gap across the entire span of the rollers.   



Did you know?
  A lot of people ask what is the correct milling of my grain?  What we believe here at MoreBeer! is the grain has to be cracked so the husk part shows the white starch on the inside.  When you "Dough In" and mix your grain the agitation from stirring breaks apart the husk and exposes the starch.  You never want your grain to look like sawdust.   This can lead to stuck mashes and too much tannin extraction from the grain.    


Sale Price: $124.95  

Electronic Float Switch
Electronic Float Switch

Keep the ideal liquid level in the Masthun during sparging or in a gravity driven wine bottle filler during use. Relieves you from the need to turn the pump off an on so that you can do better things like... clean something or play with the kids.  


It can be bent to any configuration you choose based off your use. 


Tip: Operation of this float switch can be changed from filling to cutoff by flipping the float upside down. If the switch is behaving the opposite of how you require, remove the pin at the bottom of the unit, slide the float out, turn it upside down, reinsert it onto the post, and put the clip back in place. This will switch the operation of this unit.   

Sale Price: $109.95

Drip Tray - 13" Wall Mount - Back Splash & Drain
Deluxe Drip Tray - 13

The Big Bertha of Drip Trays, our 13" wide tray accomodates 4 faucets, has a sweet looking back splash, and includes a built in stainless drain.  


The bottom is sloped to the center drain so you don't end up with residual moldy beer in the bottom of your tray.


Tip: We recommend keeping a sanitizing spray bottle around to prolong the cleanliness of your drip tray and faucet nozzles.  Overall spraying of all surface areas reduces mold build up and keeps fruit flies from swarming your precious beer. 

Sale Price: $62.95  

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